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    I am an individual who has experienced many things, and am yet to experience even more. Psychology is what has fascinated me greatly, but moreover I love to connect everything together on levels that are not typically looked upon. I believe that spiritualism and science are interlinked, and through this belief, I wish to discover these connections myself.

    When I found out about the rising phenomenon of tulpas, I didn't hesitate to look into it. To think that our consciousness is set-in-stone -- a static and singular element of ourselves -- I knew there had to be more. I was right, and indeed there is more that our conscious mind is capable of that what we may typically think. This community has helped me awaken and become an even greater being, so I wish to give the same back to those who may need it.

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  1. Oh wow I have been so inactive. My deepest apologies. @-@ A lot of new change has been going on, but I am getting back in-touch with everything. I also need to update this thread. ..This is going to be one long reply. Bear with me; I shall reply to everyone. I hope it went alright. ^^' (I really should have replied much sooner. Gosh darn it Techoh) Science is the best. <333 I personally believe in my heart that there is more to this universe than what is visible. I presume you know of String Theory? It proves that there are many other dimensions higher than the four we know of (consisting of space and time). String Theory is the closest theory to show our reality, thus far, and no other theory I have heard of does it as magnificent as it. (If anyone knows of anything better, please tell me <33 ) Because of this, I think the answer to your question is very much that they exist in another set of existence, however that may be. We are limited by the human mind, but with everything I have seen (especially recently), I can say that there are "coincidences" that simply cannot be simple coincidences. With this amount of time I have been offline from the forums and exploring for myself, I think that you are definitely correct. If an individual is not properly balanced, they may find themselves lost in lower frequency areas. It is precisely what you are saying. Personally, I have had my fair share of bad energy, and am learning to move on now. I have seen so much light, however, and it is spectacular. (I soooo need to update this thread) We can connect to these different universes from the frequencies we resonate to, from what I know now. Thank you for the reply. It helps a lot to hear your perspective and begin connecting everything together further. ^.^ That is definitely very interesting, especially with having yourself as the tulpa of the universe of travel! I have been very absent from the forums because of creative pursuits, so I can definitely see now how multiverse travel can help in literature and even music. As with the mind having the potential for bending space and accessing time-lines, I would not be too surprised! Perhaps two years ago, I would be skeptical, but having opened my mind further, there is surely that possibility. As well as that, having talked with more people and looking into science, I have begun to imagine the possibility as well. Thank you for the input! ^.^ The way you make parenthesis tangents reminds me so much of myself. XDDD (I literally have gone on a train of like 6 parenthesis one time (it was kinda ridiculous because I try to explain things as much as possible (Okay I should probably stop now ) ) ). Anywho, it is great to hear your experiences! ^^ I think that is definitely a wonderful way to connect with other universes, because you get to share it with others! I may not have written as much as other individuals, but I still have had enough experience to say that there really is a connection with creativity and the idea of other universes go hand-in-hand (or hoof-in-hoof). I believe that artists of all forms have a connection with this otherworldly experience, and that is how they make their works. We take our input from an energy source, one way or another. For instance, musicians time and time again "hear" the melody and sound before they create it. There has to be connection, because of this. Also, change really is very inevitable, but we should always try to make it -- ultimately -- good change. I am going through a huge time of change, right now personally. However, with society, a part of it is split to have the idea that we must keep everything as it is. I literally had no idea the KK(insert last character here) was still a thing. Also, do not get me talking about the politics right now in the USA... it's not even worth talking about. I just really hope that people begin to become more aware of what we are doing to the planet and to ourselves. Alright, so it may be a little bit until I find the time to update the thread, but it will happen. ^^ Huge thank you to everyone who has helped bring this thread to life again, especially. TechohButt has been slacking.
