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  1. Saw tulpa threads on 4chan, decide to make one. I google'd something stupid about tulpas and showed up here, I guess it worked out.
  2. KamiOfZero


    Why does he look like this to me?
  3. If only that slug baby was drawn...
  4. What the hell would a tulpa religion be called anyways?
  5. Kadoh is the professional wonderland hunter. Soon town people will ask you to do quests for them.
  6. A little reluctant to use your method Fede, due to all the criticism. I'll use your tones though
  7. Thanks for the help guys, I'll just continue on
  8. I know its a bit early to feel any kind of emotional response or feel much of anything from my tulpa. However, I feel like my tulpa is just a doll and cannot act on her own. For example, I was working on visualization and I can only picture her standing straight with an empty smile. I wanted to see if I could visualize her in a different stance, so I imagined her holding her arms up, simple enough. Yet i feel like I'm just forcing her to do things or parrot. Any tips or help for me? This is not the first time I've run into the problem, I've tried to create a tulpa before and the same thing happened (I did not have any guides, nor did I know what a tulpa was, so I dismissed the problem and told myself to try again after research).
  9. Turns out, that when he can speak, all he does is scream his name at you Happy Birthday
  10. I guess I'll just let deviation have at it, thanks a bunch
  11. So, been thinking about what form i should make for my tulpa for about 3 months now. For those of you with tulpas based of 2d animation (ponies and shit), was it hard to impose them into real life? Or did you change it to a 3d pony? Just a bit concerned to start one and being unable to finish at the last part.