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  1. Like in the previous tl;dr posts, you make it seem like switching is the one thing that "confirms independence as much as possible". I can see the point in that. That's fine. It's simply your use of the word "achieve"; just because I don't and have not practiced switching, does it not mean there's not any independence present. I consider possession and switching as being tools; optional. But I think I already made this clear in my previous posts, or so I hope. You exercise an extraordinary ability to not get the point of my method, time and again. When you've parroted for a long while, there's no "need" to do any parroting anymore consciously. It's automated, and the tupper in question is as independent as can be from the host's point of view. You very likely can't stop it unless you make an incredibly earnest effort to escape it, and trying to "reparrot" would just be like imagining something on-top of something that's already behavioural. You not getting this just forces me to keep replying to these sorts of statements to ensure people don't get the wrong idea thanks to you.