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  1. I started at 15, the same week I found out about tulpas. I figured, well it seems right for me, and if I mull about this for long I'll end up with an unintentional tulpa anyways. So I just started. :P Almost a year later, and not much progress to show, but no ragrets.
  2. I wasn't really responding to you. I've been having minor paranoia problems for the past week or so, this thread didn't help, and I just wanted to put things into perspective for myself and others.
  3. As scary as the idea might be, it can be avoided. Consider: what reason do they have to do it? Do they want to do something small and harmless? Make some rules. (And don't do it to them either. If you want to control a thoughtform, make a servitor. Or, you know, just talk to them if you think there's a problem. Same goes to tulpas.) Do they feel trapped and want to be in the physical world? I'm not sure how to approach this one, but I think bringing yourself to their level of existence in a dream would help. And... just hug them... with a physical body of their own...My god, it's so beautiful :') Maybe they wish you never made them, and want you to go with them. Give them a purpose. Involve them with your life more. Let them live some life of their own. Or... maybe they want the long con. To take your place and dissipate you. Why do they hate you so much? See above. There's probably a ton of other reasons, but those are the ones that come to mind. If you get so paranoid that every good thought about your tulpa is followed by "BUT WHAT IF THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS ME TO THINK?", take a step back. Is that realistic? No, it does nothing but set you up for a self-fulfilling prophecy. You need some basic trust. Show them some love. You care about them enough to give them another chance, when you could have decided that tulpas aren't for you and dissipated them. Remember, this isn't schizophrenia. If it was, even schizophrenia might be treatable by treating the voices the right way. DISCLAIMER: THE PREVIOUS SENTENCE IS NOT TO BE INTERPRETED AS ADVICE. I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE YOU ADVICE. I AM A STRANGER ON THE INTERNET. ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR ADVICE. TL;DR
  4. Not only doubt, but also false positives. Trust me, I have eight months of personal experience. facepalm
  5. I think we should have our own version of Greenspun's Tenth Rule It's true, if you think about it.
  6. Can you see details, or is it just a darkened area of your vision with their general shape? Do you have prior experience with hallucinations?
  7. The great thing about the tulpa game is that none of the developers have tulpas themselves (openly, at least.) So if the game does take off, it won't look like a cry for attention. I don't want tulpas to be popular, but it would help us be taken seriously.
  8. I always go with "glados"... I'm not very good at names.
  9. I think that may be a bit misleading. It's rare to naturally feel very immersed in the wonderland without practice - the key word here is immersed, which is more definite than "like a movie" or even "like a dream." For me, visiting the wonderland is as if I'm seeing through my eyelids. I can't actually see anything (except my eyelids), but I know exactly what I would be seeing if I could. This isn't very immersive at all, and I never lose awareness of the outside world. However, I can increase my immersion by literally stretching the "movie" around myself, so it covers my entire range of vision. With practice, this can be turned into a fully immersive, sensory experience (as Patchlamb said)
  10. Wow, that looks really nice. Do you have a link to the original?
  11. There's one last thing to consider... Suppose this did actually happen. Would "Voice" really be typing this as it was happening?
  12. He was roleplaying. He doesn't talk to you anymore, because you're
  13. Doesn't each troll correspond to a human? I think I read that the author made one of the ships spirit(?)-twins to sink it.
  14. But the screen gives you no sense of depth.
  15. Unless you've ever taken a look in a , neither you nor your tulpa know how you really look to other people.
  16. Zephyr's name was originally Aurora. I thought it was very thoughtful of Microsoft to include that background specifically for us. The second Chrome icon launches it in incognito mode so I can be logged into two Google sessions at once I used this on Windows XP.
  17. As a general rule, there is no accidental parroting. Once you accept this, you will start to see your tulpas behave less robotically. When you ask them questions, ask them to explain their answer. This is probably the best way to avoid forming expectations.
  18. Yes, that is what I meant. By "assumed by the host", I meant that if a tulpa is a host to another tulpa, then the original host becomes host to the second tulpa. If that makes sense. So from Host->Tulpa->Tulpa to Tulpa<-Host->Tulpa. I don't know much about how "meta-tulpas" work, but I've read about that happening. I think.
  19. If not, how does it work when a tulpa makes another tulpa, who is then assumed by the host?
  20. Ho. Ly. Shit. Awesome. Please, write a book. Or ten. I'd read all of them. One thing stuck out for me. You said you converted the inhabited portion of a universe into raw energy. From what I've gathered, everything in the omniverse is on a scale much larger than this universe. I'm probably lacking a true sense of scale, but converting Jupiter "alone" would be enough raw energy to power a warp drive. A legit warp drive. For faster-than-light travel. Now you've said you're converting a portion of a universe into raw energy. I'm assuming this is many, many orders of magnitude more energy than contained in Jupiter. Surely this is more than enough to defeat anyone/anything, and probably make a black hole in the process. Of course this is assuming the same type of physics applies there (e=mc^2 and all that). But that's pretty fucking huge. Could you go into details on how this happened, and the fight?
  21. > godhood wot I'll reformat the post at some point, and make it more detailed.