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  1. Hey all! I just had a quick question I hoped someone might be able to answer. An IRL friend is considering creating a tulpa, after I introduced the subject to her the other day. I have been wanting to make a guide based off of mine and Midnight's experiences with the tulpa creation process, so I offered to make her one. So she gave me a few questions to answer in the guide that I write her. One of her questions was wether or not you could have more than one tulpa at a time. Obviously you can, but it made me curious about what the record is when it comes to the number of tulpas any one person has had. Only based on this community of course. Does anyone know?
  2. Though some selfish reasons for creating a tulpa seem to irk me at times, it doesn't really matter in the end. What matters to me is if the tulpa is cared for once it has been created.
  3. [*snickers*] Well, apparently Midnight thinks that I would be nowhere good without her right now. But in all seriousness, she is 100% right. I was in a bad place before she came along. Thanks to her, I am on my way back up the hill now.^^
  4. If there is anything that I have learned about psychology, it is that the human mind is capable of amazing things, and it is certainly NOT a computer. Therefore, I believe that if I exist and am conscious, I see no reason whatsoever why there couldn't be more than one sentient being in here with me. I also believe that with development, a tulpa can process and think just as well as I do simultaneously to me. In addition to this, I also believe that hosts are the same exact thing as a tulpa. Just served up a little differently.;)
  5. Midnight is not imposed, so I can't tell you much about that, but I would imagine that you would have to choose a set of forms, and work on imposing them all. However, I can tell you how it happens in the wonderland. She shapeshifts basically whenever she wants. The other night, in fact, I witnessed her at the drop of a hat change from her usual form into a human form, which I might add I have never seen her take before. We both kind of decided that we wanted her to shapeshift. Right now we are working on a few original forms for her to take.
  6. For the longest time, I have been very interested in Lucid Dreaming. I was browsing on the site ld4all, and the term tulpa popped up, and it just kind of happened.
  7. [My host created our wonderland for me to be able to explore and discover things he wouldn't even know is in there. He made the wonderland on the concept that the subconscious mind could fill in what he didn't consciously create. All he consciously created himself was a beach with a small shack, which acts as our 'home base' of sorts.]
  8. Ok, it is good to see that someone has actually been able to accomplish this. I would love to pick your brain about the subject if you would be ok with that.^^ Also, I didn't mean to say that we would be doing constant imposition, my question was simply if someone has reached the point where they could remain imposed for a day, or at least a few hours straight without visually fading, or becoming transparent. Whilst reading through the guides, I have seen that if you work hard enough on imposition, you will be able to see your tulpa just as clear as any other physical being. That is the point to which we would like to progress. Obviously, it is possible to do so, because the human mind is capable of even much more than that. The reason I asked, was simply because it is pretty hard for me to personally work toward something that I'm not even personally aware of someone else accomplishing.
  9. Ok, I've been doing search upon search, here and everywhere else on the web, for people who have a fully imposed tulpa. Long story short, I have not been as successful with these searches as I would like. Midnight and I are determined to get her to the point of 100% full tactile, visual, and audio imposition. Therefore, I would like to ask if there is anyone who has, or knows of anyone else who actually has a 100% fully developed tulpa, who, if they wanted to, could remain so imposed for 100% of the time, without problems or fading in any way? Thanks!