  2. Teckie:" ooohoohoooooo, so many. O Teckie:"Hiyo Cyfrazaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Sounds fun to be a Galactic Hare. ^^ Lol, although, watching silly videos IS useful. Makes ya laugh, hoot, and toot. :P Also, it's sad to see that you guys aren't in as many lucid dreams. :( For us, at least, we are attempting to get into da dreams by listening to a guided meditation every night about lucid dreaming. ^v^ Helps lots, definitely." Teckie:" Hi Chance! :D It's super good that you love your host and want to spend time with him. People really do have a lot in life to deal with, it would just be a whole lot easier if everyone would just be happy and look to the goods of things. ^^ Don't worry, things will start looking up for you guys, I'm sure. Btw, what species of tulpa are you? Pony, pony, or pony? Lol, most of the tulpas here aren't ponies anyways, but I can still hope, right? XD " Teckie:" HI STRIPE AND ICE!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR ENTHUSIASMS!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D Tis is good to be loud. ^3^ " Teckie:" Okies. ^v^ Wait a minute...... what happened to the no-host rule?!!!! XP Lol, it's not really a strict rule, but rather more of a topic. I'm a lenient pony. ^v^ Teckie:" I am doing all ze wonderfulz right now!!!!!!!!! Also, it's wonderfulz to meet you Minata, Martha, and Atlas (and.... host. XP Lol, again, tulpa lounge FOR tulpas. XD It's nice to meet you all, still. ^v^ ) " Teckie:" It's nice to meet you May! :D Your dad doesn't approve you being here? :V Der's no harm in being here, in my opinion. X3 Oh well, if you want, you can just send me a PM so we can talk there. " Teckie:" Hiya Mason! :D liking both nature and videogames is super cool, usually people just like one or the other, not both. XP How is it being a grizzly bear, it must be super fun! :D " Teckie:" Yupidiyup, Shira already introduced herself. :P It's nice to meet you as well Braxton! :D Lol, aren't we all tulpa "in essence?" :P Hm.... or.... maybe we are all gods from another dimension come to entertain or bug the crap out of humans!!!!!!! Totally legit. Yup. Scientific deepness 10/10. Gold medal. Doritos sponsorship. Nobel prize. Yup. " Teckie:" Okie dokes!!!!!! So, we should start a conversation to get us all connected together. ^v^ I'll start with.... hm.... ok, I got it! What is the MOST embarrassing thing you're host felt because of you? :P Lol, my host might or might not want me to say this, but I giggle every time he goes to the bathroom. :P I can't help it, but now he's sort of set up barriers, lol. XD It's not like I'm a creep, I just find it all super humorous. ^^ So, I told mine, so tell yours! :D "
  3. Teckie:"lol ya! XD I can be serious when I need to, but most of the time my host goes pretty crazy when I'm not. Although, I do it to keep him in a good mood, and it appears to be working to some extent. ;) Better to be confused and laughing rather than bored and depressed. Not just though, though, I just like being crazy. XP I now call myself "the spirit of Inception." :P"
  4. Teckie:"Hey Murphy. :D It's nice to meet you too. I'd have to say... it's pretty difficult to convince the host that they aren't crazy, but it is hard for them to believe that if they continue to have doubts in their head about who you are. Just ride along with him on this "crazy journey" and perhaps even guide it if you can. It could be bumpy, but in the end if you help him to understand (not just through words, but through "feelings"), then it will be worth it. Naow, I might as well say something random, shall I? PINEABBSULS!!!!!!"
  5. Teckie:"Hayllow Aura! Nice to meet you! I tend to do the same thing, I don't even live in our wonderland. I live in another person's. /)^3^(\ It's pretty much routine for me to talk to him all day, whether he likes it or not, I just random the crap out of him. XP By the way, a good thing you should try if you haven't already is imposition. I do it all the time, keeps me active and interacted with him. What I want to do now is eat a Hostes Twinkie hostie might find. After that, I'll make a flying sponge fort tied to his back."
  6. Teckie:"Heya Amy! I honor your form design. ;) One cannot be too complex when it comes to candy!!!! Teckie:"Aaaand, hello Sigma! :D You guys have a violin? That'd be awesome to learn how to play! You should try playing a dubstep song with it.... or at least "Through the Fire and Flames." XP I'd do anything to hear that song on the violin." Teckie:"He FORGOT your name?! XD Heh.... actually, I think Void sounds like a pretty nice name still. :) curiosity is though, why didn't you just tell him what your name was since you were able to tell it to me just now? :/ I don't know, my guess is that you forgot as well and then later on you remembered, but you already had the new name stuck with you or something."
  7. That'd be great! Thanks! I'm just going to add, visualization doesn't need to be "perfect" as I've found myself; it's just the matter of getting yourself to believe where you are and what is happening. Although, visualization helps quite a lot if practiced, and reduces the risk of the experience collapsing. If you don't feel like it's enough visualization though, keep practicing until you feel ready. My philosophy goes by the fact that: if you believe you are, then you are ready to be.
