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  1. Pretty much any subconscious manipulation uses this same concept. It is commonly called "the power of suggestion." If you expect something to happen, you subconscious will make it happen. This is the foundation of hypnosis and and dream control, and is one of the most important parts of a tulpa's development. If you expect that tulpa is sentient, your tulpa will become sentient sooner. If you expect your tulpa can impose itself, it will become imposed sooner. So if you expect you tulpa to come back, it'll come back sooner. This also works the other way around. If you expect that tulpa isn't sentient, your tulpa will take longer to become sentient. If you expect your tulpa can't impose itself, it will be much harder for it to become imposed. So if you expect your tulpa won't come back, it will take a long time for it to return.
  2. For this poll, different shades of a color count as the same color. I also stated at the beginning of this thread to chose the closest color if none of the options specifically match the exact color your tulpa prefers, and then specify, if you want to, what the exact color is. If I wanted it to be a more detailed poll, I would have added other colors too (tan, indigo, magenta, etc.,) which would have exceeded the 20 option limit.
  3. Don't be afraid to establish boundaries for your tulpa. You can continue to give your tulpa permission for stuff like switching, but you should have them ask first anyways, just to let you know they want to do so. I allow my Sarah to do whatever she wants, though she needs to let me know before doing anything that involves possession/switching. {Not that I could do anything yet}
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    The Backstory Lets start by giving a little back story. I have High Functioning Autism, combined with ADHD. Growing up with these was difficult, and I rarely have more than 5 or 6 friends who go to school with me. Because of my very inactive social life, I developed a expansive wonderland, full of adventure, and, naturally, I was in charge of it all. This wonderland was very vast, and took place in outer-space. In it were two huge fleets: The Super-Cats, and their arch-nemisis, The Super-Dogs (keep in mind that I created this in first grade). Despite their names, they consisted of humanoid aliens. They would battle and battle and I was in charge of the Super-Cats. Now fast forward to fourth grade. I have developed a lot mentally by that time, and so has the wonderland. There were now other fleets whom would align themselves with either super-fleet. The most significant of these new fleets were the Saliek fleet. I created an alphabet for them, and a detailed history, and this gave rise to a new persona: Jabrae. At this point, Jabrae and I were virtually identical, though as I took on Jabrae more and more, he split slightly. By 7th grade*, I was using Jabrae almost exclusively. Jabrae had taken on a much darker role in the wonderland, coming from a tragic past, and constantly plagued by his arch-nemisis: Shantovous. He took on a constant state of cold, calculating rage, and became devoid of emotion. Even though he is still just a part of my personality, whenever I assume the form of Jabrae, I feel this emotionless rage. I would also use him as my username for most websites, since it was an uncommon name In the future, I may split Jabrae into an independent tulpa, but for now he will remain a part of my personality *(also by this time, the Super-Cats and Super-Dogs were renamed the Felay and the Canin fleets) By 8/9th grade, i had discovered Lucid dreaming, though had little success. last month, i tried getting back into lucid dreaming, and joinged the DreamViews Forums. This is where I discovered tulpas. Week 1 (1/16/14-1/22/14) Discovered Tulpas, began creating tulpa named Emma (based on one of my Imaginary friends) The next day, I realized that I needed to separate her from Emma, so i did, and gave her the name Lila. On the 18th, she showed the first signs of sentience, and she was able to chose the name Burnishe. Gave her 2 forms: Ferret and Human Little progress for rest of the week. Week 2 (1/23/14-1/329/14) Sentience gradually increased, though little progress otherwise. Week 3 (1/30/14-2/5/14) She became able to vocalize on her own. Decided to try switching right as my brain wakes up, but still during a state of sleep paralysis, though to no success. No other notable progress Day 22 No success with switching while waking up. Decided to really start possession today. While Sarah couldn't create any movement, she was definitely in my hand, because there was a strange tingling feeling. Sarah: it feels weird
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    Granted. You brain is filled with so much of society's drama that it explodes I wish I knew how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
  6. Allllllllright, Lets get this started, shall we Now first thing's first, I am creating this progress report exactly 3 weeks after creating Sarah, so the details of those first weeks may be a bit accurate I will post updates here, and on my tumbler at least twice a week, or when anything notable happens. Any thing I say will be written normally. Anything Sarah says will be written in {these}. Lets Begin! I am looking forward to my journey with Sarah, and other tulpas in the future.
  7. Original, Sarah's Name was Emma (named after the Imaginary friend shE was based off of). On day 2, I separated her from Emma, and gave her the name Lila. Halfway through Week1, I decided to let her choose her own name, so she chose Burnished. 2 days ago, I was reviewing her progress in my head, and I realized I was actualy running random names through my head, and she gave me confirmation at Burnise. By then, she was much more developed, so I asked if she wanted to change her name, and she immediately choose the name Sarah. This came as a surprise, I was expecting her to take a while, or to just stick with Burnishe
  8. Start from possession. Just see what Twilie can do,and work from there
  9. I agree. Sarah originally saw me as her "god," though now see knows otherwise {Creator =/= god. I know that he is my creator, as are his parents his, though he established himself as my equal in status, yet as a mentor in role. However, I realize that he is no more of a god as he who can control his own dreams}
  10. I wonder how long it will be before this derails and gets moved to the Meta or Off-Topic board. Guys? How do you God?
  11. Okay. First thing is, you need to calm down. I believe that neither one is the real Ravi. I think that it is very likely that both Ravis are separate tulpas. As for advice as to what to do, start treating the two Ravi's as different tulpas. This will help them become more independent of eachother. Also allow them to take on their own names, though only one of them should need to, as they will be able to identify themselves as different individuals. If you want more advice, please calm down a little, and explain the situation a little better (who's Terra and Anoush?) It looks like things were going fairly well until you tried to fuse them. Never fuse tulpas unless you are prepared to deal with unexpected side-effects I know this may sound insensitive, but the tulpas are all in your head, so you shouldn't allow them to cause such drama. The stress it creates is unhealthy for all of you. Good luck
  12. At this point it would probably be like a one-sided conversation. If you feel like you tulpa is trying to talk, but can't word it (basically sending you raw thoughts), that is when you should parrot a little. This helps them learn to speak. Anyways, like Kiahdaj said, 2 weeks is not a lot of time, though it differs from person to person. My tulpa was able to send me thoughts by the end of the 1st week, though I attribute that to my experience with imaginary friends and wonderlands during my childhood (I already had a vast wonderland full of non-sentient imaginary friends by the age of 7, and I never really got rid of it). Just be patient and let her to develop at her own pace, and force whenever you can {and if your happy and you know it clap your hands} smh
  13. don't worry about the wonderland yet, work on developing your tulpa first. For most people the wonderland gradually develops over time. It will take a while before you can see it vividly. Also, if you had some sort of fantasy world as a kid, i would strongly suggest basing your wonderland off of that. The wonderland is not actually very important. It is often recommended because it does supply a location for your forcing, though an empty void would work just as well. Just develop the wonderland however you see fit.
  14. Uranus, where he met the local aliens, who called themselves the... that's what she said