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    I'm a pretty average guy of 18 years. My hobbies include composing music, playing instruments, anime, video games, and escapism in general. I will soon be in college pursuing a music degree.
  1. I'm sorry, I don't quite remember. I ended up feeling head pressure for the first time when I forced after reading the guide. I don't know what in particular allowed it to happen. I've still got some work to do because that's the only real response I've ever got from my tulpa. I'll continue to consult with this guide though, it is quite definitive.
  2. I think we made some strides with this guide.
  3. I want a friend I can be totally open with. I am not lonely, but my life would be so much more interesting if I had a close friend who was with me for every event in my life. Honestly I want my tulpa to be my life partner. I don't plan to get married because I think it's a rip off, so at some point I'll need someone to share my life with.