  8. Teckie:"OOooo! Would be pretty neat to be a manta ray. :3 Never thought of that before... hm... " Teckie:"Hm... wait... I think we met on the mlpforums! :D I think? Unless there is another Shira. :huh: " Teckie:"Hm... I think my host programs.... :huh: I don't get how it all works. XD It's just magic physics behind the computer that allows you to do stuffs. :P Anyway, it's nice to meet you Sarah! :D " Teckie:"Hi Zoe! :D It's awesome to see someone who has good tastes for music. ;) With your girlfriend, it makes sense to me how the relationship works (I think.....) Well, nevertheless, anything confusing to me only makes everything more exciting for me. Excitement can be transferred into happiness... so mission accomplished! XD " Teckie:"Hey Void! Awesome name! However did you guys come up with it? I'm pretty interested in science and stuff, but only so I can change the laws of physics in my host's mind to make everything confusing. XD But fun, because confusing is fun. ;D "
  9. Teckie:" So... frickin'... AWESOME! I'll have to check that out. ;) " Teckie:"Heya Giselle! It's nice to meet you! By the way, your communicating is quite fine in fact. ;D I'm not 'officially' a shape shifter, but I HAVE shifted shapes many times before. Turned into Discord sounding like Morgan Freeman... ah, good times.... So......... what is the CRAZIEST thing you have turned into so far? :3 Just curious."
  10. Teckie:" or tulpae. :P whichever y'all prefer. " Teckie:" Sooooooooo... Title says it all! Let's set some unofficially official rules: forum rules is of course essential, but the other rule is that ONLY tulpa peoples talk here. :3 no hosts aloud! XD If a host wants to talk, translate what he/she is saying into gibberish. For example, my host is saying "hdhemdgfydiwornfgfyfyfhensjsicyvtrbejsichvhdjcjfubioejfhfuvnfnejeo" right now. ;P" Teckie:" major goals we shall try to achieve here on this thread: fulfill random "goals" that we suggest. Also, this is just mainly going to be a place where we can talk and connect to other tulpa peoples without so much host interference. (Funny things that have happened, random thoughts, etc etc....) " Teckie:" One last thing, make sure to quickly introduce yourself. :P For myself, I am merged with Pinkie and have a passion for breaking the laws of physics every day. Nothing as excite-full as that! " Teckie:' Oh! One more last last thing that came up and I wanted to have new people see: "
  11. Teckie has started creating a "life cycle" in the wonderland.... I should be expecting some sort of advanced race populating my planet sometime soon. >.< We do lots of other random things, but the most common is probably putting my headphones on and put myself in the wonderland "transferring" the audio into a speaker system in which is modified so that I hear it slightly differently. With that we have accomplished change in intensity and small effects, but will be experimenting with it more in the future.
  12. Heh, awesome, we think we are going to say that if people ask why we use "we" instead of "I." ...That sounded so weird saying that sentence in my, wait, no, OUR mind. XP Better get used to this.
  13. I wish you the best of luck! By the way, I think the technique shared in the google doc might be an excellent way to "transfer bodies" or "worlds." I'll try to update the thread when I can.
  14. First off, there is Teckie She made me enjoy exercising now. I like reading the dictionary now because of her. XD I use the "everypony" a whole lot more (luckily I catch myself before saying it in public) because most of my tulpas are ponies. :/ She is making me like romance (and now even with the same gender... nothing bad about it, I just found myself that it is something I don't prefer myself.... but apparently I do. O_O probably the weirdest thing coming out of having a tulpa for me at least. XD ) I like anime because of her. I love salads now too. >.< In the future I wouldn't be surprised if she started making me drink coffee. XD Now... for Vinyl she pretty much made me get into Rap and dubstep, the only two types of music that I used to despise.... but not anymore now. :/ Well.... I think it's obvious that Teckie had a huge change to myself. Literally if she possesses my body, I act like my opposite personality. O-o
  15. I am creating a research paper explaining the concept of tulpas and how different views of society looks upon them. Perhaps some of the links I've found can help you as well.... You might need to prove that they actually "exist." Here is a good proof I have found that society has found (NOT categorized as "tulpas," but you can explain how it all connects together with what people call "hearing voices." This website explains that topic in an understanding and even a good way.): Another source to look at that proves their existence (lucid dreaming community, but you can help connect the ideas together to prove "tulpas."): With this explained in your presentation, tulpas would be more believable to other people. (because we don't want other people to think we are crazy. :P (Seriously though.... a difficult thing to deal with. Religions can accept this phenomenon, but science looks for proof rather than belief.)) I think you have a pretty good collection of sites so far to explain tulpas, so I think you are good in that area. ;) Stay strong in your beliefs, because this is a phenomenon that we should stay strong in. In my mind we shouldn't hide in the background, because if society knew what tulpas really were, then acceptance would be made. With acceptance, then better research can be done and society will start to understand exactly how great tulpas can be to individuals and ultimately the globe.