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  1. Just a gallon, the line was long.
  2. I realize I could leave again and it would be a minimum of like 7 months straight before anryone could pass me for second place, assuming it was only them at the top for the whole time.
  3. How do you know that it didn’t cost me any?
  4. The irony of your comment is that your post was also an unsubstantial fluff post, and at the same time required more effort than mine.
  5. Pretend I wrote a really witty comment here.
  6. [Killer Queen] Daisan No Bakudan, [bITES ZA DUSTO!]
  7. Surely we can make more modern references than a decade+ old anime?
  8. What have I missed? No way I’m going through several hundred pages of logs, I need the sparknotes.
  9. Pfffft I bet you forgot your dodgeball Mauser too[/img]