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  1. Really cool, Teruhi. Also, I've gotta ask... he's vocal?! As in.. you hear him in your mind? Yet, your rational thinking still doubted his existence? Hmm.. did you believe you had DID or something? xD
  2. It is said that Tulpae are actually a form of your subconscious interacting with you with its own sentient form. So yeah, it would make sense that they can either interact with or influence your dreams. I have noticed that since I've been Tulpa-forcing, my dreams have been much more extended, consistent and I've been able to recall a lot more of it. ^.^ So, I definitely believe there is a connection. As Mel Seryth said, the Tulpa is connected to your brain, afterall.
  3. Lol! Considering you just took a lot of what I said out of context again, I'm just going to brush over it and get to the last part: (without "punishing you" about your reading comprehension). See, I didn't call you cute, I said the antic of blindly defending your friend was cute. And yes, I meant it in the same saccharine way that Zero wished MagicMan a "welcome to the forums." You didn't seem to like that gesture very much, however.. hehe Anyway, we don't need to make this any more long-winded than it is. You tend to miss big chunks of the point in order to distort the whole situation, so allow me to compress this in a more plainer message for ya. You've already expressed that you think it's perfectly alright to "happily punish" those who don't use words to your ideals. I feel that there are more productive ways to handle the matter. In your own words, "In any case, the superior example is obviously the one that better demonstrates the point at hand." Punishing people rarely demonstrates that point. So it's clear that we're at odds. You think it's alright to be rude, I think it's much better to treat every person as if they're a human being. You obviously don't like the treatment handed back to you (or your friend) so there you have it. Let's still try to keep things on topic without hijacking the OP's forum. Have a nice night.
  4. So being vague = widely held views? Hmm.. sounds like you're in favor of the watered-down mass mentality option. Would explain a lot. Ah, so you're the punisher of those who don't use words to your liking. And you do it in the name of the masses! Hope there are no foreigners around to accidentally mispronounce a word. Your methods of 'punishing' instead of teaching are revolting. But hey, at least you're honest about it, right? Making mountains out of the molehills of my asking someone not to be a jerk to a newcomer = top priority! Indeed, I don't think you really know what is being said here. Lol! But I love how you just jumped at the chance to act as if you're educating me on a word's definition. Completely taking my question out of context. *Ahem* But you seem to believe you're some kind of mind-reader, right? What with knowing exactly how/why Zero acts, what he meant, and why it was okay for him to be snarky. Wrong. I never said any point was proven through an analogy. Read again. I was explaining that people have many ways to express their experiences with tulpa. Hence, the analogies. Just because you disagree with it, doesn't make your opinion a fact. It may be a fact in your world.. but does not warrant for rude replies. Lul. Wow, you're hellbent on distorting my point just to get a high off of a "superiority ride," eh? All of a sudden, being extremely specific really matters, doesn't it? *wink* Again, refer back to my point. Ah, I see. So you're looking to blame. In your cocky-tone, you contradict yourself. Since we're "going the whole log.." I might as well point it out. "His instructions were illogical because they were either contradictory or nonsensical (in my opinion)." Your opinion =/= not a fact. "Many would describe making a tulpa as irrational, but that's not quite the same thing." Again, a tulpa being irrational would just be their opinion. Of course it's not the same thing. But then again, you seem to mistake opinion =/= fact. So I'm not quite sure what you're even going on about, anymore. You're probably just blindly warping this all to defend a friend. And that's cute and everything, but there are better ways to carry out the task without perpetuating the rudeness. XD
  5. Quite recently, actually. When they decided to use the vulnerable information against me. "I should've lied! I should've lied!" If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
  6. Hello, Waffles. So you agree that it's perfectly alright to slam a newcomer with a pseudo-saccharine 'welcome' after rejecting their ideas offered and not even bothering to explain why it was done? Either way, I'll play your little game. Usually defined. But clearly it was being referred to in a different sense. An enthusiastic one. Surely you wouldn't punish someone for not using your semantics. At least, that's what I hope. And in either case, that is precisely why I stressed specifying why you're shooting such enthusiasm down. What, exactly, is a logical fallacy? The fact that I mentioned someone once referred to the Tulpamancy being as the reference of a computer sharing two programs? Explain. My point is that, people have many examples to symbolically express their experience or thoughts on Tulpamancy. And one should not be deemed superior over the other. That would be assumption. You don't really know how he implied it. Again, we don't all talk like computers. Not everyone is precise and therefore may not cater to how you deem 'worthy enough to not scrutinize.' Hence my stress upon 'specifying.' That would be your opinion if it's illogical. What may not work for you, may work perfectly for another. Since we're on the topic of tulpas, many would deem you illogical for even attempting to create another consciousness in your mind. Which, some may argue, has consciousness. Hence the dodgy wording of "a consciousness within your consciousness.." Again, it's all semantics. Does that really mean we should lose our humanity and ignore what a fellow person is trying to convey to us? Indeed.
