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  1. To those wondering how I play with S, I simply just look at the cards both of us draw. Then, I play as though I had no idea what cards S has. Also, I can't remember what my cards are until I look at them, so that keeps S from cheating too much.
  2. So, I've been playing skipbo and MTG with S a lot recently, and he gets extremely vocal when we play. But other times, I can hardly sense him. Any ideas why?
  3. So, I recently got a MTG starter deck, so instead of skipbo I'll be playing MTG with S. He seems to communicate very well when I'm playing a 2 player game with him and proxying him, any input on why this is so? Everytime he doesn't get the right card, or I defeat his evil plan, he starts screaming and I can imagine him flipping tables and stabbing things with a pencil.
  4. Well, it's not so much a quote as an interaction that makes it. -playing skipbo, I just made a stupid move that helps S- S:HAHA! YES! SUCK IT DANI! *mental image of him jumping up and kissing me appears* Oh, S. You cute little psycho.
  5. I. AM. BACK. I get busy, I apologize for being gone. I haven't really done anything with S, but a few days ago, I decided to play skip-bo with him. For some reason, he really seems active when we play. He talks, reacts, and it's almost like having a friend play skip-bo with me over a skype call. Of course, I had to move his cards for him, but he is just hilarious. He seems to curse a lot, but he's just being hilarious. Last night, when I was talking to him, he communicated via mental images and just the sense that he was in the room. It was just the cutest thing ;w;
  6. No one was in my house today for three hours, so I read all of Part 2 of A Clockwork Orange out loud to S. It's becoming a lot easier already to narrate and passive force and talk to him as though he's a friend and less like an idiot who happened to be born yesterday. I talked to him a lot more today.
  7. Last night Aria sent me what I believe to be a dream sign. I dreamt about tulpas, and throughout it I kept talking to a mute, invisible girl named Aria. Halfway through the dream, her name changed to Alice. At the end, someone started listing off random tuppers, known ones from this website, and the person forgot Aria/Alice. I stifled a laugh, pretending that the mute girl Aria was mad at the person even though I couldn't sense her at all. That person who forgot her, dear friends, was me. Aria is so mad and betrayed by me, but she's willing to forgive me. My creating S has given her the power to send a feeble signal that she's still alive. Once S is able to speak without my attention on him, I'll focus on Aria. Though, I suppose her name is now Alice. ~Beanie In other news, I've created a way to 'map out' a tulpa's morals and fears. If anyone has read Divergent, then you know about the fearscape and the test to determine your faction. If you put your tulpa into that situation and have him/her act accordingly to their personality, it should give reasons behind their personality and fears. Yay for Dystopian Fiction!
  8. I hate all the standing up and sitting down I have to do. I keep getting distracted by the readers. Somehow narrating is harder than just thinking...