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  1. Well, given that I have not ignored Melody (the name of who I suspect) I am sure she has not faded. Its more to the point that my character creation process is far too similar to some of the guides I have read. I also now feel a bit sad for the characters I do not use any more. On another note, thanks for the welcome and the links. I will peruse as I continue to consider making a tulpa.
  2. This reassures me a little. I'll try what was suggested and see if she (at least a she if its who I think it is) replies or responds at all. A little pressure I am getting right now might mean its her, or maybe that I just need to get some food. I am not sure if I will be exicted to have a spontaneous tulpa, but it is nice to see that trying to be a good writer would help the general process for some.
  3. Having read up on this interesting phenomenon, and not being sure if this should go here or Q&A, I had a slightly important question, which relates to my self debate on creating a lifelong mental companion. Is it possible to passively create a tulpa without meaning to, or even being aware of it? I ask this as recently, thankfully before I found this place or I would accuse myself of sel diagnosis, I have been getting minor headaches that feel more like someone or something trying to get my attention, but I have no memor of creating one in my past. It also bugs me as when I create character, be it for personal writing projects or for group ones, like roleplaying, if I flesh it out enugh, I end up hearing them regularly in my head, or seeing them in my mind eye. So far none of my recent ones have done anything reletively tulpa-ish that I know of, but I thought I would ask. Another question, branching off from that is, if I think I may have one that spontaneously formed and is lost in the slightly fractured and odd thing I call a mind, how would I find said tulpa while knowing nothing about him/her?
  4. Slightly relevant to things s, I have a friend everyone on our shared board thought was femle and was actually a guy with out ever insinuating either way. On topic, male with no known tulpa. Its....awkward and for a different thread why I say that.
  5. Hello and whatnot! I am a half boiled newbie who has tried to read up on all this lbefore, and am so glad to find even a half serious community here! In case he name does not tip you off, I am slightly shamanistic with a draw to the desert and the Coyote spirit. I live a double life as an agostic as well, just to inform people of my general flavor. Edit: Spelling on a stupid mobile device.