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  1. Yeah I have a wonderland. But there isn't anything for miles so I can't really go exploring. I honestly don't even know how to explore with her sense it'd feel like I'm parroting her.
  2. Hi, first time posting here. I started forcing about two years ago, but I fell off of it for a reeeeally long time and just no picked back up on it a few weeks ago. Progress was comfortably slow and I was content with just working through it. But as time went on I found that forcing was really hard for me and working at something without seemingly any results were the reason I gave up in the first place. Recently I feel I've been doing good and at one point I was even able to completely visualize her. Then suddenly I had a hard time visualizing her at all. Now it's like I can't even find her. I mean, I can picture her in my head and mull over her features, but it's like he's not there. It doesn't help that I can only force for about thirty minutes on average, only going a full hour once or twice. Any advice?