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  1. One theory I've read is that until a few thousand years ago, everyone had tulpa-like entities, and they would treat them like gods (or guardian angels). This would explain why, in the bible, god introduces himself to Moses with "I am the god of your fathers...", which establishes his credibility as "the real god, not that phony in your head". But that's just a summary of a summary. Read the original summary here if you want.
  2. This might work if it started at 50. 500 is too waaaaay too high. 499 I guess?
  3. Although I don't agree with them, I understand why some people don't like the idea of pony tulpas. It seems so desperate; getting so attached to the characters that you imagine them into existence. But I find it understandable, although it's hard to imagine for someone who doesn't get so attached. As for the "OC" ponies, I don't get why anyone cares at all. It's really just the form. Maybe all they hear is "PONY" and they flip their shit as a knee-jerk reaction.
  4. Does he think he has influence outside your head, or does He just view Himself as The Most Perfectly Flawless Capitalized Human Being Ever Made, who has transcended His need for a physical body? I'd watch a 5-minute animation about it.
  5. reddit.com/r/Tulpas/comments/1x07sq/moving_from_one_host_to_another/ I'm somewhat suspicious of roleplaying, but I think it'd take someone truly insane to write like this. Anyone else have a similar story? How'd you sort it out?
  6. MLP fans practice love and tolerance, ya know? It would be mean to interfere without letting you win at least once first.
  7. The only real term is tuba. We can use it to talk about tulpas in secret too! Like secret agents identifying each other: "What note does the tuba play?" "F sharp, but only when you force it too." You can replace tulpa with tuba and it will still make sense: "My tuba was in my dreams last night" "My tuba became vocal yesterday" "My tuba possessed me today" "I can almost see my tuba!" "I fucked my tuba" "I have 15 tubas" "My tuba is a pony" Tuna, maybe?
  8. This is the stuff of nightmares. It needs more tits. On the everything.
  9. It proves that you're not lying for attention, which is the reaction many people have.
  10. The idea is, if they don't believe you or think you're pretending for whatever reason, you can prove that you can hallucinate your tulpa. Why would I need to prove it to myself?
  11. I just had this idea today, but I can't test it yet. Your eyes can ONLY move smoothly when you're focused on a moving object. Otherwise, they can only move in discrete jumps. If your tulpa is visually imposed, you should be able to take advantage of this to prove to someone else that you can literally see your tulpa, by standing a foot or two away from the other person, facing each other, and watching your tulpa as they move between you.
  12. deadmau5 is a good source of forcing music for me: I usually use There Might be Coffee, 777, where phantoms sleep 04, HR 8938 Cephei, Alone with You, Jaded, or I Remember (instrumental). I wish he would finish Suite 02 and Suite 03; those would be perfect.
  13. /r/Tulpas has a system like this. I guess we could always... adopt that system.
  14. Wish granted. You now have a lottery ticket. (It won't win.) Now what?
  15. Sounds like when actors accidentally slip in-character and adopt their character's mannerisms. In this case, you're observing while your body does the acting, so it's easier to pick up on the mannerisms.
  16. Great idea! I'll make 5 servitor a right now, tell them to make themselves sentient, oh and could you also parrot yourselves, maybe work on imposition? Kthxbai. Oh god, he's so clumsy. How does he type so fast? Anyways, I'm glad we mastered switching so quickly. Hey, my turn! No, we agreed thDISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS Goddammit, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are at it again. I keep telling them to let us join!
  17. >tfw I just spent an hour reading this entire thread >tfw I should've spent that time forcing wow< [align=center]very humor /\[/align]
  18. iFunny is a carcinogen. The next person is a gamer, but has never played Half-Life.
  19. It's recursive. When you visualize a vivid visualization, it's vivid, even if your normal visualizations aren't.
  20. My family knows a family who knows a family with a girl named Aurora. I don't really know her, but I liked it as a name. And it's symbolic, especially since Aurora (the tulpa) has green hair.
  21. Oh no, I can assure you that this is most definitely not a joke, while using a tone somehow implying otherwise.
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