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    I am a girl that likes MLP:FiM, video games, drawing, writing, and I'm a furry.(Don't worry. Not one of THOSE furries.)

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  1. I have some questions. 1: Can your tulpas touch you? Like if they poke you, will it feel like a poke? If they lick you, will saliva be there?xD 2. Can you carry, drag, and/or throw your tulpas? 3. Can you remove their clothes (if they have any)? Let's say, for instance, they are wearing a hat, and you try to take it off. Will it come off? Can they remove their clothes? (That sounds weird lol) 4. Can you roleplay (Dungeons and Dragons, etc) with them? Thanks!
  2. I was just wondering what it is like to see and talk to them. How does it feel? What does it look like?
  3. Hey, I have another question. Can you work on 2 tulpas at once? I am wanting to have Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle tulpas. Thanks :)
  4. Thank you~ Yes, I have been feeling a bit of pressure.
  5. Just send me a pic of your tulpa, and I'll draw it and post it here. Doesn't matter what it is. I am 13, and (not to sound like a bragger) I draw really good. So requests taken here!!!
  6. Okay. Let me set this straight. I visualize, I imagine her voice, and I think about her personality. One problem, though. I have no sign of her, and I when I visualize her, she's practically invisible and I control her movements and I feel like I'm not making a tulpa, but an imaginary friend. She doesn't seem "real" at all. She's invisible, and I have to imagine her doing stuff. I have absolutely NO proof she's actually "there" and I need help. All I ever wanted was my own Pinkie Pie...I always imagined my favorite characters coming to life and when I found this tulpa thing, I felt my wishes came true! XD how cheesy... But seriously. I need help. How do I narrate
  7. oh! I have been using my mind's eye! xD Everyday I can visualize her, with my eyes opened, and closed. One problem though. She's almost invisible, like an imaginary friend. When/how does she become truly visible? And when does she do things on her own,etc.? I'm not talking exactly when it happens, but when it usually happens. About the time it happens.
  8. This may sound stupid,but how do you use your "mind's eye"? I read a guide on here with pics and stuff but I didn't understand xD
  9. I don't know if this had been posted before, but I've been visualizing alot lately but I still can't see Pinkie Pie. Am I doing something wrong? I stare into space and close my eyes, visualizing, but I still don't have a sign of anything working. please help
  10. I would like to know how you made your tulpa. What's your method? What's your technique? Tell me.
  11. This is going to sound stupid do I change the name???
  12. I need help. I can't think about one trait for an hour. I want to spend an hour,but it only lasts for 5!
  13. Yeah,I can't sit and force for over 5 minutes at a time. One time,I almost fell asleep! I'm afraid I won't even get to an hour...