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  1. Same here, this idea of a thought-to-type interface seems like it could be really useful for those working on possession, myself and Astra included. Would you care to expand upon the idea at all? =D
  2. Nice to see that this thread has got some answers! In the last few days, I've started to mix things up which has helped tremendously. (Thanks Ashmo!) I've added a new room in the Tardis, which for some reason looks exactly like a forest. Exploring that room with Astra, (Though to be honest, I can't really call it a room due to its sheer size and the fact it has no roof =D) has been pretty neat! Along with reading through the threads and guides, cutting forcing down to at least 30 minutes a day has helped me focus more on the quality, not the quantity. I'm focusing on vocalization and possession for the time being, so it'll be neat to see how it all pans out in the upcoming weeks!
  3. Once again, thanks for the response! Along with reading through the threads, Your words have actually helped quite a bit. I've let Astra know from the start that there's no pressure on how long it may take till she's fully vocal/sentient, so however long it takes I'm not going to give up. We'll keep going on with the support of the forum!
  4. Thanks for the responses! Looking back after 3 months, the progress has been pretty good. I'm just trying to get over that mental 'brick wall'. I'll take the time to have a good look through the various threads and guides, and get a better concept of what I'm doing.
  5. Greetings! I'm relatively new at this Thread posting lark, so if this thread needs to be moved, just let me know. I started the process of creating a tulpa about three months ago, I have read through the Kiahdaj Creation guide along with a few others and have a decent grasp on the concept of a tulpa. My tulpas form is based upon a pony and her name is Astra, based upon the Greek word for curiosity. I aim to active force for an average of 30 minutes each day, and we have created a wonderland in the shape of the Tardis to aid in active Tulpaforcing (The concept of it being bigger on the inside lends itself brilliantly to expansion!) , along with narration throughout each day. I feel like we have definitely made progress, But recently it feels as if we've hit a dead end of sorts. In summary, I'm looking for any advice, tips or guides that you found helpful!