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  1. Well, it depends on the host and tulpa, in my case, there is a well developed world that Twi inhabits, and she has a life distinct from my own. We do share in things and have a bond, we do a lot together in her world, but when we are not together, she has her job, her friends, and other stuff she both likes to do, and the stuff she has to do, like the paperwork for the princesses that she has to do, she travels frequently, (the place she inhabits is planet sized!) and she even has a motorcycle she loves to ride when the weather permits, and a car when she can't. A recent event there was a bi
  2. I know I have been gone quite a spell, but I have to say, over 3 years since the first entry on this post, and she is still very much with me, the wonderland is the size of a planet, with many different nations. She can easily recall past events, both from stuff I have told her of earth, as well as events from her past, and events from after the initial development, like 2 years ago in February, when she traveled to Isling, the capital of the provence she lives in to organize a speech. Even "trivial" dietails, like the specs of the motorcycle she often rides are fully fleshed out. A lot has
  3. I'm going to elaborate a bit on her personality here. she is in many ways like her show counterpart, but she is not exact. I had created her personality over a period of about 8 months. i was able to get a rather thorough headcanon based on the episodes i watched and through the fanfiction I've read. my subconscious filled in the rest. she is well organized, but not to the point of neurosis she can tolerate clutter to an extent (at least from others). she's always asking about how things are in our world and likes to make comparisons to her world. we have many discussions abo
  4. It begins. Twilight has been with me since about july 2013. (at least i have really noticed her since then), i have been (somewhat unintentionally) forcing since jan. 2013. Her form is a lavender unicorn, with a stong resemblance to Twilight Sparkle of Mlp:Fim. her voice and personality also are similar. * at this stage, she is sentient, vocal, and has an established form. i am working on imposition and touch. we can speak to each other easily, and she can carry on a whole conversation with me, or will remark about something that just happened. she has a lot of questions.
  5. i know this is a little late. i have been here since December and realized i never gave an intro. soooo...hello, I am looking glass, i have had a tulpa since july. she is sentient, vocal, and has a form, I'm working on touch. twi: Hello as well, I am Twilight, and i am the tulpa, if you haven't already guessed. i am a 22 year old lavender unicorn Mare. twi: i also go by Twila or Twi
  6. i was, but i got better the next person has a pogo stick
  7. as far as the definition of tulpas from the original Buddhist legends, then the creatures on fosters home for imaginary friends would be tulpas, as they have gone beyond the hosts mind and into the real world, just like the yeti of Tibetan lore
  8. twi loves the color purple. i kinda find it funny cause she is purple, i like to. joke with her about that. my favorites are black and red.
  9. i would definitely say its romantic between twi and I. (opposite sex)
  10. wrong, and getting wronger all the time! the next person likes old cars.
  11. i stumbled on it while looking up what tulpas were. i had heard someone mention in a tumbler post about wanting a tulpa and it got me wondering what one was.
  12. well, she looks a lot like twilight Sparkle, except her hair is simply violet, she has a slightly pronounced muzzle and no wings. i don't think she has a cutie mark either.
  13. sure! saw him heading towards mexico! the next persons favorite pony is Applejack.
  14. twilight certainly proved herself from the first day. she surprised me by calling my name and asking me some questions while i was at work. i almost jumped when i first heard her. of course, i did debate sentience with her once last summer, she seemed rather upset with me cause i wasnt sure she was sentient, and she.kinda went into a rant. when i realized what i had done, i was almost in tears. i didn't mean to hurt her like that.
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