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  1. Going the same place as any little niche forum, nowhere fast. Still amusing and informative though, but expecting more than that is too much.
  2. Very unlikely to love too much, even if uncomfortable for whatever reason the tulpa would adjust.
  3. Tulpa chose it's name, it's something different and imo seems like the name of a lame high fantasy RPer but it adds uniqueness and all that.
  4. As for the Uno just like you imagine magic being played. Shuffle the cards, slap 7 cards randomly each, slap a first matching card out of the drawing deck and whoever lost last takes the first move. Cheating in Uno is the tulpa using knowledge of the other my deck to its advantage (ex knows I have a red 4 holds onto lone green 4 until I slap down the red), after a loss or two the sore loser begins to cheat.
  5. I know it's tough to realize this when you live in your head, but you have as much control over your imagination as you allow. A lot of what happens in imagination is expectation, what you expect and believe is what occurs. You can change this, yes Kum'Pex is your tulpa and loves you and what not and will return with a ton of concentration and positive thinking. Up to you to do this of course, takes who knows what time to even change one's own mind. Also, this'd make an awesome novel.
  6. Never really mentioned rules until the need came along, mostly don't possess without explicit permission and you better listen up.
  7. Going to go with the above poster, also card games/board games are pretty good 'mind clearers' sort of like mindful breathing/meditating which also might be helping you hear S better. Yes, card games are awesome even later in development, my tulpa loves Uno (and cheats).
  8. Maybe you've heard of the 7 phrases of love in a relationship sort of reminds me of the infatuation stage and most peoples' tulpas are pretty perfect, so unlike with normal relationships you don't have a billion things to pick apart as flaws and start realizing their 'humanness'. Only thing to rip that apart in my experience is to hang out with your tulpa for a very long time, maybe months maybe years. Hell, I was even in an infatuation-type stage for a year or so but then I realized the flaws of my tulpa and so on and suddenly the infatuation wore off and it was much more reasonable.
  9. "Smiling like a monk in an opium den"
  10. Tulpas are limited only by your imagination so it depends on the person. As for me, usually just have it join me when I do, but sometimes I don't feel like it and it'll go off and take care of its problem.
  11. Up to you, but do you really need a reason to justify everything? It being for your own happiness seems more than enough to me.
  12. I do little tests on my tulpa all the time but this one's extreme for one I've had so long. Hypnotizing a tulpa to be blank for a short period of time as another poster posted wouldn't be too much to ask though.
  13. Seems so far the case in my xp with my tulpa. Didn't force personality/appearance etc it does have some of my personality traits but some unique complimentary ones. It also chose an agreeable appearance. I agree with you on the point that tulpas want the best for their host.
  14. Practice 'wishing'/'summoning' for things in your dream and build yourself up to being able to make your tulpa appear. Ex wish for your favorite food once lucid, it should suddenly appear after a few tries. Once you get something like that down try other things and eventually tulpa. Also, part of it is expectation. You don't look for things you want, you take them (or wish for them to show up in the case of a dream).
  15. Pretty accurate, internet craps out when it rains too. The next person has chewed their nails at least once in anxiety.