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  1. Well, like I said, you're always welcome in our chat. It's more roleplay-friendly, and there are a few tulpas and other thoughtforms there. :)
  2. Let's aim for about 5 PM tomorrow then. If that works for you.
  3. I'm a hypnotist, if you're ok with text sessions. What times are good for you?
  4. I don't remember a separate guide for it, but I put it in a separate section in the implanting guide. There's still more on visual, but I tried to include a fair bit on auditory as well. I think the best way to go is to imagine words the way they they'd sound in you tulpa's voice. If you've picked out a voice model, make an MP3 of them talking for a few seconds, then silent for a few seconds. When you listen to it, try to hear your tulpa saying things you don't have recordings of during the silences.
  5. Don't put a lot of time or energy into it. Trying to make it go away might make it even more vocal and persistent, and make you more stressed. Just let it be for now, and know that it won't hurt you. It may even help -- one woman started hearing voices when she was at university, and the voices gave her answers to exam questions. If it's really bothering you, you could take a few minutes to ask it to be quiet until you're done with your exams, and sort it out then.
  6. You're not crazy. Most of us here hear voices, but most of us are also functioning members of society. We attend school, keep jobs, have relationships, raise children. Don't be afraid. This being will not want to hurt you. She (it sounds like a she to me, but maybe I'm wrong) needs you to survive, so she will probably want to help you to be healthy and successful. Talk to her and get to know her. You should probably keep her secret from your friends and family, at least at first. Some of us have had bad experiences with telling other people.
  7. Light Yagami, Haruto Soma, Urashima Keitaro. Really should have stuck a Japanese reference in there. I guess it's harder to imagine that as TV, since I usually see it on the computer -- but then I see everything else on the computer too.
  8. That's totally hardcore. I lose enough blood trying to get one of things apart with a screwdriver. I'm so tough, I drink my milk out of a dirty glass.
  9. How do you not get Princess Celestia whatever you're watching Councillor Troi, all mixed up in Daleks what you post kill the wabbit?
  10. Doesn't that only work if the muggers take off their shoes when they enter the house? I'm so tough that my bathroom has no toilet paper -- only sandpaper.
  11. That's really cool. I've been experimenting with something like that, but I didn't know it was already an established imposition method.
  12. Some people have more in the range of 12-16 tulpas -- some people I look up to, even. And then there's people like Maverickthecat. So 3-5 might not be a lot for a lot of people. As I understood it, it was widely accepted that tulpas would get weaker without attention. Yeah, but spellcheck won't fix that. For the record: "they're" means "they are" "their" is the same as "his" or "hers", but with multiple people "there" is "not here"
  13. I've thought about doing that as well, although drawing with a grid. But I'm not done with imposition yet, so I can't actually answer your question.
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