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  1. You don't win this game by posting, you win this game by being the last one to post. They are very different games
  2. You've run into the grand brick wall of tulpamancy. A very large percentage of people coming into the community do so with views and expectations like yours, then they eventually discover over the course of a year, a few years, that their expectations just don't meet the reality. The way a person copes with this brick wall largely defines their future in tulpamancy. What you're seeing from the other members is something that is one way of doing exactly that. It's a rebuilt philosophy that survives the brick wall and still lets you have a tulpa. Some survive by redefining what it means to
  3. What ranger explained is correct, the ideal is not to shut off your train of thought, it's to listen to the responses you get normally, and let them build on them themselves. If you try to silence your mind you're going to silence everything, it's about being able to disconnect from your thought process, it's about observing and listening and expecting more instead of responding to them. So if you are looking at a white wall, your tulpa might comment hey that's a white wall. on its own, that's a pretty simple thought and you can probably get that normally.
  4. When I saw what you wrote I thought "this is defensive and going back and forth on it is only going to make it worse" and checked out. There was only one way forward and it was into a pit. I'm not, and I don't think anyone else should be in the business here on making this a big challenge where you have to prove or disprove if your experiences are valid or not. That isn't a healthy way to go about things. A thread like this can be great, but it must be rooted in curiosity on you part with how others might see you. I feel like this one is rooted in insecurity, a desire to pr
  5. Short and sweet because this sort of thing has the opportunity to turn into a nasty argument. I don't really have any personal attachment to the confabulation term, I mostly use it because it has been used in the past. In a vacuum I'd probably say false memories or "on-the-spot invented experiences". Confabulation is a weird term you use when you want to sound smart. Time and experience is an appeal to authority rather than an appeal to fact. Appeals to authority are not known to reveal truth. Instead, an authority should also be expected to back up their claims and
  6. Short relatively in context response that is good enough to be considered a response but also serves to make sure I'm the most recent one to post.
  7. To start things off, someone set my nose wiggling by saying my name. I don't really agree here with the appending of my name as a term used to describe underdeveloped tulpa. I've never been much to encourage people to have "mind dolls", although I certainly don't question their validity either. My system of understanding and thinking about tulpas tries to include both those which are very well developed and those which are very undeveloped. There's no reason to draw a line. I'll defend these types of tulpa all day any day, but I also would highly enourage anyone who has them
  8. 75 percent seems reasonable to me if it doesn't apply for mobile devices.
  9. I am posting here only to take your crown, breloo
  10. I corrected the first sentence and adjusted the wording of the use of "it" to describe tulpa throughout the guide, but excluding any sort of "here's how you should treat your tulpa morally" is intentional. I don't tend to believe those sections are productive, and I don't believe I should ascribe what is or isn't right when it comes to a person who makes a tulpa beyond what I outline in my first section in regards to having some mental stability before beginning the process. I may outline what I feel is moral or immoral in tulpamancy in another guide, or in a "big bunch of topics and my thou
  11. https://tulpa.org/Guide/ViewGuide/1 What is tulpamancy? Why does it exist? Most people think of themselves as the singular actor within their body. You choose to lift your arm, and up your arm goes. You choose to drop your arm and it falls. However, the connection between the things you do and the fact that you feel as if you choose to do them is not as plain as it might seem. T
  12. You can create a custom stream and exclude forum games from the stream as to see all the serious stuff, I have a new "serious stream" that shows all unread posts in a handful of the forum's more on topic threads now, and that seems to be working well. 1) Activity -> my activity streams -> create new stream 2) under content types, check "Topics" then select the gear next to the icon 3) pick the forums you want to see from the box that pops up, and set up all the other settings (should be pretty self explanatory, just set them as you'd p
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