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  1. Thank you Linkzelda for your quick response. I went ahead and sent her into cryogenic stasis. Well, I sorta have been thinking about it for a while, thinking about future tulpae and such. Probably shouldn't have done that. I guess my subconscious just took that as a go....
  2. Ok, so last night was just a normal night as usual. Except for one thing. I think I created an accidental tulpa. It started when I heard a voice that wasn't Rozi or Joey in my head. I little girl's voice saying "Wait up". I quickly checked with Rozi to check if it wasn't him (he frequently changes voices to mess with me. He declined saying he didn't. Well then I knew there was someone else here. When I went to bed I decided to talk to her more, knowing that you leave a tulpa alone it might die (become reabsorbed) I thought of a form to give her, a flash of the pokemon Manaphy went through my h
  3. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear but this wasn't a lucid dream. I just said lucid dreaming for how I am paying attention to my dreams. And also thanks for the extra tips for WILD
  4. Ok, so I'm working on lucid dreaming, thus keeping a dream joarnal. I personally feel that in dreams, sometimes your subconscious tries to communicate. Well if so, I got a sort of scary dream message. Here it is ~ There is this brown bear doll with overalls, red and white undershirt (like ... Chucky....) button eyes, and a creepy mouth (like orange slices). I saw a spoon with fake food for the doll. I knew I would have to feed it. I try to talk to it, knowing it would probably talk in my head like Joey and Rozi. But surprisingly, it talks aloud to me, in a very creepy voice. We begin to wal
  5. Ate my hamster OH DEAR GOD NO! NOT _______
  6. Will be raped by a rabid cheese scorpion. NO ONE EXPECTS ______
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