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  1. When you get around to trying it out. Report back to me anything worth noting, what it was like. Was the method as functional as you thought it would be before and after trying it. That sort of thing.
  2. Helixileh This is a logic game, and the rules are simple. It can be played with an infinite number of players, for an infinite period of time, but interestingly; it can be used in forcing. I am about to show you why. Here is the board you play on. You start on the red. First you select a word; it can be any word, but for this example we will use "tulpa". Then your tulpa (or another person), must then associate with a word with all adjacent spaces. In this case you rotate around the center. Like so. Green was Zeni's move. Now that it is again my move, I have no now associate my next word, phrase, or concept with both adjacent spaces. YOU CANNOT REPEAT THE SAME THING TWICE ON THE SAME BOARD. Continue to alternate between you and your tulpa. Eventually you will reach a point where you will begin associating 3 words, instead of 2. The blue space shows this, it is my turn (Red Player) I stopped after 3 rings, but you can do this pretty much indefinitely. It doesn't have to be serious either, it just has to be unique. Just make sure that it isn't you filling in the space, and that it is your tulpa. Have the tulpa answer. It will quickly help develop the tulpa's personality. I hoped this tutorial helped you some. You can always use google if you are having trouble with how helixileh works.
  3. The whole 'cheese syndrome' thing applies to anytime you are dreaming. Also, in general, it did sound what I described in number 4. It seems to be just dream vomit, nothing too serious. Have you been doing any serious study lately?
  4. The subconscious can be pretty creative about things. If your lucid dreams are like this then you need to stop the following things. 1.) Before lucid dreaming, do not consume processed foods at least 4 hours before doing so. Especially, and not limited to. - Soft Drinks (FTL No Moutain Dew) - All Cheeses - Bread that you may think is spoiled - Lunch meats (Sandwiches include all of these things) - Soy - Soy Products - Soy Anything - Orange vegetables or non freshly cooked foods For information as to why this is, it is related to something called "Cheese Syndrome". This may be one of the many reasons you are experiencing this. 2.) When lucid dreaming do not move, do not keep your eyes closed until you sleep. If your eyes are closed initially you might not be lucid dreaming, you my just be sleeping. Sleeping deeply during the day is known to cause nightmares in introverted personalities types, especially if you are an analytically personality. 3.) If you are lucid dreaming in proper form you should. - Be laying on your back without moving. (Like there is a tiger on top of you ready to eat you the second you move.) - Thing EXCLUSIVELY of your target thought: In this case your tulpa(s) - You should keep this held not even for the movement of a hair of an inch. Your body will make small twitching movements. Ignore these, as your body is testing to see if you are still awake. - 2-3 minutes after the twitching subsides, you are free to open your eyes. You will know if you have succeeded if you cannot move. - If this scares you, simply hold your breath, or if you are alone in your house; pretend you are a magicarp and use "flail". 4.) For knowledge about dream interpretation, I can do this for you to the best of my ability, but it seems like it was more or less "dream vomit" a phenomenon of your mind creating information to string together information you learned throughout the day. Has this information helped you.
  5. Hello, I am Xrynoxel. An experienced tulpamancer. I've taught others before the ways of the tulpa. I am yet a many another you can defer questions to here.