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  1. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. The thread is revived, so you keep using it as a distraction from the things you should be doing, and live a life of procrastination. I wish my dog wouldn't throw up on the carpet.
  2. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. You have a beautiful pleated potato sack embroidered with diamonds that is fancy as fuck. Your swag becomes so massive that it creates it's own gravitational pull and you eventually morph into what will be the most fierce and sparkly planet to have ever been. I wish that everything had gone just as planned for Light/Raito and he was the king of the world or whatever he wanted to be.
  3. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. You're a blobfish. I wish I could pet every single dog.
  4. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. The fire scorches your esophagus and mouth every time you use it. I wish the next Game of Thrones book was out.
  5. Disregarding a woman whilst getting money. Sometimes my ____ smells like ____.
  6. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. But you're just a nameless NPC. I wish that my wish isn't going to backfire.
  7. Once, I had a plate of spaghetti who had little party hats on his meatballs. Sometimes I have nightmares about going to _____ and losing my ____.
  8. I'm not sure if there's a common term for this in the tulpa community, but what I mean by "presence" is the feeling you get when you know that someone is close by you, without hearing them, seeing them, etc. Anyway, right from the start when I first starting making my tulpa, his presence felt very strong, and I needed only to think of him or say his name to feel his consciousness become more alert, and I knew without a doubt that he was taking in what I was saying. We're continuing to make progress, but that feeling has faded so much that I can hardly tell if he's there sometimes. It's hard because now when I narrate it feels like I'm just talking to myself, and when I enter the wonderland it's much harder to find him. It's been quite a detriment so any advice on how this could be rectified would be much appreciated.
  9. vidoxi

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted, but now they smell so good that you can't walk outside your house without everyone in the vicinity tackling you and holding you down while they take turns huffing the delicious scent of your pubic hairs. I wish Santa Clause was real.
  10. In my free time, I like to rub beards with your grandma. When I'm dancing in the club I ____.
  11. Thank you both! That is actually a big help. I'll try that exercise in your guide, LinkZelda.
  12. Sorry about the multiple thread faux pas. I've never joined a forum before. I'll remember to search first next time. Oh wow, I didn't even think about having one change in mentality. I was thinking I'd give mine a personality that was a sort of balance between adult and child so that the mentality would not seem jarring or at least not particularly odd in whatever form it's using. I'm assuming that giving it one mentality would prevent it from no longer wanting to use a child-like form once it got more independent, too. Lol, that's awesome. The physical design I have in mind for mine is loosely based off of Connor from ACIII. You should create a templar pony to mess with Nobillis, haha. This makes a lot of sense to me. I'm surprised that so many people have tulpae that can shift spontaneously with no issue (that has been mentioned anyway) because it seems to me that it would be more like this situation, and you'd have to force more to be able to properly feel the different textures of what they've shifted into, as well as new movements that they would make in that form and things like that. Maybe I'm over-thinking it though? Much thanks to all who replied. It's quite the interesting topic. Age sliding is definitely something we'll have to try.
  13. Does anyone here have a tulpa with more than one form? I think it would be cool to have one that can change what age it appears to be. Maybe not having a form for every conceivable age (though that could be possible?) but one with a child, teenager, and adult form. Has anyone tried something like that?
  14. When you're first starting out, how exactly should you visualize the tulpa? Visualizing it blinking, stretching, walking, looking at things, etc, would be puppeting, and that is normally undesired, correct? So should it just be static, and do nothing that's not on it's own? That can't be right, because how else does it become accustom to moving it's limbs and making expressions and things like that? Lol this question is probably really elementary and dumb. I'm so sorry.
  15. That is pretty interesting. It would be exciting to give it free reign or work together and see what kind of creative mind the tulpa has. It could potentially result in something very strange that you didn't expect, couldn't it? Did you find that Catherine's appearance ended up being quite predictable to your tastes?