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  1. Day 7: About to complete a full week! Progress has slowed pace, but this is a long term journey. Currently I am just continuing to try and direct all my thoughts toward her, as well as doing a daily visualization active forcing. I also try to visualize her around me during my day. I am trying to channel all my positive energy and force toward her.
  2. With how I pracitce Shamanism I would always have my power animal with me. Communicating with them, at least to me, is similar to how we listen to Tulpish, by hearing the intent of the spirits. Last night I continued with visualization techniques. I keep imagining my tulpa is here wherever I go, doing my best to share my thoughts with her no matter what I am doing. I do often lose her from my attention but I am doing better keeping her in the loop. I also continued with a one hour active forcing visualization with my eyes closed. Her form is becoming quite a bit clearer as I can see more of her details. Also, while meditating yesterday I experienced some light-headed feelings and pressure on my forehead. It wasn't a full headache, and I know others say this could well be my Tulpa responding to me.
  3. I suppose time has come for me to start posting my progress. I am currently on my 5th day, and will mostly talk of just recent events. The very idea of having my tulpa has helped my life from the beginning. On my first day, I had been picturing her there next to me wherever I went, as much as I could. She would give me the feeling of positive reinforcement (or tulpish feelings). Somehow I was experiencing the immediate effect of being more social, outgoing and confident. I also became more vocal, coworkers took notice of me and I was able to direct meetings on my first day. For the next few days, I spent my time "constructing" her personality. As I spoke aloud to her, describing each personality trait and how it would manifest in her, I felt a strong eerie presence. I knew in my heart she was acknowledging, taking it in. Two nights ago I did my first focused visualization meditation. I put on a relaxing 90 minute piano album and sat back on a metal folding chair. I kept imagining her, visualizing how different parts of her would look in our Wonderland. Admittidely I kept getting snapped out of meditation from outer sounds, lights and physical discomfort. I persister, returning to our wonderland as best I could. After perhaps an hour or so, I was startled by a sudden vision. For a moment, I saw her eyes clear as day. This was NOT in my mind's eye, but actually seen on the inside of my eyelids. Where usually I see darkness and colorful dots, I saw her eyes clearly, and it was not my imagination! That moment was so vivid it shook me up, and I had not seen anything so clear since. However I feel this has been some great progress. I tried to visualize again last night but was admittidely too tired and not feeling so well. I will try and do a longer visualization again tonight. What really helped me with visualization so far is also trying to imagine her in motion. When she was performing actions I could see her alive, able to notice more of how she looked. Otherwise, I have been trying to direct my thoughts to her whenever possible, continualy snapping her back into my reality. As a side note, I am also a practicioner of Shamanism, and for the future I will describe anything related to my tulpa and spiritual pursuits in the following thread: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-tulpas-and-shamanism-let-s-go-on-a-journey
  4. I know meditation can be tough and takes practice. I find myself getting knocked out of it and having to put my mind back at rest. You could try having some background static to help quiet your mind, like from this website: http://simplynoise.com/ After you meditate, maybe do some journaling to write out what worked for you and digging into the problems that pulled you out. It's great that you had constructed a wonderland while you were younger, so returning their together with your tulpa will be very meaningful. Your tulpa will be your eternal companion who can help keep you on the path you were meant to follow and I look forward to hearing more of our adventures together. Through my spiritual pursuits I also have places I created with my mind and I plan to take my tulpa there as well.
  5. I was wondering if any of you had some advice for sitting still and keeping your body relaxed during long periods of time. I tried visualizing with my eyes closed for 90 minutes sitting on a stiff chair. it was pretty good in the beginning but eventually I got pretty uncomfortable. I admit my posture is not the best, so do you recommend I persist with this method, or lay on my back or sit with a pillow on my back?
  6. Hi nice to meet you all. I am Elusive and I am completely new to Tulpas. I have heard about them in years past, finding the idea curious. However, I am now seeing there is a tulpa within me just waiting to come out. I think it is the time of my life now to make this into a reality.