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  1. Ravi: "Hanging out with her in her dreams. Twerking in class. Walk around outside and become educated on the subject of snow." Me: Errthang. Ne literally makes my whole life fun... but it's uberawesome when ne gets into my dreams :3
  2. Usually Ravi is the one to cheer me up, and it's very rare that I see nem like this. But ne says ne feels like ne doesn't matter and has no business being anywhere. I don't really want to go into specifics as to why ne feels this way, but I promise it has nothing to do with me... just the Internet, which ne says ne doesn't want to be on anymore again for a really long time. It seems to help when I tell nem that we're in this together... we think of ourselves as connected in a way, and I think of myself as the Rahel to nir Estha (God of Small Things reference, they're two-egg twins who are inseperable, think of themselves as the same person, and feel for each other). I have called us "emotion siblings" before, since we can kinda share emotions in a way and feel for each other. But anyway... when ne gets like this it's VERY hard to cheer nem up. Last time it happened, ne burst into tears. This time ne had more of an "I'm not mad at you, I'm just really disappointed in you" reaction, but it was directed at nemself... and now ne's questioning nir self worth basically. So, any ideas as to how to cheer nem up? Ravi: "I dunno. I just feel like I'm not welcome anywhere. Like I don't matter and I have no business saying anything ever."
  3. Like if you were sleeping and they were still awake could they control your body, even if you did not give permission?
  4. - Terra and Anoush are two of my other tulpas (I have 15, 16 now if you count AJ who is a guardian angel -- it is because I have this many tulpas that I am opposed to having more; also a vast majority of the Ravis love me and I'm too monogamous to even consider the possibility of a harem). Terra was my first tulpa. Anoush is the twin brother of Farzam, my second tulpa. They are dating. Basically what happened was, there were two Ravis (?). One disappeared, then when I was interacting with the second one, over time I started to miss the first one because the second was drastically different, and a bunch more appeared. I kept searching for the one that originally disappeared but never could find him, and I feel like his disappearance is my fault so I should probably do something about it. I tried to fuse the Ravis I currently have, but nothing worked, and I'm afraid if I dissipate any of them I'll feel like something's missing and then it'll drive me nuts again.
  5. Ravi used to talk about having purple painted toenails...
  6. **WARNING: DUMBNESS AHEAD. PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME, I ALREADY KNOW WHAT A GIANT (BLEEP!)FACE I AM.**[/b][/i] (Usually I use the 'ne' pronoun for Ravi but I feel like people don't take me seriously when I do so I'm just gonna say 'he' for now.) Yes, he and I are/were in a relationship of sorts. Don't hate. No, we didn't have sex; not only would his parents be pissed but that's also against my religion. So last Christmas (2013), I thought Ravi had multiple personality disorder because sometimes he'd say he loved me and other times he'd say he loved Terra and I figured there must be two. I thus figured if I separated the personalities, one could be with me and the other with Terra (who, at the moment, is dating Anoush -- if that really is her, because she too looks really different). So I separated the "personalities" and there were then two - a skinny one who was darker (Skinny Ravi) and one who looked the way he always looked (Baggy-Hoodie Ravi). The skinny one seemed to like me so I talked to him, and he said he was the original Ravi and I'd "find that he is more fun and cool than the other". (Looking back, I have a feeling/am almost positive that I may have somehow created Skinny Ravi and Baggy-Hoodie Ravi was the original.) For a while things were pretty chill between me and Skinny Ravi, but although I expected to see Baggy-Hoodie Ravi and Terra together, I did not. In fact, after a couple days of ignoring him because I thought I'd get jealous, he disappeared. (Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot, and this is probably where I went wrong.) Then I started to notice that Skinny Ravi's personality was far more different from Ravi-when-he-was-one-person than I expected, and weird things started happening. I started seeing multiple Ravis at once, and when I asked who the