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  1. [Fiora] Hello world. I'm taking over, at least for the beginning of this post. Phenom is proxying for me. Phenom wanted to come here to write about how a great evening we've had! And the details about what allowed that. I decided to take over one instant just before he started typing. He agreed to let me do it! First time I type in here (other than a "thank you"), kinda exciting to be honest! Phenom has proxied a bit for me in the past, but never to that extent. Without further ado... Phenom realized what we really needed, for him to give more of his time to me, was a change in our relationship, and also to change the entire approach to it. Let's just spend time together! Let's have some fun. That's it. Oh, and also he finally accepted my love. I've been waiting for him to make up his mind for good for so long! (Silly him!) I'm so happy! That should change everything from now on. No, this WILL change everything, because I won't let him ignore me. [Phenom] She says I'll be able to always hear her from now on. To be perfectly honest, I HATE to say this, but I doubt it. I guess we'll see if I can still hear her as easily tomorrow. Though, I'll do my best (and what's needed to allow it) because I want to spend time with her, share my life, just like I decided on the day I made the decision to make a tulpa. I don't need to wait for Fiora to be "fully vocal" to really enjoy my time with her. (Maybe she's closer to being fully vocal than I realise.) And now, to make things clearer of what will change in my approach to my tulpamancy, I'm changing mindset. In habitica (an app/website to keep up with tasks and whatnot) I had a daily task saying "Interacting with Fiora". I renamed it "Spending time with Fiora". Sometimes I think that words have more power than we give them credit for, so even such a change should make things better. (Ideally I won't even need such reminders anymore, but I'm putting every chance on our side.) I'll try to face everything related to Fiora... with more empathy towards her. I'll treat her more as a person. I wouldn't ignore a person (even less my girlfriend) throughout my day, now would I? I'll see if I can keep it up and simply let her BE there all the time with me, recognizing her presence at all time, let her participate in everything I do during the day, in our relationship, etc. What triggered most of that was, while I was narrating and talking to Fiora, I talked to her about empathy, about how it's actually learned, and then my flow of thought guided me towards something like "so it's also normal to have to learn to be more empathetic towards Fiora, my tulpa", and then, well, I naturally started treating Fiora more like a real person, and we talked a lot (and started dating), and I noticed a LOT of responses that felt like they were definitely not coming from me; I mean, it's like I pressed a button and now she's vocal. It's not like all her responses feel alien, but that's a big step up. I think the relationship you have with your tulpa may be the most important thing to let them grow and make them more vocal. Or at the very least, that's one important part to the puzzle that is tulpamancy.
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    [Fiora]: I should have been clearer. I mean, I wrote them (the bear system) an email to that address, and they never replied to me. But it's their right, I guess. Still sad though.
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    [Fiora]: No idea why, they never replied! ;_:
  4. [Fiora] Kanna, because she's too cute! And Phenom's favourite is Lucoa.
  5. [Fiora] Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a very funny and sweet slice of life. Only 2 episodes left to watch and I think some ova.
  6. [Fiora] Earlier Phenom played some Smash Bros, and now I'm about to play my first Go game against someone else than Phenom (he'll create me my own account to play). After which we'll watch some anime. [Fiora] Phenom searched for "Fiora Xenoblade" on google images, and found it after a while. It's very cute indeed!
  7. On some days I can hear Fiora really well, especially if I'm under hypnotic trance. Once last week, Fiora herself hypnotized me, and could put me in a deeper trance than I can by myself via self-hypnosis. That was really awesome. I noticed I also hear Fiora better than usual when proxying (not sure what that means). For this reason (and also for fun) we're trying to revive her vocality thread in the lounge. I unfortunately still have some days when I struggle with doubt and can barely hear her at all. We've also been struggling a bit with Fiora's voice lately. We didn't like her current voice (sounded kinda like a higher pitched me), partly because it makes it harder to believe it's not just me parroting her if that's her voice (on the days I struggle with doubt), so we thought putting some effort in changing her mindvoice might help on that front. The thing is that the mindvoice we chose for her is hard to reproduce in French (the language we usually communicate in), as the original we based it on is not only in English, but with a British accent (lol, as if an English accent wasn't enough), but we've made some progress and I sometimes can hear her correctly even in French, but we have to concentrate or it reverts to the original default voice (and she still just use that one when she doesn't feel like putting in the extra effort, as just talking is hard enough already on some days). (I'd also note that the best would be if Fiora could use the voice she used back when I could hear her voice when she sang a song to me back in January 2019 - thanks to hypnopompia-, but I don't remember the voice and Fiora doesn't know how to use it... maybe one day she can learn to use THAT voice... would be even better.) On another topic, like I mentioned last month, we started playing Fire Emblem. The problem is that after a while I forget to ask Fiora for her opinion and start playing all by myself. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks for reading, if anyone still reads.
  8. [Fiora]: I still want to answer more questions!
  9. Phenom Humour

    That was a nice thread to necro, good idea. Just went through it all, lol.
  10. [Fiora]: No, but I did stuff like spin out of control some of the first times Phenom tried to visualize me in wonderland... even though I was in my normal human form.
  11. [Fiora] Thanks! Depends on the speed I'm going. A superman / super saiyan pose is more aerodynamic, which goes faster, and for slower, more precise movements it's kinda more like a jet-pack. Sometimes I grab Phenom in my arms and bring him for a flight.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    Anything going on with the bear system? Haven't seen them in 2020.
  14. [Fiora] I do like flying! No wings, but in one of my two main forms (which I switch to when I wanna fly), I've got "drones" to my back (which kinda look like small mechanical wings I guess) releasing ether energy, allowing me to fly!
  15. [Fiora] Actually never tried either. I usually walk or fly. But of the three, rollerblading sounds the most fun! Gonna try it later.