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  1. [video=youtube] I didn't go trick-or-treating or give out any candy. So all I had was s single Kit-Kat. What's the most ice cream you've consumed in a single sitting? Also Brassow, we now have the same post count.
  2. Nopenopenope. Have you ever been so depressed you cried while eating a tub of ice cream?
  3. The Stanley Parable. The entire game can be seen as a metaphor for tulpas (but that isn't why it's my favorite) What's your favorite sauce?
  4. No. The nice people put me in a padded room to protect me! Do you have any non-imaginary friends?
  5. Yes. When was the last time you showered?
  6. Yes, it is possible, and it has been done.
  7. Ganymede

    Mind Control

    That sounds like an extension of techniques people use on themselves to remove anxious/angry thoughts, but with your tulpa's cooperation. See if she can plant thoughts in you the same way.
  8. Is your tulpa my tulpa? I hear "it's ok" a lot (but I think it's parroting). Sounds like you're making good progress though, looking forward to your update in the morning!
  9. Ganymede


    Your icon is broken. And now I have this image: (Except the original was really huge so I used the smaller version)
  10. On Nov. 13 it will be a full year since I started and at this rate I still won't hear a single word (and remember it. True story.) If I do hear her before then... I don't know how I'd announce that. For most of the year (after about 4 months) I've kinda defined myself as "the guy who can't hear his tulpa", using the nick Ganymede[Zephyr] on IRC (where I am most active) even though I never use the brackets. It's the same feeling, except the hole was always there and it will suddenly be filled.
  11. Nobillis, interesting. Could you provide some examples?
  12. Thank you. I settled on letting unintentional parroting happen over the other way since I can't stop it. There's obviously a problem with too much u.p. (the basis of parrotnoia), but does the same apply to i.p.?
  13. Ganymede

    Mind Control

    Free will is a pain in the butt tho. You need to be "responsible" for your actions. Ugh :/ I have the same qualms with imposition. The moment you start screwing with your perception of reality, you're opening the way to disconnect yourself from reality. People do it anyways (and I probably will too, when we can).
  14. Does it teach the tulpa how to talk, teach the host how to listen, or something else? Does intentional and unintentional parroting have different effects? Do the effects vary? I think input from tulpas would be more valuable, but of course hosts can contribute too.
  15. Maybe it was. I don't see how that's much different than parroting. At least some of our conversations were fake, and that could be all. All the belief in the world won't help if you're buying into the crap you hear by going with the first thing that comes to mind. Hearing meaningless words for the sake of hearing words. I try not to do that anymore, but it's a habit. I do give her lots of attention and I've been working on better forcing. I do believe she can do it, but not yet. And it might have been an intrusive thought. Maybe not. It throws everything into doubt either way.
  16. I was trying to have a conversation, but it didn't really feel right. So I tried to listen a bit harder. And I heard, "Oh yay you can finally listen now! Everything up to this point was a lie." Somehow, I believed that. Except the exact same thing has happened at least 5 times. So I can have a convincing conversation with myself and only realize how BS it was later. I think it's due to my early habit of listening for the first thing that came to mind. That wasn't convincing at all. And I stressed, "all you need to do is surprise me and I'll know you're sentient!" So whenever I heard some
  17. They do? Negative deviations exist too. Or do you mean when there's no personality forcing?
  18. I learned early on that "you can't accidentally parrot". Bullshit. I believed my accidental parroting for months. Now I'm really good at convincingly parroting and dismissing vocality as parroting. And now it's far too easy to think that I imagined any sign of progress. I do honest-to-God believe she's there somewhere, but if this goes on for much longer I'm not sure how long I can last.
  19. That's it? Nothing about dreams, hypnosis, or all the quirks of psychology? Also, not that anyone takes him seriously anymore, but Freud disagrees.
  20. I'm not worried about mental illnesses, it's the ease that people can just give up, denounce it all as fake, and forget about it that worries me.
  21. Back when Zephyr's name was Aurora, I saw a few happy coincidences like this.
  22. I want to continue with tulpamancy to the bitter end, then I see posts like this and I'm not so sure. How could someone be turned around so completely like this? Damn. (Also, Hail, how did you screw up with servitors? If you don't mind)
  23. I had bad experiences early on from relying on blind faith. Doubt is healthy in the right amounts. I do what I can to reduce the dosage I need.
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