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  1. progress report: 2:02am, monday 25th feburary 2019 when you lose a tulpa you lose more than the feeling of an "other"; you make yourself forget whole chunks of memories from that time. to remember a tulpa and to remember the timeframe spent with a tulpa is to keep it alive — but the sense of loss never really leaves, even after I lost her. pandora's box was better left closed. the OGs from /x/ /jp/ and irc that didn't go nuts should know what i mean. alternatives to having a tulpa: getting a pet dog making online friends on discord making online friends on videogames making friends at work (or finding work to do so) talking to siblings or family finding a significant other picking up a hobby that has interactions with other people (usually in a form of class you can sign up for) finding religion the burden and joy of a tulpa is not something most people can handle healthily. however, the above list are things people use all the time to abate their loneliness. if your tulpa is just an easy way out of trying to find real social contact, then you might find yourself making the same mistakes I myself made years ago. if it's just for experimentation, then good luck on your tulpamancy. I'm not sure on the current social state of the people on this forum but there may be very little info on the type of state of mind it actually takes to have a tulpa without literally fucking losing it. I don't care about the redditors (nor have I ever) so I won't bother saying anything there. if you're going through these progress threads wondering whether it's real: it is. if you're wondering whether it's worth it: for the most part, it's not. there were times where I thought it was the best thing to happen to me, but the time spent in my own head meant I was ignoring the reality of my life for far too long. it was just another form of escapism I was desperately searching for. you do not become "enlightened", you do not become part of some special online clique, you do not stop being lonely. the greatest advantage of a tulpa to a healthy mind would be a secondary entity to help mental processes and creative thought. the greatest disadvantage of a tulpa to an unhealthy mind is to consider the tulpa a real person. the small percentage of people who have managed to have sentient, vocal, visualized tulpa that helped them (the host) to progress in life are so exceptional as to not be the standard. the standard of people with tulpa in 2012 was barely achieved sentience with little to no vocal aspect, and this was when almost every method at the time was purely experimental in nature, when there was always a shadow of doubt when talking to other people who had achieved sentience. I'm not sure what the meta is now, but I do know the types of people that come to look at these threads, so this message goes out to you. don't reply if your account was made after 2014
  2. lol. you can see a flash of something? you lucky bastard. it took me weeks or more before i could even see that. I could see nothing- yet when I finally did, it was dim and fuzzy as shit, and left just as quickly. I thought there was something wrong with me, since I read all the time and am good with cnstructive imagination; I looked though every Q&A thread to do with visualisation problems, asked IRC, PMed people- honestly, I was over-thinking it. everyone starts off at different levels. keep at it. but what did it feel like specifically? like fucking nothing and a head strain because I couldn't make something appear, that's what.
  3. mordred Humour

    Luna and Sera would probably get along. Perverts always do. EDIT: LOL that shadow guy what. Hates people then expects them to give him support.
  4. mordred Humour

    but if you open-eye visualise your house they can mess with you as well as interact with the environment. there's no direct benefit for a shut-in. unless they can pop outside and get your mail or something. not that that would stop anyone who wanted to do it anyway. like myself. edit: those pictures in your sig, man. it's pretty much caught me up on this entire site for the last few months.
  5. I'm glad you asked! I have personally written up a complete and comprehensive guide of all there is to know about the forums! OC do not steal.
  6. damn straight. imposition's where it's at. the next person prefers soggy cereal over crunchy.
  7. mordred Humour

    because if you're a hikikomori you might as well just make a house of your house in your wonderland and passive force with open-eye visualisation. that way you won't have to spend countless hours trying to impose and you'll have the same effect. imposition itself only comes in handy when you're on a packed train and your tulpa wants to grab the breasts of all the hot ladies in business attire standing around you. that's normal, right?
  8. Mine's not animoo though. But if she were she'd be best-waifu tier.
  9. oi m8 il fkn rek ya m8 the next person smells their finger after picking their bumhole.
  10. mordred Humour

    >can't do it >lol casuals of course, there's no point in imposition if you never leave the house.
  11. might as well, though the shade of red for the hair wasn't right. Sera.
  12. mordred Humour

    It's true, man. Randomly pop back in these forums and everyone and their dog's got a whole harem.
  13. my body was not ready for that experience.