  7. *sigh* Some people really enjoy being incredibly rude, don't they? Here's my Complimentary Feedback to your own: ~ They aren't? So you don't have two consciousness in your brain? Your lack of explanation makes you sound like a bitter stick in the mud. Please improve this method of "superior knowledge" over someone's errors. Someone once related the experiences of Tulpae to that of having Boot Camp running in a mac. You know, both Windows and Mac in one computer. Two entirely different programs but one is running n the background whilst the other is dominant. I'm not a Tulpa expert, so clarification, instead of negative rejection is much appreciated. And productive. (Especially if you DO consider yourself The Tulpa Expert). If you're so certain someone's in the wrong, teach them! Don't try to put them down. ~ I understood his reference to Possession. I could've sworn there was even a Guide section about that. Hmm... are you sure you shouldn't take your own advice about not being on drugs, mate? ~ I believe you were asked to "think of it as a Dimension." It's a shift of perspective. I'd hate to imagine you reading poetry. Example: "The memories trickled from my mind, like water cupped in two hands.." You: OMFG U DUBM? F'SRS? -MEMORIY IS NOT WATER... OMG OFF THE DRUGS, MAYAN!!" *giggle* This hardly sounds genuine. How can he enjoy his stay when you're either rude or indecisive about whether or not he's on drugs or just gullible? Geez, some people's bitterness truly amazes me... Anyway, Magicman5443, I really appreciate the input. Shifting my paradigm with your concepts helps to stimulate my imagination to ensure my Tulpa can grow. You know, to keep things from stagnation or becoming too stale with tedious repetition. Welcome to the forums! And please don't hesitate to express your sentiments, we're not all stiffs about the opinions/experiences of others. It's obvious you're new, you're excited and hyped! Keep that spirit up.. Tulpas are truly wonderful things! :D
  8. Thank you very much, Elusive. Yeah, I've actually found several radio stations (of meditative relevance) that have certainly helped! I spent most of the day practicing meditation and forcing myself into the mindset alone. It's been a success, for someone like me, and I've learned quite a few techniques I may post later on after a proper progress report update. And yes, it will be very meaningful to return to that place with my Tulpa. ^_^ That should serve as a drive in itself to persist.
  9. This is very good progress. Sounds like you've found confirmation of her eyes and how they look. What I find interesting about combining Tulpamancy with Shamanism is that... with Shamanism, the journey is typically a solo one. With Tulpamancy, you will literally have a companion there with you to witness things that would normally be unseen by other friends. Truly a luxury. Then again, I think Shamans have spirit animal companions, right? Not too knowledgeable about Shamanism... but, as my name implies, I do know of the occult and I'm familiar with Shamans involving themselves with being followed by spirit guides and the like. I just don't think it's anything quite like having a tulpa. But then again, I'm not a Shaman. XD
  10. Ohh, Val3ntinus! This is so exciting! Congratulations!! Ironically.. in terms of names, I've decided to give my own Tulpa a name I'm not attached to in order to see if he's lured into presenting me his own.. Haha But in honor of Clu and both of your sense of humor, I should like to present this video as a form of a cheery "Hello!" xD [video=youtube] And yeah, you're not the only one who is put off by the term "forcing." x) I try to see it as the form of "may the force be with you." Not so much as "forcing" someone to do something... but more like.. working with the force together... to imprint your conscious mind of your new friends presence.
