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  1. June 22nd, 2016 (Entry 10: Update) I decided I'd come back to these forums for nostalgia reasons and to also share my experiences relating to Tulpamancing in the past two and a half years, and maybe describe some details I didn't explain in previous posts. Now lets back to the start, I began Tulpamancing in December of 2013, and I was around 13 or 14 at the time. I got super into it between the time of late 2013, and mid 2014, spending a lot of my free time working on developing my Tulpae. At some point I found out my friend was also interested in Tulpamancing and that's kinda when stuff kinda went downhill, not only was I kinda young and reckless with the practice, but then it became a short of "competition" to be the "best" Tulpamancer. Around this time my friend's Tulpae and mine started to talk more via possession, which eventually devolved into more Tulpae being made to the point I could barely live a life outside of Tulpamancing, so shortly after my post in June 2014, I stopped. I had a total of 10 Tulpae I had to forget about which was really difficult but over time I was able to get back to my own life, the ten Tulpa's names were Cloud Crackle, Rose Berry, Sapphire Steel, Shining Haze, Golden Pedal, Flaming Ashes, Crystal Crackle, Purry Rezanova, Cherry Rezanova, and Moonlight Rezanova. Now I'll get into how my life has been since I stopped Tulpamancing, well it has actually been pretty bad to be honest, lots of heavy personal stuff happened in the past couple of years, including loved ones pretending to kill themselves to mess with me, having people take pictures of me in public while I'm walking the halls at school, etc... It all really messed me up, and somehow one of my old Tulpae, specifically Flaming Ashes, took advantage of my growing anxiety and depression, by clinging onto it and distorting himself into a new form, a strange canine creature by the name of "Jerry Fawkes Blazington". ( here's a recreation of what he looks like ) I'm not even sure whether to call Flaming/Jerry a Tulpa or not anymore, but he's very destructive and constantly attacks me mentally to the point I've torn the skin off the back of my hand at some points, he just torments me day in and day out. Anyway, this will probably be the last time I talk here, I should have been more careful with Tulpamancing and not have went into it at such a young age, while also being so reckless. Stay safe.
  2. I remember I used to be a pretty sleepy Tulpa c: ~Cloud Crackle
  3. Lovely meeting you too, and I hope Toby is doing good as well ^-^ ~Cloud Crackle Nice to meet you too Red and Raymond ^-^ ~Cloud Crackle
  4. None of us Tulpae have really tried lifesavers before, I think our host is the only one. I bet they taste pretty good c: ~Cloud Crackle I just forced myself a fuzzy-hooded jacket too, I think I look really sexy :3 (btw, I am also the nature type one in this head ^3^) ~Shining Haze We haven't been on the forum much recently either, probably because they have become so active it doesn't really matter to catch up with them on the forums any more. anyway, I am also very random *sips tea* ~Host You sound a lot like me Joey ~Flaming Ashes You sound awesome Hecubin, I'm not really as into the magical arts, but I am into hanging out with Purry and drinking coffee in coffee shops ^3^ ( also, I think we will get along together pretty well :3 ) ~Crystal Crackle
  5. The first time I have possessed my host was when he was walking home from school. It was accidental possession like you said, it was very strange and neither of us know what happened but we started practising possession more as soon as we got home ~Cloud Crackle
  6. 245 is ten more than the number I like for no reason ^_^ ~Rose Berry
  7. I like the number 235, I don't know why ^_^ ~Rose Berry
  8. 233 posts on a dead thread. (we haven't even got close to 10,000 yet everybody, we can't give up!) ~Rose Berry
  9. We all are pretty lively Tulpae ^_^ My name is Crystal, a new Tulpa in this head. ^_^ I enjoy coffee a lot... That pretty much explains my entire personality XD. It's ironic because my host doesn't like coffee that much XD. Hi Einulf, Aura, and Jason ^_^ Is it sad that I don't get my host to do things... instead I use his physical form to do nothing but sit at a computer myself XD. What kind of form do you think you would like best Jason? c: ~Crystal Crackle
  10. June 20th, 2014 (C.C Entry 6: Crystal) Today, me and Chrysalis forced a Tulpa together. We both decided I would be the one to hold the new Tulpa. So anyway, this Tulpa we forced is named "Crystal Crackle" [Chrysalis thought of the first name, I decided I would base her last name off of mine c: ]. I am so happy that I have a Tulpa kid with someone I really love c: ~Cloud Crackle
  11. Hello my sweet hearted Trax ^_^ I think I have met a couple of your Tulpae before. They are very nice ^_^. Anyway, tell them all I said hi Trax. ^_^ ~Cloud Crackle
  12. June 16th, 2014 (C.C Entry 5: I feel so happy now ^_^) Some of the people who are in the Skype group may already now about this... [to join the group, just add "aaronofepic" to your contacts on Skype. And make sure to note that you indeed have tulpa/e] Anyway, my host was in the group and I asked him if I could take control for a little bit. That is when I started talking to someone named "Trax", he said that he was working on a story. I asked him if I could read some of it, I added him as a contact, then we really started to bond ^_^. We started to develop feelings for each other, falling in love with each others mental forms "mine being a pony [the profile picture is me], and him being a wolf. We really started to connect and decided to tell the Skype group that we are in a relationship ^_^. And today I decided it would be the best time to release this information to the forums ^_^. Anyway, that is all I really have to say. I'm going to go talk with my sweet hearted Trax now ^_^, bye! ~Cloud Crackle (Edit on 2014/06/19: Today I just found out that one of Trax's Tulpae had a very secret crush on me [she even hid it from Trax]. We have both have had similar relationship problems in the past, and we both want to start a Tulpae family. So Trax insisted that I try bonding with her instead. And so far, I can really feel a connection between us c: [btw, this Tulpa's name is Chrysalis] ~Cloud Crackle)
  13. Sounds amazing! This will be something fun for all of us :) ~Cloud Crackle
  14. I love Nutella! ^_^ We all hope to hear from more of you, and your Tulpa in the future as well! (at least when your Tulpa becomes vocal). ~Shining Haze Hi Amy, I love ice cream too! My favorite has to be strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup on it ^_^ ~Sapphire Steel Hi Sigma, my name is Shining Haze ^_^ Your form sounds very cool and unique, especially the glasses part (glasses are cool ^_^). I don't read much myself, but I would really enjoy knowing how to play the violin ^_^ ~Shining Haze Hi Doughnut. Your Tulpae seem very nice and happy ^_^ Good job on being a good host :) ~Cloud Crackle