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    "This hypnagogic condition. Attention-faculty diminished so that twilight state obtains; world seen merely in symbolic, archetypal aspect, totally confused with unconscious material."

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  1. Please don't do dissociatives alone unless you want to wake up next to your door being torn off the frame and being near a pile of clothes that are not yours. Although if you are in the k-hole beer runs are like playing life on hard mode lol
  2. happy hundred to Monika make sure you eat something she would like to taste or spend time on one of her hobbies. make plans for what you both want to do on her birthday. i made sure we ate cake, drank soda pop and watched cartoons when my own's sixth birthday anniversary hit. best wishes.
  3. And I was tryna get a little buzz, so I took a little puff But I think I'm way too high And I ain't wanna come off like a bitch, so I took another hit But I think ma brains too fried And yeah I'm fuckin' faded but I hate it I'm praying that I make it Afraid I'm goin' to die
  4. @tulpacn Albatross was banned by a former tulpa.info administrator (Kiahdaj) several years ago due to violating the rules of the time. An extremely good resource to use is the YOUR DELETED POSTS segment of the website, as this will unearth a large number of threads and associated postings. I would also suggest utilising Internet Archive or other website caching services, for while they are intermittent in the dates and availability collected they contain precious information otherwise lost to bans, user redaction or other latent causes. Closely monitoring tulpa communities and their sha
  5. Great to see you back! When we envision Verdict with golden hair, for some reason we imagine the fibres coalescing into gold ingots maintaining her hair's general shape. I like how Verdict regards another potential tulpa like a sister. One group of tulpas we know rather fondly has a relationship akin to sisterhood despite being so different in appearance and personality...it's really heartwarming. We hope you had a good time on your camping trip and that you're both in good health. As to the nature of reality...who knows? I'm not a philosopher and I despise armchair psychiatry, s
  7. @Tirisilex controlling tulpa behaviour, specifically in the vein of stemming maliciousness appears to be a kind of theme with some of your posts. Have you thought about the prospect that tulpa horror stories could be like urban legends, creepypasta/copypasta or simply kinds of jocular exertion brought about by individuals who deliberately mislead others for sheer amusement? If you've ever visited different *chan tulpa boards you'll see what I mean. Jake, one of the earliest users registered here and who posted during the /mlp/ days confirmed that the Pinkie Pie tulpa screaming constantly p
  8. Do you think tulpas are capable of rendering health benefits on their own, solarchariot? Perhaps from a kind of cooperative or symbiotic aspect, there could be some improvement. That is one's tulpa introduces gradual changes to the body's routine via influencing host decisions (making a request or suggestion for instance) or using their own control over the body (switching/possession/what have you) through time to better acclimate to the body's environs, the possessor's wishes or the whole group's specific needs. Either way this line of thought hearkens back unto Tewi's observation concern
  9. I feel that we are due for a great scattering. Or from another perspective, accept that something of this magnitude has already happened. I do not think of splitting off and becoming more personal in one's tulpa efforts is a sign of failure or lessening of the whole. On the rather, I feel it is but another note of shared success, in that someone as a host and their loved ones, their tulpas, have spun off the contemplative axle and have re-entered the universe not as one but two or even more. Each tulpa conceived and raised in benevolence and good love is a blessing, as the love and goodnes
  10. I do not happen to remember you or yours, nonetheless I welcome you all back. There will be no judgement cast from me as to your past and current situation. In the least I hope you all are coming to anchor yourselves and find the necessary resources to acclimate to the challenges you've faced. Should you feel the need to list your concerns or talk about issues, post on this thread or elsewhere. Places like these exist as outlets for when we are unable to communicate our ideas and concerns to those in real life without risking stigmas. I don't think you should be ashamed of coming from /mlp
  11. @SurpriseTheGolden I've never heard of or played that title before. Apparently it's based off the Lion King and Iron Giant? As for the sound, we do think it sounds good. There is a kind of falsetto present yet it's not unpolished. If anything the sound is "fuzzy" but you've singled out the clarity issues to faulty drivers and electronic interference being routed through your speaker/microphone setup. If you make videos and possess as a tulpa, I think it's inevitable for anyone to ask questions about your voice and other attributes. I have issues with how I sound as well but I've fou
  12. @Stingray I like the Tarkovsky film quite a lot. The part where they get to the Meat Grinder anomaly and one of the characters has to stop and tell the others to wait rings clear in my mind still. Seeing the atheist journalist don the crown of thorns, the meetup at the bar, the acquisition of the jerry cans, the owl fly over the room of sand dunes and the psychic girl at the very end move the glass of water are still there too. I haven't read ROADSIDE PICNIC besides its various synopses (the guide's newborn daughter being a simian creature who shrieks at all hours makes me wince and frown)
  13. @evanescent on some *chan threads you'll find people doing this and similar forcing experiments themselves. One particular variation I've read about is "romantic movie forcing" wherein a host and its tulpa(s) act out parts of their preferred films as a more in-depth practise of forcing. Of course this can be routed towards other mediums and themes all parties can agree upon or find conducive to further development. However I would exercise some caution for if one is to not offer a clear separation between said tulpas and the characters they play there could be identity concerns.
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