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    I decided to create a Tulpa called Saphira. She is a beautiful great, shining blue dragon that loves cola.
    We are Soul mates, Friends, and Family. We are there for each other and always will be. Life is good.
  1. Yeah... Love Celtic music. We find most of the instrumental music on youtube quite useful for forcing actually. I also find that whenever I draw Saphira, for the rest of the day I can usually visualize her a LOT better. Even if it's just a quick sketch, or a detailed piece of art. Anything helps. I also like to discuss various elements with her, whether she likes it, if I'm portraying her well, colours etc. We tend to actually listen to music like this: http://goo.gl/JwSjJ1 while drawing/painting.
  2. Well, there is a game that was on games with gold recently. It's called Brothers: A tale of two sons. I haven't managed to play it yet, as my 100kb/s internet is still struggling with the 600mb download from a month back. So, from what I've seen, you have two characters on screen, but it's a single player RPG. You control one character with each joystick. So, you could be playing this with your tulpa, and all they would have to do is possess one thumb. As for games such as Battlefield and Halo (love them both) I'm trying not to play them as it's hard for me to keep my concentration. Basically, most competitive games (FPS, 3rd person, etc) aren't very good at including your tulpa. You just get too caught up in the game. An RTS/strategy game would be good as you can discuss tactics with your tulpa. Also, something with a rich story line would be fine, such as an RPG like Skyrim (interesting things for them to see I suppose). Saphira seems to enjoy that, or Building things in space engineers. I try to convince myself I'm not a gamer. *Saphira* "Keep telling yourself that..." Hope that helped :)
  3. Oooh :D another Halo fan? Yes, Cortana's voice is quite nice actually. It's good to hear that you can hear her though. :)
  4. Yes, me and Saphira had the same problem, with her getting the main point across as an impression, and me then putting it into words. I rarely catch the entire thing, or I miss the point. I think we've made plenty of progress though recently. I've started "transferring" the idea of me proxying, to her actually speaking. Also, maybe suggest picking a temporary voice. Let's just say an actor that you think sounds good. Listen to them saying something again and again, then imagine Nebri saying something completely different in the same voice. It can close the gap in communications, and even if she doesn't like it, she can still use it until they she has a new voice. I found that Saphira's voice as it is at the moment actually kind of "evolved" from the voice that we were trying to use. I hope that helps somewhat. :) Edit: I would really not recommend starting over or wiping Nebri. As arcanemagic said, you would lose all your experiences together.
  5. Yeah, I suppose I chose Saphira's name because... well, there aren't that many nice sounding names for a beautiful blue dragon. It stuck I guess, and it provides a nice cover for drawing her and uploading to sites like deviantart. I guess it would look like I am repeatedly drawing Saphira from Eragon, where as I am really drawing my Saphira... Not exactly original I know. If she really wants to change it at a later date I'm fine with that. She's happy with it at the moment. :)
  6. Keep me chilled has some nice music. There are loads of authors and music collectors on youtube that have some great songs, if you are mainly looking for instrumental. I've used all sorts, from ambient to celtic music and movie soundtracks. It's always good if you find something that you associate with your tulpa. For example, I tend to use soundtracks from films with dragons in, or with flying scenes. We like to fly to tracks like "where nobody goes" and "beyond the clouds". There is one particular track called "tulpa and skywide" that we remember from the earlier days of forcing. Keep me chilled: https://www.youtube.com/user/KeepMeChilled Also, most by Thomas Bergersen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFa4Tvj-lVo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulQTFnBo8SI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPWlV5evezU And of course, forbidden friendship is a really magical piece, no matter where it came from. I know it's not all ambient, and it may not be to your taste, but I hope it helps.
  7. Yes! finally cleared that up. I don't think I'll go through all my posts changing it though... Always been unsure whether the plural was tulpas or tulpae.
  8. No. As far as I know, a tulpa cannot take control over your body without consent. Even if they could, unless you are intentionally making your tulpa evil, they would do nothing to hurt you. Creepy pastas(if that is where you have heard this) have little to no truth in them, and evil voodoo tulpas taking you over is a load of rubbish. I assume that you are new, so welcome to the forums!
