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  1. I suggest that this thread be moved to the Q&A section
  2. I discovered tulpas while surfing the DreamViews forum
  3. I would like to put an end to this derailment. Please keep all posts on this thread strictly about favorite colors, and discussion about the poll
  4. rolling, while Chuck Norris round house kicks your favorite...
  5. Exactly what the title states. Post only one letter at a time, and if see if we can make it all the way to Z before someone posts a picture of a Pony (specifically MLP). Pics in your signature/avatar do not count A
  6. ...begins in a hole in there ground, there lived a...
  7. Chalin

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. You open up the book and look at it. You have discovered how to read. I wish that /b/ on 4chan wasn't full of shit
  8. Chalin

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. you lose it on your way to school tomorrow I wish my vision were better
  9. I vote to keep it the same. The term "tulpa" has already been established as the name of this phenomenon throughout multiple forums, along with 4chan. changing it would simply create mass confusion As far as the plural form of tulpa, I think that both "tulpas" and "tulpae" have been established as correct forms, and can be used interchangeably.
  10. Read everything EXCEPT anything that is by Fede.
  11. nope. Do you like Linkin Park?
  12. Chalin

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. You die from caffeine overdose. I wish I were better at Flappy Bird
  13. Nope Have you ever smoked weed?
  14. wow... this post has over 100 views, yet only 4 ppl voted so far
  15. -lice siren on top of their hamburger.
  16. ...explode into millions of tiny, flesh eating...
  17. ...until Gandalf wouldn't let him pass, so...