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  1. I've done some pretty good visualization the other day. I thought about what sushi said and I'm just going to let it happen like it happens. I have been listening to classical music and .imagining her dancing. It seems like athe sort of thing she would do, plus its fun and easy, I'll probably keep working on visualization hard for the next few days then add personality into the mix.
  2. I have absolutely no idea who I want my tulpa to be. I'm going to figure that out and post again tonight with what I'm feeling is the path s/he should take. I was reading Fede's guide and it asks a series of questions about who you want your tulpa to be and I wasn't really able to answer them. I need to find a direction and go for it.
  3. Today I've had a really hard time concentrating, I did however manage about an hour of forcing. I have a killer headache though and that has not helped me one bit. I hope for a better tomorrow.
  4. So today I'll be stuck in the car for a while which means plenty of time for forcing. I don't think I will make a list of traits up front, I've just been working through the kind of person I would want my tulpa to be going through hypothetical situations and thinking of how she would react to them. - Solid hour of narration working on hypothetical situations -hour of visualization combined with narration
  5. This is a progress report detailing my forcing and my mindset shifts involving tulpae. A little background, I tried to make a tulpa last year and I felt like I made a lot of ground, but I lost my groove of forcing along the way and I wasn't able to regain it. For the next month, until I go back to school, I'll be on the lamb. So I decided to start making a tulpa. Tonight I'm creating a schedule for the next month that I may/may not remember to post. Thanks for reading I guess, it feels good to be back and ready to force.
  6. So I'm on day 12, and I am fairly certain that my tulpa is already sentient. I want to parrot and puppet in order to work on personality and how her voice sounds, but I don't want to make my tulpa upset. Is Parroting a sentient tulpa ok?
  7. Internal clocks are a thing of beauty. I was dreaming once and I saw a clock of 2:55 I woke up and it was 3:00.
  8. You took me out of context. I was trying to say that white noise has the ability to help you have auditorial hallucinations.
  9. Do you want to communicate with him through clicking? I believe LordV was saying that if you want to talk to your tulpa using words, and hearing words in return, than the fastest way to build it was through Parroting. There is a bit about that in -JD1215's guide SiderBar - I do in fact understand that Tulpa's do not speak using vocal chords and the like, I'm fairly certain the guide answered your question in the section marked "Speech" I'll link it again: Kiahdaj's guide -Good Luck!
  10. You joined 12-6-13, just give it a bit of time. You have already been making great progress according to your previous posts. I think Kiahdaj in his guide says its not necessarily the tulpas lack of vocality, but the ability to hear it on the forcers end. Try listening to some white noise, or read his guide it touches on the issue pretty well. Kiahdaj's guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/17iiFxZ9PYXXxSqWHdU2YoPsGfJr90w8aIG_evqc1wiY/mobilebasic?pli=1
  11. Hi, I'm TheInogroffer. I hope you are enjoying your forcing. I am just starting out like you. If you dont have alot of time to actively force, you may want to try Fede's Guide. It is mainly passive forcing.
  12. "Unconscious is the term usually used in Psychology to refer to the thoughts we have that are 'out of reach' of our consciousness. A traumatic childhood event that we repress is an example, but it doesn't have to be so serious as this. It could be something very distant like a memory that we can't 'pull out' at our choosing. It's there, but we can't remember it no matter how hard we try. Certain psychoanalytical methods can bring back these memories (such as hypnosis) and can also be triggered by an event (a scent, a familiar place etc). The important point to remember here, is that we cann
  13. Good Luck, spend some time thinking about whether you really want a tulpa before you start. I spend around 6 months seriously considering it. A tulpa is a friend that will be with you for your entire life, so It's a big decision. Good luck if you decide to go for it!
  14. Hello everybody, my name is TheInogroffer. I have been watching these forums for about 6 months accountless, waiting for my schedule to free up so I could start forcing my first tulpa. I am on day 7 and I figured I would post an introduction. I think highly of this community, and I hope to be able to contribute in the future!
  15. Yeah, I lost the game. Do yo feel like a big man? The next person will be a fan of "Game of Thrones"
  16. I have never been an artist or an imaginative person and I feel you, you should try starting small. Instead of trying to hold the " big picture" I have cemented small details in my mind, like for instance I spent an hour on the look of my Tulpa's eyes just the other day. What form were you thinking of using? (if you don't mind me asking.)
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