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  1. Just about a month after I started forcing, I asked Zephyr to be in my dreams. Nothing happened the first night, but I "found the problem" the next night and she found me in the dream and told me I was dreaming as I asked. Then I woke up :( It's unclear to me if that was really her (since we have little to no communication) but that happened. It kept me believing for a while, although her apparent inability to do it again (just like everything else she does) was a significant source of doubt for me. There was one other incident where she appeared as the dream was fading, I'm not sure what happ
  2. Ganymede


    Bill Clinton lying naked on a bear skin rug spooning a saxophone I'm not making this up. It's a Cards against Humanity/Pretend You're Xyzzy card.
  3. Have you heard literally nothing? Was there ever a single instance when you heard a random thought out of the blue that surprised you? Any time you had a conversation you assumed you were parroting, and heard something you didn't expect? Think about it. Was there ANYTHING you're even a bit unsure of, even a one-time incident? I'm in the same boat. After a year of not hearing anything, your confirmation bias can start pointing you to the "not talking" side even if they are.
  4. Yes, but less money than an fMRI scan. You can't just hop in one of those.
  5. Link to article (from reddit) I think this has huge implications for tulpamancy. Could we make an experiment to compare the actions of tulpas to the imagination (of both the host and tulpa)?
  6. Good thing I'm only Superman! Next poster is a servitor.
  7. Thanks. I was worried she might not be quite as there, especially in her relatively early stages in development. Guess that isn't a problem though.
  8. 377 is a dyslexic palindrome.
  9. I haven't had a lucid dream since at least August when I started the dream journal on this computer. I've been trying to lucid dream for years, and I can count each one on two hands. Having TWO lucid dreams in one night is a HUGE deal for me. Nothing else I've tried has been significantly successful (probably due to my general sleeping problems). Anyways, what I really wanted to know was how sleep deprivation effects tulpas themselves.
  10. Last night I had two lucid dreams in 2 hours after being sleep deprived. Both times I tried to summon Zephyr but woke up from excitement. I'm not planning on experimenting with deprivation any more, but I realized I don't know the effects it can have on tulpas and I'm not sure if it was even reasonable to expect her to be able to appear in my dreams at that time.
  11. Yes. I do. The next person wakes up naturally happy every morning.
  12. Went to sleep at 12, now 9. Close enough. Next person is posting from the toilet.
  13. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I don't like it anymore, but I don't watch any other shows, so it's technically still my favorite. Are you procrastinating right now?
  14. Parrotnoia is really embarrassing if you think about it. "I'm trying to talk to my imaginary friend, but I'm worried I might actually be talking to myself!" Good luck explaining that one to your therapist. What's your guilty pleasure?
  15. Yes. Do you think out loud (to your tulpas or not) when you're alone?
  16. Last week, I think? It was an accident of course. Do you block ads like a heartless bastard? I do.
  17. I don't see why you can't be in a relationship with a tulpa and another human. It's silly to say the two relationships are even the same thing, and as long as it doesn't reduce the quality of your relationship with the human... why not both?
  18. I'd group it with independence, actually. How excited were you when your tulpa talked for the first time?
  19. I use white noise sometimes, or whatever song happens to be playing in my head at that moment. How much has your orange juice consumption increased since you started forcing?
  20. If I'm enjoying my meal I like to give her a bite or two, or give her a copy of it. What's the longest you've switched? (Or been possessed?)
  21. I've told my brother. My parents probably know but aren't saying anything >_> Other than that, no one else knows. Do your tulpas take showers?
  22. Sometimes I imagine myself in school taking a test, growing visibly more agitated at something until I say "Not now, ok?" But no, no evidence. Unless someone hacks my email. Ninja'd! Cuddles. :3 What do your tulpas do when you take a shower?
  23. I'd eat from Jean-Luc's dome any day. As long as I don't need to use a knife. I don't want to kill him, that would be embarrassing! Would you rather have an unlimited supply of marshmallows or an unlimited supply of hot chocolate?
  24. Eternal happiness, obviously. But only if Zephyr can have it too, I don't want to be greedy. Oh, question. Would you rather have a million dollars or be guaranteed to die happily?
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