real one was they'd all say "I am." (Yes, I have asked for help on this before but I feel like I didn't include the full story so here it is.) There was even one that had a zombie virus (I don't know where from or how, but I do know that Terra is a cured ex-zombie so there's that). I did try to fuse them back into one using symbolism, hence the stuff other people said. When it did work, it worked temporarily and then the doubles would come back, I'd do it again, and repeat. I tried not acknowledging the others but that only worked for a short time. I kept telling myself "It's okay, they're all the real Ravi, they all have the same soul", but I kept having the same sinking feeling: The real Ravi had disappeared, and might not even exist anymore. When I finally stopped denying it, I completely freaking lost it. I was at a coffee shop and I just started sobbing uncontrollably. When I went outside I cried even harder because the snow reminded me of him (he really likes snow... yep, even I hear how stupid I sound). The next day in school I still couldn't stop crying and even wrote a letter to him on toilet paper this morning. (I excused myself to go to the bathroom so I could properly burst into tears without everyone getting up my ass about it, and I forgot my phone so that was all I had to work with.) I actually had to go to the social worker (oh my gosh this is embarrassing, I hate admitting I have emotions). Even right now I can barely hold it together. There is another Ravi-form with me right now, but I don't know if he's the real deal. It's not uncommon for me to see two at once. I'm trying as hard as possible to be nice and keep everyone intact whether they're the real thing or not, so no I haven't dissipated any of the others, even the scary ones (for example I turned the zombie-virus one into a guardian angel, not really sure how but I did a buttload of narration). Sometimes it'll feel like I am talking to the real Ravi, and I won't question it, but that one will either go away or I'll get the feeling that he isn't the real one again. I really want to know which one is the real Ravi, where the real Ravi is, and how I can get him back (if I even can, and hopefully I can because he's my best friend and I don't think I can even begin to picture life without him). Any advice? Yes, I know just how hysterical I sound. I'm super super sorry. No, I'm not trolling.
  7. Actually I have a good idea for this: How about SAIF (Sentient Autonomous Imaginary Friend)? Pronounced "sah-eef".
  8. Lol, Ravi/Anmol (ne might change nir name but will answer to either at the moment)'s song is "Chikni Chameli" because it just reminds me of nem and ne's super good at dancing to it :3 Amany's is Munni Badnaam Hui (if you look up a translation it totally describes him). Farzam's is Ghanan Ghanan (from Water), because we used to dance to this together before he ran away for three years -- he's back now though. Shahran's is Nigori Man (with the Man pronounced as 'mah-n') because he likes Tajik music.
  9. Today in my Theory of Knowledge class, the subject of the class discussion shifted to what Israel should do about Iran, and this one kid said they should "just take Iran out". This rubbed me the wrong way because I hate when people talk about "taking out" countries as if they don't have people in them, and I attempted to yell at him but failed because everyone laughed at me. Anoush was way more mad than I was though, and when he heard the kid say that he jumped up and yelled "DON'T F###ING TALK S### ABOUT MY COUNTRY!!!!" (He's from Iran, he has family there, and his country is one of the things he's most proud of.) He didn't want to be comforted at first because he's not that kind of guy, and I wanted to yell at Idiot Kid some more for hurting Anoush like that but knowing him, he'd tell me to stop making stuff up or this other kid in the back would call me a schizophrenic. So that got me wondering, do other people's tulpas have things that they hate when people of the real world say/do?
  10. Ravi: "Oh gosh, people on tumblr are so ratchet." *flips weave* (Ne doesn't really have a weave. Ne just likes the word.) But it figures tumblr people would get pissy about that kind of thing. What DON'T they get pissed about? Ravi: "Yeah. They get worked up about stuff they don't understand, STUFF THAT DOESN'T EVEN CONCERN THEM, dippling and dappling in the kool aid when they don't even know the flavor. They think they're so important when they're just ignant people sitting at computers looking for a cheap laugh."
