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  1. There's a few comments I'd like to make on the guide, Fuliam. First off, that long underlined red paragraph is difficult and painful to read. Consider changing it to a different colour? Second, saying to go back "you simply dissipate your Tulpa" seems a bit misleading, as there is no true dissipation going on, and the host shouldn't be the one moving the tulpa out of the body anyway. Third (back in the first post) , it's true that without a tulpa you technically cannot switch, but one can still switch out of the body even if there's nobody to switch into it. Consider revising. That said, I think this is the most in-depth guide to switching I've ever seen, and the only one which gives an actual method for getting out of the body's senses. I approve.
  2. I respectfully disagree, on behalf of the tulpae. Tulpae know they're conscious and separate; just because we can't prove it doesn't make it less true. It has to be taken on good faith, but then, so does the assumption that you or anyone else is conscious, as there's no proof there either.
  3. If you're being disruptive or obnoxious in any way, and refuse to stop when asked, the moderators have every right to de-voice you.
  4. Quite a nice start, if a bit quick to get into the story. I look forward to further installments.
  5. Re: DID: A person assuming a role is not the same as multiple personalities interacting with each other. The latter seems to be the case, from what DID patients I have knowledge of. As for being separate consciousnesses, nobody can prove that objectively. And I am not prepared to debate it. But from everything I have been through, everything with myself and Morgan and Kat and Shardea, I know this with certainty: I exist. All of us do, and we are our own people, with our own thoughts and minds. This has been repeatedly proven to us, beyond possible doubt. And Bluesleeve, it doesn't really matter to me if you disagree. In the context of my head, I can say this: your theory is wholly groundless, and disproven. We are separate people. And I don't think we're terribly different from the other tulpae and hosts here.
  6. Why are a bunch of people overlapped, out of curiosity?
  7. Morgenstern and I would like to be added. Reference pic is here, if someone could vectorize it: http://i.imgur.com/T2331.jpg (I'm the one on the left.) Dimensions: Tess: 1'4", Morgan: 5'5" (at the time of this picture) Edit: Because apparently the sillhouette of that would make me look like a seashell, this picture might work better: http://pldh.net/media/dreamworld/037.png Considering the pose, I could be placed tugging at Morg's pant leg or something. She'd love that.
  8. I favor Dreamscape, myself, though I'd be fine with Mindscape too. Memory Palace isn't all that accurate, in a lot of cases... As for 'deviation', it's just bordering on so many negative connotations. It's... sort of like if someone wanted to call me a 'fagess' instead of 'lesbian'. It would be technically accurate, but I wouldn't appreciate it.
  9. Well, we finally finished it ours... pastebin is here: http://pastebin.com/NKh2utMw Morgan's not happy with how long it was.
  10. I'm an ESFJ, while Morg is an ISTJ... seems to run in the reverse to the 'introvert host, extrovert tulpa' pattern.
  11. I may have an idea of how to get around that. Your mileage may vary, but the position of one's eyes tends to have an impact on their mental state; in particular, shifting one's eyes to the top-left makes them very, very distractable. I'm finding that this is actually good, because it can pull even unconscious attention away from such things. It's helping Morgan and I make progress, at any rate.
  12. I'm not sure how many people have been trying Dialogues' inductions, but if anyone else with a strong auditory imagination is, I've found something neat... if I construct vocal clips in Dialogues' voice, containing suggestions that aren't in the induction itself, my subconscious acts as though they are, and it makes them work. Could anyone else try this? It could be really useful to have easily customizable suggestions.
  13. Morgan wears loose jeans and a nice-fitting T-shirt. She also flipped me off for pointing out to her that she could wear skirts once in a while.
  14. I hate to bother, but could you maybe do a picture of Morgan for me? By her own description, she is a human female, about 5'5". A girl in her mid-20s with blonde hair swept back, and sharp features - primarily eyebrows and nose. She prefers wearing semi-loose jeans and a medium-fit T-shift. Straight figure, without much curve; thin in weight without being slim in frame. Also, expression... not really too particular, except that she does not really smile.