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    Hey, I'm Jess, but call me Gryphon. I'm fourteen and currently attend high school. Shira's the wingless, furred draconic. Braxton's the small Arctic fox. Welcome to our head.

    Don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions or desire a conversation, I'm glad to help in any way I can and enjoy meeting the other members here.

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  1. Many mancers, including myself, visualize themselves differently in the wonderland or allow themselves to shapeshift. In my opinion, it adds to the fun and if visualizing one's current form is difficult, something simpler may allow for less distraction whilst forcing.
  2. Same thing I tell myself every day, that I'll get back to active forcing, possession, imposition, and all of that other fun stuff that I've been procrastinating.
  3. I'd say that it's better to assume it's her than to go back and forth on whether or not you were making it up, which could just end up being detrimental to your progress. Note the achievement and continue to build on it, would be my advice.
  4. I added years because there have been tulpas who have taken years to become sentient and because it sounded better to have three time examples in that sentence Like you said, some tulpas develop sentience quicker than others, but some tulpas also develop sentience slower than others. There should be no expectation for how long it might take, because it could as easily take weeks as it could take years; it all depends on the tulpa.
  5. Sentience is achieved gradually through forcing. There's no set time in which your tulpa will become sentient, it could take several weeks, months, or years to achieve full sentience. Tulpas generally communicate through 'tulpish' first, generally felt as raw thought and emotion. They may also communicate through gestures and body language. Eventually, they may begin to speak through a voice in your mind, often sounding similar to your own mindvoice but gradually becoming their own. To hear an actual voice when they speak is called vocal imposition, something that's usually rather far down the tulpamancing road.
  6. December-14-2014 I cannot, for the life of me, seem to stay active on here for more than a few weeks at a time. The threads get so repetitive and I get bored so fast, eventually I stop visiting. Oh well, I still like to check in occasionally. Progress, yes. Shira managed to possess my fingers enough to type extremely slowly with multiple errors, but typing nonetheless. I've been struggling with anxiety and depression lately more than ever so I've (sadly) put possession on hold for a while. I still narrate, but I haven't visited the WL in ages and haven't actively forced for just as long, so no real progress to note. Shira's gotten bored of maths, finding she wasn't very good at it, so Braxton has taken over the love of mathematics and is actually quite good at it. Shira seems to care for the arts and would like to try drawing upon mastering possession. Aside from that, there isn't much to note. Oh, lastly, it's almost Shira's first birthday. She's currently 11 months and on the first of January, New Years Day, she turns one year old. We're all very excited! Braxton will be turning 5 months old on the 26th, the day after Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, it'll be awesome to spend our first Christmas together and we do plan to dress up the WL and get each other some gifts. Who knows, maybe Wyvern will even drop in. It would be lovely to see him again.
  7. "Pros: She's nice, funny, caring, helpful, cool, and smart. Cons: She's stubborn, sometimes mean, cold, overly prideful, and cocky. Do you have any superpowers or supernatural abilities in the wonderland?" -Shira
  8. As a 14 year old, I definitely wish that I'd found this community in later years and started the process when I was older. While I'm able to grasp the morals of what is harmful/mean to a tulpa and that they're living beings, the responsibility is large and I'm at the age where I probably shouldn't be making decisions to affect my life in the long run. I'm committed to my tulpas, seeing as I started this process and I will see it through, but there's a reason for all of the warnings to teenagers. We're young, we think that we know everything, but teens have a lot going on in their brains and bodies already without adding a tulpa to the mix.
  9. Shira: Uh, to just exist, I guess. Why would I have any goals different from anyone else? My aspirations are small and considerably insignificant. I want to cook better, draw better. I guess my biggest goal would be to do what the three of us have set out to do from the start, and explore the scientific benefits of tulpamancy. I want to see the full extent of my abilities as a tulpa and what it entails. Aside from that, there's nothing significant. None of us have ever really thought about that kind of thing, it's easier to just take things day by day.
  10. As said above, this is extremely common in beginners since it's one of the first ways that tulpas can learn to communicate. They'll likely dim as your tulpa learns to control and find new means of communication.
  11. I agree with Phaneron, most tulpamancers get a tulpamancing 'high' right at the beginning, which might last for weeks or even for a couple of months, it's nothing new. You're probably just getting used to the feeling of having your tulpa around so those feeling that were once so seemingly powerful and noticable now just blend in. Don't worry, the majority of tulpamancers that I've met experience this. Also, some tulpas seem to 'disappear' for a while on their hosts. People give various reasons for these disappearances, they don't happen to all hosts, just some. The tulpas sometimes come back stronger, more vocal, easier to visualize, etc. Don't expect that, it might just be a case of the 'tulpa high', but it's just a possibility.
  12. It's possible, but I'd also recommend going one at a time since I assume that you have no experience with tulpamancy and forcing one takes up a fair bit of time, so actively forcing two all of the time may be a bit difficult.
  13. October-29-2014 Woo, more possession progress! In math class Yesterday, Shira was able to slowly, one by one, lift each of my fingers off of the desk that my hand was resting on, and then with a quick jerk of my wrist, she had my hand held a few inches above the desk. It's great how quickly she's progressing now. Soon enough, once she's able to move my hands a bit more fluidly, I'll have her type out some of the progress report from her perspective. Shira's still hellbent on becoming a mathematics genius, and we're working on it. I hope to see both her and Braxton excel in different things to experiment with how intelligent we can end up in a few years from now. If we can get to the point where Shira's a human calculator and Braxton able to do whatever passion he chooses, we could truly see how significant tulpamancy can be to a host. Shira managed to answer a 3 digit division question in my math class, much to my surprise as I'd never have been able to do it myself. She's proud of it, and who knows, maybe even she can become great if she's determined enough. Braxton showed immediate talent in mathematics, specifically numerical values, but has made it clear that he doesn't care much for numbers and would rather help Shira improve at it than excel with it himself. He hasn't found anything he truly loves yet, but no rush, he's only three months old so he's still a very young tulpa. Shira claims to be getting much better at parallel processing, which is good, though I'll probably prepare some games so that she can prove it and improve further. Braxton's been much more talkative lately, running on various sentences rather that his usual one liners, and he's being very compassionate lately, it's lovely to see that he, a tulpa with no personality forcing whatsoever, is still able to show the amounts of compassion and empathy that Shira, a tulpa with several hours of personality forcing, tends to show. I see a lot of arguments on whether or not personality forcing matters, but after this, I don't think it does aside from the narration it provides. Lastly, Braxton has changed forms. He didn't feel as if his current form as an arctic fox was to his liking, nor reflective of him as a person. Thus, we did a little form shopping on google, and cam to something he found quite fitting. Currently, he's a Alaskan Malamute-Husky-Wolf hybrid. Black fur on his back, and white fur on his underside. He retained his light blue eyes from his previous form, but otherwise he's completely different. Also, at this point, he's significantly larger than Shira. That was quite a change for both of them as we're used to him being small enough to ride on her back if she'd let him. Lots and lots of progress, oh how I missed tulpamancy.
  14. I somewhat felt like this near the beginning of Shira's creation, but I've come to see her and Braxton as siblings rather than children. They're always there for me and I don't feel any real need to take care of them, yet I'm still very protective of them. Perhaps seeing them as siblings stems from my youth.
  15. Flashlight, far more efficient. Outer space or the unexplored depths of the ocean?