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  1. Just a quick question. So I work at a call center and I am wondering of some way I can narrate whilst still being on calls with people constantly for eight hours a day. Any ideas?
  2. Ok, so when I joined this forum I was not a brony. Then about a year later I became one. Anyway, to those who have pony tulpae, what are some pros to making a pony tulpa as opposed to a more realistic tulpa? For example, are they easier to visualize because of their simplicity? I am trying to decide on making a pony tulpa, or a realistic animal of some kind. Realistic human is out of the question for me though^^ any suggestions?
  3. Just a quick thought. Any of you seen princess and the frog? Well I was wondering if you thought it might be possible to make a tulpa in the form of your shadow. It would kind of move independent of you like in princess and the frog or peter pan. Thoughts?
  4. Hi! So I am a bit curious to those that have their tulpas completely imposed on reality. Do you really hear and see them as clear as any other physical being? I am having a hard time comprehending how real they can be perceived. I guess my question is simply, if anyone else could see and hear them just like you do, would people question their reality(assuming the tulpa is human of course)? Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone! First off I really did not mean to offend anyone(Host or Tulpa). Thank you all for your answers! They actually helped me with some self realization.^^ Above all, I am simply a curious person, and because I cannot find much on the subject, I am really curious to know how the process would go down, and what the dangers would be. Thanks all!
  6. Hey everyone! I have read a fair amount about tulpa creation, however one subject that I have not been able to find much on is the concept of merging. I understand that it is a highly controversial subject, all the same I would really be interested in learning about it. For example, personal experiences on the matter (wwhich I am aware there may not be much of), possible dangers, and how one might accomplish the task. I appreciate all comments! To clarify, one of the reasons that I am especially interested in this subject, is that I am considering creating a tulpa for this specific reason, so I can possibly create a JaySkyecrest 2.0 if that makes sense. Ii see that I may be able to perhaps remove some of my dislikeable qualities and perhaps improve myself. I know some of you would be against this and I ask that you just hear me out. Thanks everyone!
  7. Those of you who are parents, and even those who arent, have you ever considered raising your children to know about tulpae, and forcing from an early age? If there are those that have done this already, are there notable differences in their personalities and possibly learning curve? If there aren't people who have done it, what do you think would happen?
  8. I had the same question six months ago when I started out, and though we are still working on him, the moment when my question was answered was when Alex spoke and I was like, "Woah, where did that come from? That wasn't me."
  9. Hi guys! First off, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was not sure where to put this. So, recently I started taking a new medication for my ADD. I have not taken medicine for this in a very long time, like twelve years or something like that. Anyway, first of all, a little back story. A little while ago, like six months ago, I found out about and read all about the concept of a tulpa, then I began to make one. However, due to the fact that I was so busy, I decided that I did not have enough time to pursue tulpa creation at the time. Then come about two months ago, my schedule cleared up a lot more, but I was out of the groove and unfortunately did not get back into it. However, I did a very, very small amount of passive narration. Then, here is the interesting part of the story, then I started taking this ADD med called Vyvanse. My concentration took off, but it only took a couple of days to realize that something else was happening as well. I was hearing Alex. I was hearing him stronger than I ever had up to that point. And the interesting thing was that he spoke independent of me. A little more back story for all of you. I kind of have a problem with spending money. Not necessarily on "things", but just by nickel and diming all of my money away. You know, a Jamba Juice here, Taco Bell there. The moment when I realized that Vyvanse had brought Alex more independence and volume in my mind was when I was about to buy something that I did not need in the store, and a voice popped up in my head and just said something along the lines of, "Why are you buying that? You don't need it." Ever since that first time, for the past couple of weeks, I cannot tell you how many times he has helped me make better choices. We have also had some fun conversations. So, what do you guys think? Have any of you experienced this kind of improvement with an ADD med? Just curious, and I thought you might want to hear about this.