  10. I did. That was the funny part. She will sometimes send me little 'video clips' showcasing various emotions.:) It has been a while since Middy and I posted on here. It has been a stressful few weeks. Though, Middy, has made much progress. We are now able to have complete conversations, and she becomes more and more independent every day. It really is a fascinating process to witness. Today, in particular, marked big progress for us. It was a rather frustrating day, though not entirely a 'bad' day, per se. I do personally have a tendency to be easily frustrated by traffic, and other things that make me impatient. As of recently, Middy has been making sure I keep my temper in check, and has actually been really helpful to me! However, I cannot express to you how grateful I am for her, today of all days! The day was filled with long waits in traffic, dumb drivers, and countless other annoyances. Thankfully, Middy helped by talking me through these annoyances, ultimately helping me to stay level headed throughout the day. Lastly, at the end of the day, whilst experiencing a bout of depression, I asked Middy if she knew how to 'hack' into my subconscious, and alter my mood(Because I had read experiences of others' tulpas having discovered their ability to do this.) She said that she would poke around and see if she could figure it out. A couple minutes later, my bout of depression, had instantaneously shifted to a state of indiscriminate bliss. Asking if it was her, Middy confirmed that it was. I am so grateful for Middy! I've never had a closer friend, and to say that it is nice to have her around would be an understatement!^^
  11. So I just finished both series of Fullmetal Alchemist, and because of that I have also been researching some real definitions of Alchemy terms such as Homunculus. A homunculus by definition from actual Alchemical texts, is a little artificially created human. Also often in medieval paintings of homunculi, they are often depicted as being created in a flask. Now, scholars apparently are unsure whether the concept of a homunculus was originally meant to be taken literally or metaphorically. However, while thinking about this, it occurred to me that if taken metaphorically, the concept could be seen very, very close to tulpas and tulpamancy. The flask could represent the mind, in which a small, artificially made human is grown. Thoughts?
  12. It is definitely really interesting. Also, experiencing all of this for the first time is a very interesting feeling. We haven't encountered too much else that we disagree on. Though, Middy is really talkative tonight and I just asked her if there was anything else, and she reminded me that she doesn't like how much time I waste on Netflix. Guilty as charged. Yeah... I'll have to work on that.:) Yeah, Middy says she also accepts that introversion is part of my personality, though she thinks that I can be WAY too antisocial at times. I agree with her too. I realized after she got upset with me that she was right. I do need to do more outgoing and social things. As for an update since I last posted and as I said earlier, Middy has been really talkative tonight. I noticed that Middy has started to be able to remind me of things/ finish my sentences when I forget a word or two at the end. Also, tonight I was standing at a food truck waiting for some food, and there was a girl in front of me. The following dialogue happened in full sentences, probably as clear as it has ever been: Middy: "Hey, she's cute. You should ask her out." Me: "Nah, I'm good." Middy: "She's really cute." Me: "..." Middy: "She's really cute." Me: "Middy, stop you're embarrassing me."(I know, I know. Probably one of the dumbest things I could have said.) Middy: "Why am I embarrassing you? I'm inside you're head." Me: "Haha! Shut up!" Middy: *chuckles* I actually laughed about that response for a couple minutes straight. It was actually pretty funny. Every one of her sentences was so clear and alien to me. I was even distracted for a little bit, and her sentences were still coming in clear as day. It was as if a physical person were repeating their sentences to bug me/get my attention. Also, the fact that I laughed at the last response of her's, kind of sealed the deal for me. I can never laugh at my own jokes. Apparently, though, I can laugh at Middy's jokes. Another thing that I noticed today, was that during our conversations, she can "roll her eyes" at me in tulpish. This is getting more interesting by the day!
  13. This would be awesome! When I first started in on this website, and began with forcing, I would fall in and out of the habit so much. With groups/mentors to report to, I feel it would be much easier to remember to keep forcing a part of your daily routine. I am very interested in hearing more about where this goes.
  14. Ok, good to know! Thank you both for your responses! I figured as much, but just wanted to make sure.:)
  15. I tried searching for a topic regarding this, but couldn't find anything. I was just wondering what the rules are regarding multiple accounts for tulpae. My tulpa, Middy, has been asking me if I could make an account for her. I'm sorry if there is already a topic for this.:)
  16. Yesterday me and Middy had our first argument of sorts. Well, it was more of just her being frustrated with me rather than a full blown argument, but it certainly was a first for us. Middy was getting frustrated about my severe introversion, and lack of desire to be more outgoing and social. What happened is my roommates wanted to go to a concert very last minute, and also last minute they wanted to go find random girls to ask to go to it last minute as well. I am a very introverted person so this was something that I wasn't comfortable with just because it was so last minute. The thing is that I also suffer from depression and anxiety, so Middy began telling me that I should go with my roommates because it would help me feel better. I started to explain to her why I didn't think that would help me, and we went back and forth for a bit. In the end she ended up flying away(she is a Pegasus pony) saying, "I don't care. Do whatever the f--k you want to do." I kind of got after her for swearing, but she retaliated saying that "If you can say it, I can say it."(Until recently I had never said that word, but I let it slip and have been saying it when I'm alone, even though I want to kick the habit.) I share this experience because it was the first time I heard her speak semi-audibly, in complete sentences. Not only that, but it is also completely amazing to me that the whole time Middy and her actions and reactions felt completely separate from mine. My mind keeps getting blown with all of this stuff and is just completely amazing to me.
