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  1. Granted, the dead rise from the ground and shamble around this place, pestering people with their unrelated forum posts. I wish for a magic staff.
  2. Granted, it is identical to your first pet and they instantly conspire to kill each other to be the sole object of your affections. I wish for a magical other-dimensional Cosplay Closet.
  3. Granted. Due to a mishap in delivery, it explodes when you receive it. I wish for a Nyan Cat.
  4. Granted, you retroactively did not break your paper shredder. However, this leaves it free to continue plotting against you and sabotaging your life in secret. I wish for a fluffy tanuki tail.
  5. Granted! Your car is frozen in a block of ice, stuck in your living room. I wish the government was less shady.
  6. Granted, but these reactions carry you twice the distance, thus making you crash into things at the slightest twitch. I wish to be a catgirl!
  7. Granted, all your fat disappears and you die. I wish for a genie!
  8. Granted, but you get assaulted by werewolves. I wish the moon was made of cheese.
  9. Granted, you never forget the wishes again, but now you have trouble remembering anything else. I wish I didn't have to drive.
  10. Granted, [blank] can control the time. This unknown person decides to troll people by making them late all the time. I wish I could sing better.
  11. But it was peeeeerfect! Anyway... granted, but this scares everyone around you, and you're never able to have a normal conversation again. I wish for the power to shapeshift so my tulpas can talk to people normally.
  12. Granted. However, in having bodies of their own, you aren't as close to them as before, and this distance drives you insane, forcing you to be thrown in an asylum. I wish I could make the perfect sales pitch.
  13. Granted, but with your new gun related ability comes an irrepressible urge to shoot people. I wish for the power to make people think things are something else (like thinking a banana is a gun.)
  14. Granted, everyone else can see them, but you can't. I wish for waffles!
  15. Granted, but the tricycles soon join forces with the unicycles to stop your oppressive bicycle empire. I wish for cheese!
  16. We're much the same way, actually. While we do have a lounge with a TV, it really doesn't do much besides show flashbacks of tv shows we've seen and such, which we obviously don't need a appliance for, so it's for show. I really wish we could conjure up functional technology though- me and Hakkyou would loveto play Super Smash Bros. together.
  17. Granted, Life is not set to Easy Mode! You're now incapable of making mistakes, everyone adores you, and everything is going great... until you die. As you rise up to heaven, an angel stops you and says "I'm sorry, but if you want the whole game's experience, you need to play Normal Mode." And so you're reincarnated to start all over. I wish people were easier to fool.
  18. Granted, you are give god-like powers... but not a divine body to contain them in, so your puny mortal body explodes from the power you suddenly have. I wish for telekinesis.
  19. Granted, but you are soon knocked out by a mugger, since you laughed at his treats to kill you. Since your wound heal at will, they don't heal at all when you're unconscious, and you die from your injuries. I wish I was better at studying.
  20. Granted, their hosts get depression instead. I wish I could perform karaoke better.
  21. Granted, he starts doing nothing everything he owns to help those worse off than himself, leaving him and you with nothing. I wish for a 3DS.
  22. Granted, your first attempt happened instead of the second, and everyone mocks you for screwing up such an easy wish to break, prompting you to hide away from the entire site out of shame. I wish people were less prone to insult each other.
  23. Narau: We often have a similar issue, are at least assume we do, wherein we all tend to make the same grammatical errors, though I assumed that was more the typing style... in any case, we're no strangers to similar issues of disbelief, though they happen much less now than they used to. Hakkyou: I figure it's partly cuz we did get more distinct ways of talkin', but we don't always end up doing that either. It's more something we do on purpose than not, so don't worry about that. More important than quirks of speech is what you're sayin', you know? That's how people can tell you apart. All of ya are different people after all, even if ya have a lot in common and know each other like ta back of your hand. To those who care to look, the differences are clear. As for everyone else, if they don't care enough to do that, then they're the ones that need to change, not you. Until they bother to open their eyes, why do you care what they see?
  24. Granted. You see a flock of people jump into every wishing fountain around the world and take out all the coins. Every wishing fountain, well, and other water sourced to make wishes ever bursts open, draining everywhere of proper water to drink. Congratulations; The apocalypse on water has started all thanks to you. I wish for a singing fish.