  9. I think I understand where you are coming from pretty well. Here's how I usually find some purpose to what I am doing: Find something that you want to work towards. Let's just say imposition. Find out how. Look up some methods/guides/tricks, try some out. Find out what's best for you and your Tulpa. Dedicate yourself to one of these or a few that seem to work for you. For one night, do this in an active forcing session. The next night, just spend time with your Tulpa. Talk, do some activity with them, go on an adventure, anything. Just something that requires you and your tulpa to interact and that you both enjoy/find relaxing. Continue with practising imposition the night after, and so on. If, say, on one night you feel very tired, it can be flexible and just relax with your Tulpa, even if you are supposed to be doing imposition. As long as it is with your Tulpa. Practising every other night then just enjoying yourselves the other nights I would say is a good way for your Tulpa to develop. I don't know about the dreams, but a sure way of focusing on your Tulpa throughout the day is to have something physical to remind you of them. I have a necklace of a dragon with a sapphire set in it to help remember Saphira. It seems to work most of the time, though with her personality it's not needed often. :D Whatever you do, just give yourself some direction to what you are doing. From experience I know that not knowing what to do, or just going "I'm lost" and not doing anything (in my case anyway) does not help progress. Just say, right, we are going to... (talk, then read, or go on an adventure, practice...) and proceed to do that for however long. I hope this does help. This is just from my experience and it may or may not be helpful to you. Best of luck!
  10. We're on deviantArt too. Saphira's name is a good cover for drawing her and having people think I am drawing another character. We're trying to be inconspicuous as some of my friends know my dA. Our name is Dragon-Soul117 if anyone wants to get in touch on there. It's another great community.
  11. Thank you very much :) It means a lot to a developing artist ;) It took... A while. Basically every so often when I had an hour free I would just start doing that :D A lot of colouring. Also I assume you are new to the forums, so welcome! :) Also you can probably tell I like drawing Saphira a lot... Just trying to get the perfect painting/drawing.
  12. I went ahead and did something with something that my school calls free time... There isn't much of it and I find myself and Saphira staying up late to get homework done, then staying up for longer to spend a bit more time together, then only getting a little sleep and the cycle continues. I think I'll have to change my timetable around so that I can get some more forcing time. I apologize for not being on the site more. Also my graphics software/hardware is screwed up, so this is in traditional. It's basically yet another portrait of Saphira (I'm getting better!) http://goo.gl/zg10Rt
  13. Depends what you mean by technology... I'm more of a country guy, so I guess I'm more towards "we have enough tech in real life". Though, I came up with a vague handheld teleport thing that could transport us elsewhere. Otherwise, an interesting armoured flying suit with air circulation etc. Some lights, mechanisms etc in our "house", but mostly mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches and other things. I'll have to draw up a map sometime, and we'll come up with a name for our island too. Also have a home cinema system too :D
  14. Yes, I see, thank you. I've actually got quite a few more responses from Saphira lately. There is a really nice quiet spot down in one of my fields that we enjoy going to when it's not too cold. It seems that I can hear her better there. One step at a time, one foot after the other.
  15. Really, don't worry. I would assume that your tulpa is sentent, and probably trying to contact you in some way. You've just got to recognise when your tulpa is trying to speak to you or contact you through head pressures/emotions etc, and what is you. I was in nearly the exact position recently, (except for a few sporadic replies) and after asking a somewhat "stupid" question on the forums, something changed, and I began to hear more. No massive instant change, but I've begun to hear Saphira more and more. perhaps you could take a look at this: http://goo.gl/7Okch7 It certainly helped us. The most important thing is to not give up hope, and never doubt yourself or your tulpa. If you doubt you will succeed, or don't believe it will ever happen, then it won't. Just listen. Try meditation, and listen for your tulpa's mind voice. Oh, and congratulations on your first year, and good luck!