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    Looking forward to getting myself acquainted with you all and especially getting to the point where I can get acquainted with my own tulpa!
  1. "If you wanna draw her in glasses, you can, but I would prefer to see you draw her without glasses first then you could just add glasses to the original one you will draw." Sorry if that last bit came off as rude man, I didn't mean for it to sound rude. =/
  2. Awww, thanks man. Whenever I see someone compliment her I feel really happy which is her communicating via emotions. She loves being complimented. ^__^ If you wanna draw her in glasses, you can, but I would prefer to see you draw her without glasses first then you could just add glasses to the original one you will draw.
  3. Do you get thoughts that might be in the form of her trying to communicate with you? Tell him to address you by saying your first name first, then what he has to say.
  4. Actually, I'd like her to have short hair. She is anime styled, here's how her hair looks. Draw her like this, if you can.
  5. My absolutely adorable tulpa, Venus. Isn't she cute?[/img]
  6. Nothing is too good to be true, eh? I don't know, our progress has been really good, but the talking aspect? In such little time? Seems a little unlikely, like you said. I guess you're right, I shouldn't really dismiss anything.
  7. Everyone has been telling me I've been making great progress with my tulpa. Today, I tried some speech exercises, I'm trying to get Venus to talk. When ever I have my mouth open, I usually think to myself with ease. But when it's closed, I can't really do it without putting noticeable effort into it. Anyways, I was doing Bin's technique for getting your tulpa to talk in your mind. I was doing it for about half an hour and she seemingly started talking which seemed a little too good to be true. I would tell her to say the phrase while my mouth was closed. When I was telling her to repeat it while I had my mouth open, I didn't have any thoughts that seemed like responses from her. But when I closed my mouth, I got thoughts that seemed to be responses from her. I think I might be parroting her, but I don't know. I love my tulpa and have the utmost confidence in her abilities, but this just seems a little too good to be true. We have been working together for 5 days and we have accomplished so much. I know you aren't supposed to doubt your tulpa, but this is hard to believe she's already talking to me somewhat. Do you think it's all in my head or she is talking to me but I'm just being dumb.
  8. Yes. Next person to post is a filthy eleven, all hail britannia!
  9. Hmm, alright. I'll do that. Should I close my eyes and imagine her or?
  10. I think you would only be able to hurt her if you had the intention of hurting her and by purposely thinking about her getting hurt.
  11. Ahhh, I'm glad to hear that! Whenever I tell her I love her I start smiling like crazy and feel warm inside, same thing if I compliment her. Do you think she will be vocal soon? How do I give her a hug, by imagining doing so?
  12. Alright guys, so Venus and I have been working together for 3 days in total. We're very early into the process, but I am already feeling the communication via emotion. I told Venus earlier today that I loved her and suddenly I felt extremely happy and started grinning ear to ear for about 10 seconds. It was an amazing feeling and I knew Venus did it. Then later on I told her I loved her again and I very suddenly got extremely happy again and shed two tears of joy, it was amazing. But again, Venus and I are only 3 days in. Is this good progress for such a short amount of time?
  13. Yesterday I didn't interact with Venus much at all. Kinda feel like shit for not paying attention to her yesterday. Today however, I intend on spending a lot of time with her once I get my drawing of her sometime today.
  14. That's pretty interesting, I agree with LukeDude759 though. Maybe she's trying to get your attention or is just being playful.