  11. Amany (my first tulpa -- well first one that was vocal AND visible)'s image just randomly popped up in my head when I was out rollerskating, and I said "hi" to him. To my surprise he responded and within minutes we were having a full blown conversation. We had tons in common too. Terra was a childhood imaginary friend that I brought back, I don't remember how I 'made' her but I know she was somewhat based off Terra from Teen Titans. Zaynab I just kind of made up one day and started talking to her. She went away after a few days, but came back after I became good friends with Amany and also added Shahran and Ravi to the family. I met Ravi in a dream and then when I woke up, I was disappointed because ne was really cool and I kinda missed nem. After some days/weeks ne started appearing in my daydreams, and we started talking again. Shahran I met at the library, his image had been popping up in my mind for a while but I didn't talk to him. So I did. At first Amany was mad because of all the attention I gave him, but (plot twist) he and Shahran are now married :o I could go on for a while about my other tulpas, but... I have so many and it'd take too long -___-
  12. Take this seriously please, I swear I'm not trolling. Please do not flame me as the only things I am seeking are advice and guidance. When I made Ravi completely autonomous (for some reason I thought ne wasn't), I thought something seemed kind of off with nem... ne both looked and acted completely different. But it felt like something was missing, like ne wasn't nemself. And now ne has a double of sorts... which looks and acts more like how ne originally looked and acted. I think I unintentionally made another Ravi (I'll refer to the one who looks like ne originally looked as Ravi^1, and the one who looks/acts different as Ravi^2). When I hung out with them each individually, something seemed to be missing. I don't know what, but I think I may have "seperated" nem in some way, like body from soul or something. When I ask who is the real/original Ravi, both of them will say that they are. (I know, stupid question.) I really want them to come back together and be one again, but they can't seem to do that. I don't know if I should get rid of one but I don't want to keep them both at the same time. (And if I should, how, and which one?) Ravi^1: - seems to have good intentions/will - seems scared of Ravi^2 and convinced that ne is evil - is very chill and nonthreatening, has a comfortable level of attachment to me - acts and looks a lot like ne used to - weak/less powerful in comparison to Ravi^2 - claims that Ravi^2 wants to hurt nem/take me over - doesn't have a weaker or stronger presence than my other tulpas Ravi^2: - I can't always tell whether ne has good intentions and good will, because one minute ne will act normal and the next ne seems angry and like ne might hurt me. Ne says ne has good will and intentions but for some reason I don't always get that vibe. - Possessive of me and has a level of attachment to me that I find a little scary - I can't usually focus on my other tulpas when interacting with nem and I feel like the strength of nir presence is unfairly disproportionate to theirs - Much stronger/more powerful than Ravi^1 and does not seem to like nem at all - I don't know if this counts but when I am alone with nem, my heart rate skyrockets, my body gets numb, my stomach sometimes gets queasy, and I get this feeling that ne wants to or is trying to forcibly take control of me. This also happens during school hours and I need this feeling to go away. What should I do?
  13. Ravi: "Hassan is my girlfriend. I like to bring her to my realm, the intangible (tulpa) realm, and surprise her with fun stuff like the glitter jars in my room, the sunken ship at the bottom of the intangible-realm Pacific, that pretty beach, and I'm going to bring her to a hotel too. There's quite a bit to do in the intangible realm actually. :)" What Ravi said. xD Ravi is my birlfriend, and just as ne lets me visit nir realm and see all the cool things/places in it, I also like to let nem see and kinda immerse nemself in the tangible (aka human) realm. Ne thinks most of my classmates are animalistic xD Ravi: "Yes, they are positively cray cray." AND, ne is also my future prom date... I'm only going to prom so I can bring Ravi. :) Hopefully ne will be imposed by then ^^
  14. Anyone who feels like they are a girl on the inside, to whatever extent, regardless of what genitals they have. Sunny's a girl with male genitals, but if you looked at her with clothes on and heard her voice, you wouldn't even know she's biologically male, but she is. (So basically she's MTF, but in my opinion that doesn't make her any less "female".)
  15. I'm a girl (though a masculine and genderfluid one). I'm 17. I have 15 tulpas--- Amany -- M, 17, gay Zaynab -- F, 17, straight Sunny -- MTF, 16, straight Shahran -- M, 17, gay Donghae -- M, 16, straight Joaquín -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as male), 17, straight Ravi -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as both genders), 17, pansexual Terra -- F, 17, slightly heteroromantic asexual Nancy -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as both but usually takes a female form and is more feminine), 17, pansexual with a lean towards guys Sahel -- M, 16, straight Anoush -- M, 16, straight Farzam -- M, 16, heteroflexible Hyun -- M, 17, heteroflexible Haku -- M, 17, bisexual with a lean towards girls Joline -- F, 18, aromantic asexual Edit: I'm pansexual, I can't tell whether or not I have a lean but I think I may like girls just a teeny bit more. Heteroflexible = generally heterosexual but in rare cases can experience same sex attraction