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  1. You should make it finite like who posts last today or this will be nearly endless and noone wins. :P
  2. You are completely missing my point. I'm not saying the information about the guide possibly hurting some people and other such information should be on the guide, but instead I'm saying it should be on the review from the GAT members. You are supposed to rate the guide, so such information should be included in there. No, as someone that's supposed to rate guides, you should say what is good or bad on them and why you approve or don't approve of them because of that. Of course it shouldn't be a generic message posted on every guide, but it doesn't have to be either. Yes, guide doe
  3. First thing is that I disagree with the fact that short or small guides can't be approved or counted as guides. Not every guide has to be "Anon's ultimate tulpa guide" to be a real guide. There can be guides like "My way to do impossition", because they still teach people something even if it's not putting all the other ways to do imposition in there or making a really long post about other things in there too. If you don't want that to happen, which will happen most likely with the popularity vote, aka democracy, then I recommend making it mandatory to give a reason to upvote someone. I
  4. If you are still getting these errors, could you get a screenshot of it? It could help with solving them.
  5. I made this time a while ago while trying to make a guide for people on touch imposition from what I have done in the past when I was learning to do it few years ago (before the tulpa community). I'm not sure how good it is, but I thought it would be worth posting anyway. Note: It often helps to believe that what you are imagining is really there. Closing your eyes and thus not knowing if it is there or not can help as well. Index: 1. Basic principle of this method 2a-4b. How to start doing controlled hallucination of touch 5. How to continue gettin
  6. I agree with most of your points. I'm not sure if FAQ needs updating in the sense that if people did their research, which they usually don't and so they wouldn't check the FAQ anyway. So I would rather be up for making changes that would make people do their research rather than improve FAQ that most people won't read althouth that doesn't mean that we can't improve the FAQ. I think posting a link to a thread that answers their question if it has already been answered, giving them small warning and locking the topic would be a good way of doing it imo. If their question is somehow not a
  7. What is wrong exactly with me or Slushie/Swashy being a super mod? Pleeb might have said in the past that I wouldn't be a mod on the forums (not sure where he said it or if he said it at all, but it would be nice if you could point to where or when he said it and quote Pleeb instead of making us assume that he said it), but people change, I change as well, so even if I might have not been a good mod candidate in the past, that doesn't mean I can't be good mod candidate now. The fact that people think that someone (in this case Slushie/Swashy) is a bad mod, doesn't mean or make them a bad
  8. We could do that, but I think it would be better if those were subsections instead of tags, because most people wouldn't use tags most likely.
  9. I think we have resolved the accidental ban now, try connecting again and tell us if it allows you in or not.
  10. Whenever you decide to create a thread, you will get many barely relevant thread suggestions. I think those are meant to prevent making a thread about the same thing, but I can still notice people posting threads about something that there is topic about already, so I'm not sure if it even helps in any way. I think that people who don't bother to search for a thread with similar topic, will most likely ignore these suggestions as well, so why don't we remove it?
  11. @Jimmy: It's probably not already created plugin, but either Pleeb or Amadeus (or someone else if anyone wants to) can code it sooner or later. @waffles: System is a general term for a group of persons inside one body.
  12. I think it would be a good idea for people to be able to write down information about their system in their profile in the section that displays as "Additional Info About X" when looking at someone's profile. This would free signatures and bios of a lot of information about one's system and instead makes one place where everyone can easily find this information. I suggest adding these categories (they don't have to be used if the person doesn't want to): Name of the system Names of system members/tulpas Species of system members/tulpas Apparent age of system members/tulpas Type of system
  13. Such threads can happen, but I think it will be a small minority, because it's not that often that a thread can belong to multiple boards and that won't increase much after the changes to the board layout. As far as I know, tulpa.info should end up being big site and so we are preparing for it and dividing boards into more specific boards, so that threads are more separated depending on what they are about. Preparing for the future seems like a good idea instead of waiting until it is needed and then taking some time to do it, while there might be already other things the admins are working
  14. Making Wonderland discussion sub-board might be unnecessary, but we will see. The OT should be devided into different boards, because it's going to be easier to find a topic that you would like to post in and it's also going to make it possible to hide the Absurdity board without hiding the Serious OT, etc. Wonderlands also aren't tulpae, I could argue same goes to some other things as well and yet they are not considered OT, because they are relevant and can help you in many ways. Mind board could yield helpful techniques and other stuff like wonderlands are. The other two sections o
  15. I agree that the Mindscape board is not really necessary, because it won't get enough attention, so I made it a subboard of GD for now at least. "Mind", "Philosophy" and "Spirituality" are partly related to tulpas, so I don't see why we should make them into OT boards. If someone wants to post their Art here, then why not? People already do so with tulpa related art and you could also tell them to go to some art board instead, but if we want to also build a community, then I don't see why they shouldn't be able to post it here. I already explained why "Art" and "Fics" are separate boards
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