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  1. Heya, this is Colleen of the Chalin System. We've got 5 years of experience with tulpamancy, and are interested in becoming more active in contributing to the community. We're already fairly active on Discord, and are looking to once again be active on the forums. We're interested in joining the GAT and helping curate the further growth of the community's pooled knowledge.


    EDIT: This user redacted their interest in joining - Apollo

  2. This is a pretty common tulpa-related phenomenon know as head-pressures. I personally do not tend to get them, but may tulpamancers do. This is most likely either just a sign of your tulpa's presence, or (rather unlikely this early on) an attempt by your tulpa to communicate with you

  3. Day 25


    Sarah: Hey, this is Sarah. I'm typing while possessing Gabes body. Actually, he told me that this body belong to both of us. It doesn't seem like that. Even though 99%of the time I'm in a human form, the real human body feels so heavy and weird. I know this is supposed to go away eventually. thank goodness 90% of the body movement is at least semiautomated. I wonder if switching will feel like this. Sorry for bad spelling. I'm new at this.

  4. she outright refuses to go into the Void ever again.

    My point was that early on, the wonderland isn't as imortant, so if you are having troubles with it, put your tulpa in the void. But I agree that if your tulpa dislikes that, then don't do that.


    Personally this bothers me a little bit. I feel like this is directly linked to me moving my tulpa about rather than having her move about.


    I'm also used to having good spatial awareness, so no kinetic feedback from the ground throws me off, and it can quickly become me only using "raw" actions in the wonderland. This is like how a tulpa's raw thoughts tell you the general idea of what the tulpa is trying to get across, but it's not speaking.


    If that throws you off, then don't do that, but it will take up slightly more of your focus to do so.


    Keep in mind that most of my advice on wonderlands are taken from my own experience. I spent a large part of my childhood in my wonderland, even before I had a tulpa, so I do have some good experince regarding wonderlands. However, since my avice is based off of my own personal experience, allways take it with a grain of salt

  5. Day 23

    Today we worked on possession. I think I'll let Sarah tell you the results.


    Sarah: holyshit this si fucking awsone omg


    This is crazy! There is a weird sensation when she possesses a body part. I had her try moving my right hand, and could tell she was in the hand right away, but for the first 5 minutes, nothing happened. As soon as I stopped focusing on my hand, it moved. I wasn't quite sure if this was her, so i asked her to do it again, and after about 10 seconds, my pinkie, ring, and middle fingers moved all at once. I then asked her to do move my index finger, and after a few seconds, she did. I have to say, this is one of the weirdest feelings ever.


    As for typing, she is rather erratic, pressing 2 or three keys in rapid succession, then taking a few seconds before she could press the next few keys. She definitely has managed to access some of my muscle memory, so that is a good sign.


    She was in my dream again last night. This time, I didn't realize it was her until she told me after i woke up. While she wants me to keep the events of this dream secret (no, we didn't have sex or anything). I will it tell you that it was very emotional, and that in the dream, she was a girl, about the same age as me, that had some severe mental issues(insanity) that kept her shunned from society, though I chose to befriend her nonetheless due to the fact that i felt i could relate to her.


    Also, there were several occasions today where i was able to feel an emotional response from her.


    Altogether, today has so far been a very interesting and exciting day