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  1. Thank you! I like seeing how others draw him thanks alot ^w^ and he likes it too.
  2. *sticks and arm up* Can you draw Nexus? He's mostly like Dark Toon Link but with fangs and a fox tail. My dA has lots of pictures and his tail is just a dark grey with a white tip. Feel free to post where you like ☆~(ゝ。∂)
  3. She's one of those Funko MLP mystery minis. No idea why they decided to do that but the Ranbow Dash one looks really cool in black.
  4. Finally got a working tablet. There are more, these are just the best so far. No more requests after this post please @_@ Just until I'm ready for more.
  5. Granted. The game dosen't progress, the thread dies and your wishes are never granted again. I wish switching included your physical form switching to your tulpa's form when switched.
  6. Done with the wrong hand and a touch pad. This is beauty!
  7. Granted. Infinite, useless human oil pours from your fingertips. Your life becomes OIL. I wish my grapics tablet would arrive sooner.
  8. Two Holos to make up for the fact that I didn't draw the body What outfits does she wear? @Redline. Writing can be an art too. I'm not so good at writing. I keep drawing Nexus as warmup because I know his shapes.
  9. Might take a while to get around to you but yes should be ok.
  10. Sorry! Haven't skipped you two. I have a few sketches of Holo that I might finish and post tomorow. I should have acess to a graphics tablet soon-ish hopefully. Another picture of Nexus... I could flood the place with Nexus. Shading him with a ballpoint pen is shading on hard mode.
  11. Quilten and Jira Any humans I draw will proberlly turn out all kawaii ~uguu! sorry. Bonus!
  12. Granted. it's because the hallways are now filled with deadly snakes so they block the doorways. I wish my tulpa and I could have shared lucid dreams with my other friends.
  13. Tablet pen came today and the computer is going to get taken to the shop be fixed tomorow. Untill then have a QB on fire. Let me know if I missed anything.
  14. The usb ports stopped working so I had to use the webcam :@ I'll upload the better pictures when I figure out how to fix it.
  15. EDIT: Requests closed! -- I'll take some sketch requests now and colour icon requests when I get my tablet pen. I'm not great at humans but I'll try. Examples: Sketch, Colour. Also taking art trades!
  16. Granted. Now the kaiju are twice as big and are attacking your neighborhood. I wish Nepeta wasn't dead (or undead)
  17. Granted. It's small and hello kitty themed. I wish there was more Toon Link merchandise.
  18. A few years ago I was on the Yume Nikki wiki and saw the word Nexus and I thought "That's a cool word" so I looked it up. Nexus 1. A means of connection; a link or tie. Somthing clicked in my mind and it immediately became my nickname for dark toon Link. He was my imaginary friend for about two years before he was a tulpa.
  19. Please make more! Is it ok if you make my friend too?
  20. I started forcing 22/7/2013 The first guide I used was called tupperware party which was sent to me. I sat in cubbords and called out to my to-be tulpa untill I felt somthing. After that I started thinking of traits to then gave them to him in the form of eggs then I formed his body out of a wall of flesh. I started looking around on the internet and found stuff that made me kinda paranoid that he would turn against me uuuuhhhhhhhhh... and started stalking Tulpa.info for more guides and new ideas to work with.
  21. Me: "did your skin just get lighter" ★: *Turns caucasian and starts screaming* "AAAAAAAああああああああああAAAHHHH!!!" Oh and once Nexus woulden't stop saying "MACROMORE!" every now and then.
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