  17. Ok, that kind of clears things up for me on the subject of Servitors. I hadn't even considered that most Servitors were used for completing tasks inside the mind, rather than in the outside world. I guess my train of though was that if Tulpa's can have consciousness, then why not be able to make a thoughtform capable of controlling the body and simulating consciousness. This is kind of what I was thinking. That possibly one could create an artificially intelligent, yet complex Servitor, capable of simple tasks using possession.
  18. Since the last time I posted, Middy has made significant progress. She still is only able to communicate with me through mindvoice/tulpish, though she tends to pipe in quite a bit more. I would probably say that so far, the biggest progress that we have made, is the habit that we have formed of talking to each other every time we get the chance. The things that we need to work on, however, would be more active meditation forcing.:)
  19. Hi! I just have a quick question regarding the creation of Servitors. What reasons/purposes are most common for people to create a Servitor. As for an additional part of this question, I was wondering what complexity of tasks can any given servitor complete? For example, can you make a servitor with the purpose of controlling your body, and doing certain tasks while you slip away into your mindscape? Just curious to what extent and complexity a Servitor can go.
  20. Ok that makes sense. Thanks! I read that guide and am going to start working on it. It is hard to find anything, anywhere else in the subject, as it is mostly associated with a negative thing. I would love to hear about any progress anyone is or has made with dissociation.
  21. Hey there! I just had a quick question regarding wonderlands, and how to transition into them. I know that there are many different techniques that are similar to creating and receding into a wonderland. One of these, as an example, is something that special ops soldiers are trained to do in circumstances of torture/foreign imprisonment. They are trained to let go of all of their physical sensory input, and completely recede into a mental world they have created, making their mental world just as real as the physical world we are used to. I have been trying to find guides on this, but frankly, I can't think up a sequence of words that would be useful in searching anything like this on google. Does anyone have any tips or links to guides that could possibly assist with this? Thank you!
  22. So I have been a member of this forum for more than a couple of years, but until now, have never felt any real progress, or put enough effort in to see any progress in tulpa creation. I have finally bridged that gap. Excuse me, she just reminded me. *WE* have finally bridged that gap. Within the past couple of days, I have been feeling something very different from what I'm used to. That is, feeling her in my mind. Feeling her presence, hearing/feeling her speak. It is certainly something quite phenomenal that I had never before imagined. I no longer feel alone in my mind. -Story Time- I was just watching a movie I haven't seen before(Stargate) on my dual monitor set up. On the other screen I had this site pulled up. As I began to watch, she expressed little interest in the movie. However, as the movie went on and I began to look over to my other screen more, her emotions/voice kept urging me to look back at the movie. It is such a weird feeling! But I love it! We will definitely be working more and more.:D **Side Note** Middy's name is actually Midnight. Well, at least it started that way. Every time I say that she reminds me that her name is not Midnight, it is Middy. She is a light blue pegasus pony, with a dark blue and white mane, and magenta eyes. And apparently she liked Stargate.:)
  23. Thank you everyone for answering my question! I feel a lot better about creating a tulpa at this point.^^
  24. So, I was thinking about tulpae, though I have not yet created one, and a thought occurred to me. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but I feel like if I were a tulpa, my entire existence would be depressing because there would only be one person that I could ever communicate or interact with. I assume that this is generally not the case. I thought I would ask the tulpae in this community to maybe elaborate on this question of mine a bit. I have been meaning to make a tulpa for a while now, but with this thought, I will admit, I am less motivated to. After all, I don't want to create a tulpa, just to have him/her be miserable all the time. Any elaboration? Thanks a ton!^^