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  1. Ah, the magic of fora. Since there's two 501s, we'll continue from there [502.]
  2. Granted. Now you are sexted by creepers 24 hours a day. I wish I would never feel cold
  3. Granted. You get a truckload of finely ground cheeze-its dumped on your head and asphyxiate. I wish I had a book that contains all knowledge of the universe
  4. How to play: We start at 500. Humans count down, Tulpas count up. If you use your account with both a human and a tulpa, decide who will post beforehand (rock-paper-scissors, coin toss, always post as human/tulpa, whatever). Proxying is fine. If the number reaches 0, Humans win, if it reaches 1000, Tulpas win. Elle and I will start. May the best side win. 500
  5. Granted, everybody posts nicely on /b/, but the trolls all come to tulpa.info I wish I could stay awake forever without getting tired or needing to sleep.
  6. Exactly. There's also a button in the lower right corner of any forum page.
  7. Just feel like I need to stress it, I was on British English before. That's still English. Just in case you are using BE as well. EDIT: Research shows: AE (which works) leads to the picture http://community.tulpa.info/images/pl/english/postbit_edit.gif While BE leads to: http://community.tulpa.info/images/pl/postbit_edit.gif which does not exist.
  8. Have the same problem with Chrome, doesn't matter if Linux or Windows. When using Firefox on Linux, I don't see the pictures, only text that looks misplaced (probably the images' alt texts) EDIT: Switching to American English fixed it.
  9. Greetings. I stumbled across the concept of a tulpa in a creepypasta about a year or two ago, never gave it much thought. Found this forum when randomly visiting /x/ and seeing a tulpa thread last weekend. Decided to create a tulpa then. That means Elle is now about a week old, I suppose, and we are already having a lot of fun together. I've been lurking around reading guides, and thought I'd finally register here. I'm excited about Elle's future progress, and hope that the conversations I'll have here will help me develop her even better.
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