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  1. Have four, managing stuff just fine. Sometimes they talk to me on their own, sometimes i talk to one or some of them specifically, sometimes i confuse them and they tease me about it; overall we just generally do stupid shit i guess. Not thinking at all about giving equal amounts of attention and all of that, i kinda do that unconsciously already i guess (though there's still favoritism, but honestly it's not that big a deal). Peharps we simply all know how important is for everyone to have a good, shitty-drama-free relationship? I dunno. Ah, btw everyone but the first was totally accidental. Totally.
  2. Well, being on a deserted island and talking to imaginary people to save yourself from insanity probably counts as going insane from an outside perspective.
  3. Sock said it better than i ever could; shit's just different. Being in a relationship with another person often entails giving the impression of being what the other person wants out of said romantic relationship, as well as wanting the other person to be in a certain way - more than actual love (agape), it's a manifestation of selfishness on both parts mixed with lies and deception with the more-or-less conscious ultimate goal of screw your private parts together. Well, peharps less dramatic than that, but that's it; i simply don't see the appeal in such a thing, and would never dream of even trying to have one with my headmates or anything. Hell, it would be pretty much impossible anyway - since in mantaining such a relationship "not seeing" is just as important as "seeing", and with tuppers the "not seeing" part is definitely made a lot more difficult.
  4. I've heard this being mentioned as a relatively frequent side effect of meditation; feeling of disconnection with your body and actions can happen. In fact one time i literally felt i was watching myself doing and saying things for an hour or so, no thinking at all, just watching; this was after meditating myself to numbness and letting tupper possess body with not-so-good results. If i didn't know better i would say i was being possessed but i clearly wasn't.
  5. Oh my, i thought doing it consciously was some kind of weird shit; without putting a finger in front of your eyes and all, i mean, that i think i could do. Oh, yeah, i tried yesterday and i was able to give myself a decently strong headpressure on the forehead ; again, i thought only my tuppers could do that. First steps towards enlightenment indeed - now i only need to pinch my own ass with the power of the mind, or hallucinate heat on finger, since they can do that too there's no reason i can't!... but honestly, before that, visual hallucinations would be welcome. P.S. Pain block, time dilation and momentary strenght increase are for n00bs, my powers are clearly better. We haven't tried possession in a while, but indeed the first time it happened was during possession and i was surprised. Eyes focus is actually one of the things Alice can control at will without me having to "let out" or anything. Apparently it was an ability that required someone other than "me" finding out, possibly since i never thought about doing it.
  6. Welp, i surely wasn't until now. Derp: nice to know this shit actually happens without screwing your brain and all, thread can be closed. Actually let's talk about subjectively weird stuff tuppers have kickstarted (i don't mean sensory hallucinations btw. Though i personally still can't see shit).
  7. I recently noticed i can shift the focus of my vision like a camera does. That is, i can consciously bring my vision out of focus at different levels whenever i feel like it by willing the imaginary focal point to go forward or backward; "out of the eyes" or "into the eyes", so to speak... it's kinda useless but it's definitely something i wasn't able to do before. It all started after Alice tried full possession with me and somehow gained the ability to bring my vision out of focus whenever she felt like it. I wasn't able to personally replicate anything then, but now apparently i just... can. Does this kind of shit happen to anyone?
  8. I'd say we do, or rather, this site actually helped me in the pursuit of dissociation - as much inherently abstract and personal the process is. [it's not like having a clear idea of what tuppers are would do anything other than forcing said idea on the newbie tulpamancer who will think tuppers are x and the method is y and fuck you; defining is limiting after all, and who would want to arbitrarily self-impose limitations? (Oh wait, that's about pretty much everyone on this gay earth)]. Honestly, i'm not one to think one should try to sugar-coat information in any way to look "serious" by anyone's criteria; if this implies this stuff won't ever go mainstream or anything then peace, people who really want to do this will probably find their own way in the end. (I'm pretty sure this stuff can be done just with a lot of narration and discipline after all, qualities one usually does not find in ordinary people, but nothing anyone with motivation should be particularly assisted in order to do. The concept and basics should be sufficient, learning2meditation might also help a lot, also learning not to freak out when your colored horse decides it's time to take over your arms that is). [so, again, what will happen when this stuff will be scientifically proven in some way (if it'll ever happen that is)? We all edge on for 24 hours and cum violently when the countdown reaches zero? Will it do anything other than convincing people who would not be motivated anyway to do something like this (people unable to trust their own intuition, that is)?]
  9. If it's about waking up at a certain time then you can do so even without a tupper. At least i heard you could. That said, only a tupper will wake you up exactly two hours before the alarm clock goes off because she wanted to wake you up herself but couldn't quite read the internal clock that well (right?).
  10. If by "subconscious" you mean "the mental world" then i guess i can understand what you mean; there's a lot of shit in there, whether one chooses to give any meaning to it or not (i choose to give it, Jung is with me, perceiving it as "just imagination" is something i'll leave to the usual lazy empirist). I guess leaving the safe mental territory you might have created (consciously or unconsciously) as a wonderland to venture into the unknown might not be a completely good experience? I don't think you'll die or anything though.
  11. Not at all. Actually if i seem to imply anything negative about anyone in my posts, well, it's usually not like that, if i have something to say about someone i either keep my mouth shut or outright badmouth them; in fact you've always been a cool person of sorts to me.
  12. Just see it as a connection to your tupper rather than a "trick". Certainly they (probably) can't manifest in physical reality, but that doesn't mean you should regard any sensory information you get about them to be a "trick" of the brain (unless you believe tuppers themselves to be tricks of the brain, in which case i don't understand why you're even doing this and you can skip the rest of the post if you want). From their point of view, they inhabit a version of reality you yourself would only get by doing an OBE: you're just overlapping things a bit and adding that input to the normal one. [some of the guys here seem not to believe so but i generally find inner shit to be about as "real" as outer shit, you're just training your perception in order to fiddle with things you otherwise wouldn't have access to]. (Heck, they've gotten good at making me hear shit while in hypnagogia lately, it feels as much real as sounds that come from outside my head guise!!1).
  13. Remembering more dreams? Happened to me too. Sounds like a side effect of the "meditation" aspect of tulpaforcing if you ask me; more aware of thoughts during the day, more aware of dreams during the night as well. Ability to fall asleep instantly counts too.
  14. I'd probably dick around with my other tuppers and explore the mental world and do stuff like rape npcs and and kill npcs and rape them after their death too yeah basically i would establish a monarchy of tuppers or something and i'd be the king and we'd go on crusades and stuff. Or maybe become pirates. At some point i'd probably go on a completely idealistic search of something weird like the astral plane, because i tend to like faraway and impossible things. Then i'd stop doing that too and just enjoy life with tuppers, peharps start a band or something, laze around all day talking like a little girl, then do lewd things with tuppers while remaining a little girl. Peharps i'll let myself be raped by a gang of faceless men too. [Though realistically speaking i'd be sorry for Kaoru and be imposed all the time cheering her up and trying to get back into the body (she doesn't particularly like the idea of being stuck with the body pretending to be me)]. Q: Roll