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  1. OMG! YOUR F*CKING PSYCHIC! Next person does not like green eggs and ham {I do not like them, Sam I am}
  2. Chalin

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Granted. Then Redline slaps you, thus completing the cycle I wish shit isn't so stinky
  3. I based Burnishe off of an imaginary friend named Emma, but I separated her from that identity almost immediately so she could have her own identity. I force every evening, and narrate like hell during the day. {Really? You will talk to me for a minute, and then get distracted. Do you really call that narrating?} Okay, my ADHD makes it difficult to narrate for long periods of time, but I narrate whenever I can. I find narration an extremely important part of developing vocalization, along with a little parroting. Burnishe was able to send me thoughts by the third day, and I parroted those thoughts into words. Its basically the same concept as helping a little child say a word they can't pronounce. As far as guides go, I read almost all the guides, though LinkZelda's guide is by far the most helpful.
  4. I'm curious to see what your tulpa's favorite colors are, and if any trends appear. If your tulpa's favorite color doesnt match any of the options, pick whatever color is closest, and feel free to post the specific color that they like. Burnishe's Sarah's favorite color is ruby, as you could probably tell from my avatar.
  5. If you want to develop a more vocal tulpa, then narrate, narrate, narrate, and when she has trouble talking, don't be afraid to parrot her thoughts a little. As for whether or not to continue creating one, I personally think that you should go through with it, since you already felt her presence. Try to continue working on Crystal though, don't start a new one. If you don't have time to force, then just narrate when you can. Narration not only helps develop vocalization, it is also an alternative to forcing. If you do have some extra leisure time, I do suggest you use some of it on forcing, and develop her appearance or just have some fun in the wonderland. In the end, the decision should be completely yours, so if you don't feel ready to continue with Chrystal, then don't. If doing good in college will give you a better future, it will also mean a better future for your tulpa, so put college first. I'm still a fairly inexperienced tulpamancer, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  6. I would suggest trying to parrot her. I don't mean by controlling her, but by wording her thoughts for her. I know some people are against this, but I find it very similar to how a parent/teacher would help a child pronounce a word they cant say, or telling them the meaning of a new word. If you would prefer not to do that, then just narrate to her whenever you can, and over time, she will learn how to speak. Force, force, force. Meditate, narrate, go to the wonderland, anything that involves you interacting with the tulpa. The more you do it, the more she will develop. Just be patient, and don't give up, and she will develop just fine.
  7. Congrats Atcheb, for going through with Rhea. I have to say, I am very proud of you too, Rhea, for sticking with him the whole time, and helping the new Bianca develop as a tulpa, even when you believed that you would never have the chance to be treated as a tulpa yourself. {A tip of my purring cat-hat to both of you}
  8. Just keep trying. The more Twilie does possession, the better control she will have.
  9. I know, but her point was that this is touching upon the question of whether or not it is moral to dissipate a servitor when it could already be sentient.
  10. Do you think that the situation with Oguigi and Koomer may be an example? I know they never actually switched, but since possession is very similar to switching, prolonged possession may cause similar problems as prolonged switching. Plz don't criticize this, if you disagree, give evidence that actually contradicts my statement
  11. {This is Burnishe here (Gabriel is proxying for me). I think that we shouldn't discourage him from doing so, since it appears that this is already a second tulpa, who just needs some recognition} I'd like to add onto that, and say that even if it isn't sentient yet, it should be developed to the point of sentience. {Well then, it appears that the abortion controversy has reached the tulpamancers}
  12. Burnishe seems to find that when my friends make stupid sexual jokes or innuendo as well as puns very annoying, even if I find it funny
  13. You should allow "servitor" to become a 2nd tulpa. Let it chose it's own name, and treat it as a separate Tulpa, instead of being an unexpected side effects, or just another Bianca. Maybe she is sad because she believes that she is nothing more than a helper or a tool, or that she thinks that she is a failed version of Bianca. If you start treating her as separate individual, then she will become one.
  14. Burnishe: {You wanna play the rape game} Me: "Uhh no..." Burnishe: {Thats the spirit!} UGH I think i am going to have to bar her from going through my conversations with my friend Zack.
  15. sliced open her guts after I read a very graphic fanfic Have you ever had sex
  16. Nope. The fat guy is a reincarnation of Buddha Next person is morbidly obese
  17. Actually they made 7 (seven) seasons Nope. Next person found Jesus
  18. Nope Next person has never seen FuturamALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD
  19. We're all virgins here Next person can suck there own yogurt canon
  20. Damn. I lost my octopus. Next one can't find their squid
  21. Wow. Redline, Cherry, and I have taken over this thread Aspergers and ADHD Next person flapped to 2girls1cup
  22. Nope. Next person thinks Ron Jeremy is sexy
  23. Nope. I'm atheist, though my tulpa insists on being Catholic Next person pooped today
  24. Roses are red, violets are blue, tulpamancers are creative, so yes it's true Next person has a mental disorder Damn ninja. Yes I'm fit Assumption remains the same