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    Greetings! I am just a normal guy with an abnormal imagination, I care more about animals than humans, and I like talking! :D
  1. With the help, of your tulpa, write a song about anything. Have fun :D.
  2. I was watching a funny youtube video. Where they took a forum chat and made it into robot voices using fruity loops. And one of them told about tulpas. And I was like "Woah taht exactlly explaisn this guy in my head." Then I made on a few months ago. Now i'm here.
  3. Alright, heres why I have ADHD and forcing with my tulpa Julia has been really hard for me. I can't focus on her long enough to communicate and I feel like a really bad person because of it. I can't let her sit alone in my head all day. I do have another Tulpa. whom I accidentally made as a small child. Nowadays I got a tulpa completely on purpouse. I have two tulpea. Julia and Kad. Julia was the intentional one. Kad was sort of an accident. a "happy" accident. I haven't been a very emotional guy, but since I got my tulpa Julia. I feel more. And it's annoying. Can I turn that off? Back to the point... How can I force more and longer without my ADHD interferring with it? I passive force alot. But it's hard to do with friends and other stuff. Please help! Whenever I try to think about one thing, once I focus on reality, I had trailed off completely. Imagination is a good thing, but to much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Whenever I try to force, or improve my wonderland. "Madworld" I always end up getting it all twisted and worped and depressing. But my tulpa Julia helps me out. And Kad kinda helps out with constructive critisism. ANYWAYS. My ADHD dosen't help my small depression and also I am afraid I creep my tulpea out sometimes by the way I act. I might lie even if I have no reason too. But serioussly. Help a brothah out!