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    Thought about suicide a lot, deppressed, now Im happy :)
  1. Helped lots :D managed to force for a while today before my set time
  2. Hey im back been away for a while not much progress due to exams n what not anyway, anyone got motivation tips? Like anything would help for a plan im writing.
  3. Last night wad great. I forced to cloud atlas - sextant or something a rather. I narrated to her and forced her form she's so pretty <3333 I done some other stuff but forgot >_<. I talked to her on the way home from school. That's about all for today.
  4. Well another alright night, we went rowing in the lake around the island and had a picnic in the row boat with ham sandwiches and and a apple I talked to her a bit (narrated) and flew around my wonderland. I talked on the IRC and met irish_ :D but for the most part the IRC ain't helpful.. Anyway June out
  5. Hey, I'm into horror too I've done all that! Its,unlikely that it will turn into something that scares you, and if It does you can kindly ask it to change its form.
  6. Hey guys I've recently started active forcing and I'm looking for some cool activities to do while forcing so far the most interesting thing I've done is brushed her hair. I tried the IRC and that was no help at all -.- so yeah any personal favorite of yours to do with your tulpa would help preferably something you can do on a relatively small island. Surrounded by water .-. And that reminds me, I'll go rowing. Please help!
  7. Well today has been quite productive. I had a bathe where I slipped my ears underwater and forced. Our blossom island now has a hotpool. Srsly though, i forced allanna during it. I had a half an hour session after meditating for a bit. Allannas face is really hard to visualise (As expected) i conentrated on her arms mainly. Had a quick fly around my wonderland, brushed and washed her hair. Thats about it for today. June out
  8. Thank you, youve helped Alot
  9. Dreaming is a whole lot easier then sitting down and imagining my wonderland, I shall dream about her as she is a dream character. Thank you for your advice is there anything else that you have for me?
  10. Trust me Ive tried those beats before, they just end up hurting my head.
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