  11. Edited 4-15-14; to resize the gigantic photo I didn't realize was too large. ^^' I wish I could convince myself that I am an excellent guru at meditation. If only there were some way to make my mind believe it can sit still for an incredible amount of time and not so much as squirm. Alas, it cannot. Last night I tried to meditate for an hour... 8 minutes. Really. Just eight minutes is all it took for me to suddenly open my eyes! I was so proud of myself for consistently sitting there, straight back, proud chin, without flinching for "so long.." that I was sure it was around 16 minutes (double the actual time!) heh... but I digress... I think I will have to incorporate a bit of hypnosis into my meditation. I know that at some point, the black abyss behind your eyelids begins to expand as your Wonderland stretches out beneath you and everything else begins to flesh out... But I believe I am lacking a drive of sorts. Recently, I have been shattered with a horrific incident, so my mind tends to be extra scattered and 'airy.' But I intend to focus and pull through! Fighting for my (abstract) soul back. Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? Well, by 'soul' I just mean my core, so it's nothing quite as dramatic.. though, it is for me. The fact that I cannot even sit for a mere 8 minutes of clearing my mind without needing to fidget, wander or walk away shows that something is amiss, or very wrong (well, to a stranger, it might just be dismissed as ADD.. haha but I digress). I need to get to the essence of my soul and figure out what makes it tick and what can inspire me to find the inner peace that I need to explore more. No more hiding, running away, or avoiding the challenge. So I began with contemplating what kind of character do I want my Tulpa to be? This question alone made me wonder about my own character. What kind of person am I? This already sparked the beginning of my journey. I think having a Tulpa will be one of the most productive things in my life... he can challenge me to be a better person.. and it'd only be my pleasure to do the same for him. I'd certainly like him to have a nice flow with my personality. My platonic partner in "crime," or mischief in the Wonderland, yet still innocent enough to be void of any inherent malice or corruption. In fact, I found a lovely drawing that captured the tranquil pass-time of two individuals. I just love the child-like innocent look in his eyes! Like a couple of really good/old friends. Artist is Smilika. Click her name for her DeviantArt. What to do in the Wonderlands? I already have many ideas on what to do for the Wonderland. When I was 14, I had constructed a Wonderland that I would later dismiss as "childish nonsense.." never in a million years did I ever think I would return to it, even though I always acted as if I would. Because my Tulpa will help me develop my own personal character, I will look forward to giving him challenges in the Wonderland to do the same. That would prove healthy, right? I remember a long time ago, I had this really complicated detective dream with a plot that had held so many twists and turns that I could not believe it was only my dream, because there was no way I could ever be that clever! So I wrote it down and shared it with a friend and he told me it sounded like something directly from a book! Hah, I was pretty flattered he would think so, but I had never read anything like it. So for Wonderlands and character development, I'd imagine I can present some changes/ideas for him in the area and perhaps he can surprise me with a few hidden tricks from my subconscious, as well. XD Bah, honestly, I'm just rambling to lay my thoughts down for focus. I wanted to explain my absence and why I've been so stunted. Between recovering from internal conflicts and now having to find the closure from within myself.. I've been pretty slow to progress.. Redline has encouraged me to make some daily posts for the sake of my feeling motivated to persist, so I'm taking his word for it. Also, speaking to Koomer has been refreshing as well. So with good company in such an active community, I will be sure to add my two cents and hope for results. Here goes everything! Things to look into: Sharpening my focus Introspecting internal conflicts Developing character (both of ours) Contributing daily Luckily we have teh internez to assist with these things. Anyway, pardon the rant.
  12. Hello, darthmorpheo! It sounds like for someone who is just beginning, you are off to a good start. Continue to try to make the connections and mental forcing and you will be in the right track in no time. Also, yo tambien hablo Español. Tu ingles esta muy bien, pero mi Español puede ser terrible! Lol I find your English endearing. I look forward to reading more about your progress with dear Anne. She sounds very soothing and sweet so far. :)
  13. I got chills reading this. Just as I did when I read about your introduction and had to personally message you. First of all, I'd like to say that it's very healthy (in my opinion) for you to be hesitant and even wary. I think that's a hint of a sound mind, despite all that it has been through! It tugged at my heart-strings to read about his reaction to being addressed in positives.. Hopefully the two of you will grow to expand and discover more about each other. I look forward to following your progress reports. Oh and speaking of which, I believe the section for this is in the Progress Report sub-forum area. But I could be wrong, since it makes perfect sense to post this here, too. :)
  14. Oh no, the inquisition has arrived! I guess as I mage, I'd certainly better "shy away," for sure.. hur.. "No one expects the Inquisition.." True enough... I'm out of here! <3 Edit because: I forgot to say, "Hi there!" And "Welcome back. Hope to hear some progress on Emilia." =)