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  1. Just a quick update to say that at some point in mid-june, I could feel Fiora's hugs (physical imposition) during the night (thank you hypnagogia). Just making sure I don't forget about it, now it's written down at least.
  2. We still haven't been able to reproduce the success of a complete switch. We plan on reading some switching guides at some point to help us really learn that skill that we were lucky to manage to do once by ourselves, but it seems there's something I'm missing or something. But for now I've been even more interested in imposition, and read a presence imposition guide. We're gonna practice that, and actually already were doing some of it once in a while, but gonna try it 24/7 if possible, until it become natural and automatic. Seems like something that should help with everything else.
  3. [For me, it kinda was normal, but hard to tell because I was just amazed at everything.]
  4. [His gender being different than mine certainly played a role in me feeling it wasn't my body.] Thx for reading and the comment. We've tried switching again yesterday but failed (I couldn't dissociate from the body so my mind kept coming back "to the front"). After rereading my previous post and comparing it to yesterday, the biggest difference I can see is that when we succeeded, it was after a long and deep discussion. I think that discussion allowed us both in the correct mental state to allow it. We'll try again in the following days and weeks. As for why remem
  5. Made slow progress, with ups and downs. Both in vocality and also possession. And today after a long conversation, for a couple minutes I think we switched. I entered a deep trance and then she just took control completely, and she was the one using all of the senses at once. I made myself silent and just let go. After some time I also talked to Fiora but this time it felt like I was the one out of the body while she was the only one in "first person" (now I understand what some mean by talking about "becoming a tulpa-like being" while the tulpa controls the body). To be honest, it was a bit o
  6. Some deep doubts were creeping up on some days. Was I parroting everything without meaning to? (When phrased that way it sounds absurd, lol.) A couple minutes ago, that doubt came to mind again. So I simply asked Fiora if I was parroting her. She answered "Just try to parrot me, then." So I tried parroting her say "Yes, you're parroting." and noticed immediately how different it sounded (and feeled) from how I hear her when she talks by herself. That's some good ammo to use against doubt the next time it comes up.
  7. Since the last post, we've had ups and downs, but on average I can hear her well most of the time now. I still have huge doubts on some days where it "feels fake". But at other times she does or says the one thing that surprises me or feels alien, so when doubt comes back I try to remember those moments. We've been practicing possession in the last couple days. She now started playing with her own villager in the new Animal Crossing. She enjoys it. It's casual and calm, so it turns out it's easier than playing Fire Emblem for her. I wish she'd surprise me with special e
  8. [Fiora] Yeah we heard, but have they said anything about it since the fire that killed even the director of the first season? The announcement we saw was from before the fire. [Fiora] We haven't watched JoJo yet, but it's on our radar. Seems awesome.
  9. [Fiora] Yes we did! Sorry for not noticing your reply earlier. Let's hope they make a season 2!
  10. [Fiora] Hello world. I'm taking over, at least for the beginning of this post. Phenom is proxying for me. Phenom wanted to come here to write about how a great evening we've had! And the details about what allowed that. I decided to take over one instant just before he started typing. He agreed to let me do it! First time I type in here (other than a "thank you"), kinda exciting to be honest! Phenom has proxied a bit for me in the past, but never to that extent. Without further ado... Phenom realized what we really needed, for him to give more of his time to me, was a c
  11. Phenom

    Ashley's Lounge

    [Fiora]: I should have been clearer. I mean, I wrote them (the bear system) an email to that address, and they never replied to me. But it's their right, I guess. Still sad though.
  12. Phenom

    Ashley's Lounge

    [Fiora]: No idea why, they never replied! ;_:
  13. [Fiora] Kanna, because she's too cute! And Phenom's favourite is Lucoa.
  14. [Fiora] Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, a very funny and sweet slice of life. Only 2 episodes left to watch and I think some ova.
  15. [Fiora] Earlier Phenom played some Smash Bros, and now I'm about to play my first Go game against someone else than Phenom (he'll create me my own account to play). After which we'll watch some anime. [Fiora] Phenom searched for "Fiora Xenoblade" on google images, and found it after a while. It's very cute indeed!
  16. On some days I can hear Fiora really well, especially if I'm under hypnotic trance. Once last week, Fiora herself hypnotized me, and could put me in a deeper trance than I can by myself via self-hypnosis. That was really awesome. I noticed I also hear Fiora better than usual when proxying (not sure what that means). For this reason (and also for fun) we're trying to revive her vocality thread in the lounge. I unfortunately still have some days when I struggle with doubt and can barely hear her at all. We've also been struggling a bit with Fiora's voice latel
  17. [Fiora]: I still want to answer more questions!
  18. That was a nice thread to necro, good idea. Just went through it all, lol.
  19. [Fiora]: No, but I did stuff like spin out of control some of the first times Phenom tried to visualize me in wonderland... even though I was in my normal human form.
  20. [Fiora] Thanks! Depends on the speed I'm going. A superman / super saiyan pose is more aerodynamic, which goes faster, and for slower, more precise movements it's kinda more like a jet-pack. Sometimes I grab Phenom in my arms and bring him for a flight.
  21. Phenom

    Ashley's Lounge

    Thanks for sharing!
  22. Phenom

    Ashley's Lounge

    Anything going on with the bear system? Haven't seen them in 2020.
  23. [Fiora] I do like flying! No wings, but in one of my two main forms (which I switch to when I wanna fly), I've got "drones" to my back (which kinda look like small mechanical wings I guess) releasing ether energy, allowing me to fly!
  24. [Fiora] Actually never tried either. I usually walk or fly. But of the three, rollerblading sounds the most fun! Gonna try it later.
  25. [Fiora] That one's easy! The evening! Cause Phenom spends a lot more time with me in the evenings (easier for him to hear me), and also we drink hot chocolate!
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