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  1. Lily: I wanna play! Alcotriss: Sounds like fun... although I'm worried it won't even run on my computer because my computer is 64 bit. :/ Then again, don't let that stop you from being creative! ...can you make me one of the bad guys? Like... a humanoid dragon with a shotgun? XD Preferably wearing black spandex. If that request is too much, I totally understand. :3 Alcotriss: I don't even... Just... no... WHY?!?
  2. Fintan

    Neopets Roll Call

    Alcotriss: I used to play. I heard they don't even let you type your own private messages now. That, and... many other sad things.
  3. Hi all! :) My name is Fintan, as you can see from the bold blue text at the top left of this post. :P I like lifesavers. I am eating some right now, actually. Lily: My name is Lily. I like nature and I wear a fuzzy-hooded jacket a lot. Sometimes I look like Zoroark. Alcotriss: I'm the host. Nice to meet everyone. There must be something in the air right now because we're all feeling really random. Also, we haven't been on the forum in a while, so this is going to be a bit awkward. Uh... the word "tupper" is similar to "tupperware," so here's some tupperware: https://www.youtube.com/wa
  4. Alcotriss: I have Aspergers myself, and I didn't really see this as an issue, but I'm glad you're finding a method which works for you. :) Lily: Good luck!
  5. Stuff like [insert tulpa or similar terminology here] isn't real or is just for children. Makes me want to punch a baby. Not that I have anything against babies. XD Alcotriss: But Hitler was a homophobe...? Lily: Poor guy.
  6. Alcotriss: I've found that "clearing my thoughts" isn't exactly the whole story when it comes to differentiating my thoughts from my tulpas' thoughts. Sometimes I have to do a little detective work. For instance, I'll have a thought that I think I thought of myself, but thinking back on the thought, it seems inconsistent with my own personality. For instance, Fintan has a tendency to get a bit paranoid sometimes, so if I'm worrying about something, but I don't understand why, I realize Fintan is sharing his thoughts with me. Sometimes my tulpae even complete my own sentences in my mindvoice, w
  7. First of all, it seems to me that you are putting a lot of pressure on your tulpas. Think about how you would feel if you heard your mother keep ranting about how frustrated she was that you weren't able to walk yet, and now she's setting a deadline where you must learn to walk in 25 days. Ouch. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I hope it homes in on the point. As far as tulpa development goes, there isn't really a definition of "normal." So don't sweat it. Chances are, your tulpae are more developed in some ways than in others, plus you are trying to nurture 6 independent thoughtfor
  8. Fintan: Protip: Use the search function next time. We will still answer your questions, though, because we like answering questions. Or, at least, I do. But seriously, do use the search function next time. You will avoid wasting other people's time, and will most likely get your answer faster. 1) Alcotriss: I think that since your decision to base your tulpa off of another character is due to convenience, and not because of your emotional attachment to the character, there is nothing getting in the way of your tulpa developing their own identity as they see fit. If you're still concerned, y
  9. I think that any form of independence is the sort of thing that just happens with time. It might be an issue with the tulpa being able to think for itself, or it might be a communication issue, or both. Why the distinction? I know that I am sentient, but even then, after the time that my host Alcotriss and I have spent apart, our ability to communicate sort of broke down, and we had to build it up again. Alcotriss interepreted my inability to communicate as an inability to think for myself. I can't speak for the extent to which your tulpa can think, but the way I see it, the tulpa has to learn
  10. I found myself in a maze-like forest. I had the intelligence of a goldfish back then, so naturally I was lost. Then I asked Alcotriss if she could help me find my way out. She apparently couldn't either. Anyways, that's how I met her. I was made out of shaving cream back then. Rain was kind of bad for me. Long story short, we hang out and go on many adventures. I become human by eating cheerios. Perhaps sustenance is symbolic of the human condition? I guess it kind of only makes sense if... okay never mind; it doesn't make sense. Anyways, Alcotriss and I go our separate ways for a while.
  11. A bit dry of an introduction, but sure, I'll bite. Phantasmoriphic! Fintan: Spore is fun. I just started playing it yesterday, although judging from my host's memories, it seems like a fun game. I like the fact that it's sci-fi-themed, and the fact that you can create your own creature that exists outside the mind-scape and interact with it and whatnot. Lily: DINO RUN!!! Although I can't actually play games yet. Let alone type. XD Fintan types for me. Fintan: Oh yea, I kind of realized that this question could refer to games in general, and not just computer/video games. So I guess thi
  12. First of all, if you want to be really scientific about it, what you have is technically a hypothesis, not a theory. But nit-picky language aside, I'm not so sure. I just looked up "Mirror neuron" on Wikipedia, and looking at the areas of the brain that are claimed to be stimulated, it doesn't seem to be the whole picture. Mirror neurons are said to only talk to the parts of the brain which involve touch and movement, so basically learning new skills involving various types of body movements. That explains very little of what tulpae are capable of. Plus, there's some speculation that issues wi
  13. Alcotriss: I used to be able to switch many years back late at night, although I didn't really know about tulpas or anything like that until recently. Looking back on it, I thought it was lucid dreaming at first, but that didn't really explain why I would wake up jumping on the bed for absolutely no reason. And then my mom would tell me to stop... Fintan: ...after a while, I kind of realized that that was a bad idea. XD Alcotriss: For me, it felt like dreaming and daydreaming at the same time. It felt real to the extent that a dream can feel real, but it was more coherent, and I also had
  14. No... I never knew it was possible, but apparently it is. XD The next person to post will have eaten a cookie within the past 24 hours.
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