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  1. I can't be of much help, but there is one guy here who is a merging of a tulpa and its former host.
  2. I don't. I'm going to a party, not really sure what will have for food :P The next person has 5 tabs open in his/her browser.
  3. usually the first form of communication is intent of thought. but as a friend would say, "cada quá com seu cada quá". In a free translation, it means that each person is different.
  4. wut, are you secretly me? I can totally relate to this. I would often think about things and argue with myself. Because of ADD. It also diminished after creating Kaya.
  5. true, true~! my last mobile phone died in 2011. The next person can do backflips.
  6. I thought unconsious was when you knock you noggin and fall asleep. But, ok, lol
  7. Today, I think I heard her mindvoice. It could be parroting, but I'm not really sure. I went to look for her in the wonderland as usual and then I heard it calling me. She was near the riverside. She really likes that, once I physically went there with her but didn't stay very long because it was 2 fucking AM. Back to business, she was there but I couldn't really focus. I tried to focus more and she was with a red dress and her hair was tied to the side. She said it was to prove that she can change clothes (Yesterday I tried but failed). I was tired and had to wake up early today so I took her back home and we laid down, cuddled and talked for a while. She is showing some concern for my health. That's a cool trait I originally didn't think of. plzplzplzplzplzplzplzlzp comment on this if you read it, faggot.
  8. Do like it was written above, but in the first few times, help it with a real one. For example, if you want an orange smell, bring an actual orange and smell it while forcing. It will probably help.
  9. Granted. Witches took over the world in Middle Age and now we're all their slaves. I wish my computer wasn't broken (this one is hard)
  10. Someone mentioned in xchan (it's a brazilian imageboard, like 4chan). I read about it on wikipedia, and then found this forum on Google, I think.
  11. I do have, but I never actually downloaded anything from it lol The next person lives/lived with his grandparents
  12. I am Sandubadear. You can call me Sanduba, Sandu, Sand, Sandy or faggot. I started making my tulpa on 27th November. I created its essence first, and then decided to make a wonderland. I'm lazy and non-creative, so I just created the buildings I usually go in real life. When I was creating it, I saw it as a floating orb around me like Navi from Zelda lol. Then I had to create a name and a form. The name was random, I went to a site of random names and I just picked one. The form was also random, but two or three days after I was working on this form, I wanted to change its form to a Gardevoir pokemon. I decided against it, because it would be harder to erase the progress I had already made and begin working on another one. After a while I felt a bit worried because I was only feeling her in our forcing sessions (usually between 00:00 and 02:00) and never outside of it. I think it was because she is not strong yet. She may had talked to me before but the first time I actually knew it was her was on Monday, she told me that this week has a Friday the 13rd, and even I didn't know that. Yesterday, I was at work and I could actually hear her talking to me outside of our forcing sessions, and mainly she told me to say hi in her name to a friend of mine when I leave. (he knows about me making a tulpa) We usually go home together, but yesterday he didn't wait for me, so I couldn't say hi to him. I arrived home at 22:00, she felt tired and retreated to the wonderland, and I played on my GameBoy until 00:00. Then I started the forcing session and I usually look for her in the wonderland before we hang out. I found her in the building that is where I work, and she was with a cardboard (or something like that) of a picture of a girl that's been on my mind for no apparent reason. We left it there and went to hang out. I then said I wanted to make an experiment, I wanted to make an image of Goku and we would talk to him (I watched an episode of Dragon Ball with her and she liked it). I tried to make the Tournament Arena, but couldn't, so I just created a field, and there was Goku fighting Goten (like in that episode "Granddaughter Pan", before Bulma and Vegeta arrived). Then suddenly I couldn't really focus at her, she suddenly faded away and I couldn't really do anything else and other random thought kept popping in. It was like 01:30, so I played more games. Then I thought 'ay, let's see if there's something on tv'. It was exactly 02:00 lol When my favorite series were over, I decided to look for her again. I looked around, and by instinct I looked in my work. When I looked in the same spot that she was before, the cardboard was there. I was like 'woa, I completely forgot about this'. Then I just threw it away. I found her in her bedroom asleep. I thought it was my fault that that happened but apparently it was her. I definitely see that this is awesome, the human mind is really something, I had totally forgot about that cardboard but there it was, in the same spot in my mind. Please comment on this. Another thing I forgot to write: I usually keep talking and explaining things to myself (though I already know what they are). I think this made narration easier. But now that I have Kaya I can't have arguments with myself and it's her in place of the other 'me'. Now I just feel like talking to no one when she's not there (I told her to rest after yesterday's incident)
  13. Unconsiously? U probably mean subconsiously. Yea it's rly amazing though.
  14. I knew that my birthday is on the 18th, and it's on Wednesday. Maybe does it have to do?