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  1. I can't take it anymore! You foul beast which take over my beloveds heart. Every inch of my being keeps me from screaming in her face. What a cruel existence she posses to my beloved friend. Lydia how stupid must you be to make me stand in the back lines when you need my help the most? I'll never understand why you humans take such a beating from others. She deserves every ounce of pain ten fold for the treachery of her sins. Repent or burn Liz cause I'm not going to be pushed to the back lines for much longer. To: Lydia From:Lilian(aka Lily)
  2. The past few days have been horrible, but I'm trying to look up to see the better in things. Lily on the other hand thinks that's bs, and that I should take the world for what I see it and let her take care of the rest. Kat is on my side. She thinks that in order for me to keep myself standing with all that's going on (family problems, School problems, health problems, Girlfriend problems, etc.) that I need to keep moving forward towards better things. On another note I've been having trouble trying to create a wonderland for my girls. I've read so much advice that you all had to give and decided I would create new fantasy worlds for them. Ones in which they could be anything they wanted. Basically I am going to impose them into my stories. Some may be full of love, and dreams of distant places. While others may be filled with hatred and death. In these stories I create, my girls shall be my guardians; battling my sins and troubles and capturing the impossible.
  3. No. That isn't very cleanly. Next person isn't a virgin
  4. LOL.... I don't know if I can continue after that xD
  5. No Next person is inexperienced in the bedroom.
  6. No. What is it with people and poop today on the threads? Next person has some sort of disorder
  7. I am. I love my pretty black lace. Next person is crazy
  8. No. You are the games? Next person is super flexible